E-Commerce Holiday Readiness 2015

Holidays are fast approaching. I know it's just a fortnight ago you settled down to normal retailing after having a hard time during the Christmas in July. If you think this is time for you to take some fresh air and take things slow, sorry mate, you are wrong. Retailers never have such things called 'my work is done.' If you have any 'I am done' moment, it's a hint that your business is done too. How ready are you to celebrate the forthcoming holidays? As you are getting ready to equip your business for the same, do check the following marketing trends that could help you run the show better.


Mobile Mantra

We discussed enough that mobile commerce is marking success scales better than desktop or laptop shopping. This year it's growing at a faster pace. Before customers go mobile-go-crazy, it's wise to work on the areas of your website to ensure access from any types of gadgets the customer uses. Improvise the responsiveness of the site a bit more efficiently and get ready to handle the rush. Optimize the mobile friendliness of your website even more effective to provide better shopping experience to your customers.


Social Commerce

With Pinterest, Instagram and other famous social platforms seriously focusing on Social Buy Buttons and stuff, Social commerce is trending rapidly. Creating a direct purchase option on social media is secondary, but how better a space is utilized for marketing is more important. Paid promotions will help you reach the customers in a better way. Forget about the new revenue streams those social biggies are chasing after, but focus on what you do now on there. At the same time, don't forget to get a right clue about the new revenue streams that are emerging. Being an early bird gives an edge over your competitors.


Shopping Decision Space

Treat your customers right. Give them time and space to make a decision. Rushing them to make a buy is a cheap trick to see the conversion. Play smart as well as true. If you are going to run a sale, advertise it or promote your sale program a little earlier so that your customers will have some time to come to a shopping decision. An Ad that pops up for quite a period will influence their buying behavior, creates familiarity and connection with your brand, and urges them to plan a buy before the deal goes off. Promise yourself a strong ROI, acting in advance to create the hype. It serves well for both the sides. Running a limited time Sale, say like 24 hours, is a good idea only if you can manage the rush. Also, don't forget that it would be a mockery if it backfires. Customers will brand you easily saying that you are running a fake show. Think twice before getting into any short-cut shows.


Optimize Apps & Products for Cross-Platform Performance

Digital connectedness brought the world market close to everyone, and as a result, it's more important to think about meeting the requirement of customers of different geo-zones and that use various gadgets with various OS. If your business is app driven, make sure your application is downloadable and compatible with all OS. Lately, I came across the award-winning Kids interactive educational tools from the world famous brand Leapfrog. When I tried to download, I realized that it doesn't support Linux OS. Now I have a second thought about buying another toy from their website. What a shame! A brand that is so popular failed to think of being compatible with all operating systems. No matter how popular or new you are, think about customers requirements in all possible angles.


Personalize Your Offers

Email marketing is the primary mode of marketing even today. Some survey says a customer who receives a personalized offer is seemingly more attached to the brand than a client who enjoys a general offer. So, it's more apparent that your customers expect to receive personalized vouchers and coupons from your brand. The initiation they took to share their personal information with you is the best form of trust they created with you. Respect that. It's a magical data to play the personalization game smartly. Offer special coupon code or voucher to be redeemed on their birthdates, wedding anniversary, or the first day of their visit or registration with your website. Celebrate their personal days and keep them happy. Incredible are the advanced apps, and plugins that help you filter data for you.


There You are

Be it your target Black Friday or Cyber Monday, a well planned Marketing ideas never fail you. With genuine ideas, smart moves, and intelligent shuffling of cards, you are sure to run the holiday sale show successfully. Desktop buy or smartphone buy, any sale is a revenue. Your omnichannel approach will never fail you at any time. Never underestimate any of the communication channels. Working to cross through all channels possible is going to bring you customers for sure. Perfectly planned marketing moves help you run the Holiday sale like a clockwork. All the best.

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