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5 Tops blogs of J2store that stay timeless

What a great pleasure it's to see back how good the previous year had been! While I was brainstorming over what to write on next, it turned me curious to see how I started my preceding year and the very thought prompted me to take a look back at the list of blogs that interested more visitors.

Before listing the topics of the blogs, I would like to extend our sincere thanks for your valuable time spent on our website and blog page. We appreciate it very much.

Here are the Top 5 blogs that attracted a good deal of readers.

Watch Out for the 5 Emerging Ecommerce Trends of 2016

Trends keep changing. That is to say, we should write about emerging trends every year, and it's an unwritten norm, in my opinion. And our assumption didn't fail us because this blog conceded frequent visits by organic readers across the world. And, in fact, we discussed this topic to throw light on the new trends of the year in the e-commerce field. Click here to vist the blog. 

The six types of e-Shoppers an e-Commerce website meets everyday

E-shopping – It's redundant to say that e-commerce rules today's world. As the time grows, the need for it is widening, and as the scope of e-commerce expands, the businesses started seeing the compelling need for knowing their customers better. No wonder this particular blog about types of e-Shoppers is still a fresh topic to look into. Click here to give a read. 

Before choosing your Payment Gateway

Coupled with the widening nature of the e-commerce businesses, increasing needs for the shopping carts and payment gateways for online shops is a subject of discussion even today. Admittedly, the random visits from casual visitors around the world broaden our smile every time the numbers add to the total visits. Click here to read.

Email Marketing: Do you know that someone is killing your emails?

The email marketing trend is the latest topic I chose to discuss this month, but before getting into it, I was kind of curious to know how the response for the previous year's blog related to the same subject was. To my delight, it is one of the most visited blogs of the year from our page. Click here to visit the blog. 

Men Vs Women: Shopping Behaviour and Buying Habits

A topic to discuss upon at any time. Yes, this topic is as old as the universe itself. Adam said No, but Eve took a bite to invite mortality to humanity. So the shopping behavior of men and women are not the same since the beginning of the humanity. Significantly, the psychology behind gender-based shopping habits is, till date, a fresh idea to discuss. Click here to take a look. 

In light of the data from our backend, we understood that users, visitors, and clients are the real support that keeps us going forward. Thank you, once again, readers, for your valuable time. Watch out for the newer topics and blogs we are going to share with you this year. See you around. 

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