5 Trending eCommerce Products 2017

January marches so faster than expected and we are still on the eager watch over what's trending in e-commerce. Though it's an over discussed topic that has been under discussion since August of 2016, it's still finding a place of stability to get a grip foot even after two weeks of the new year. Dealing with the Fads and Trends is an art by itself. Fads are very short-lived, let's drop the topic for now. Fads apart, let's discuss the top 5 product trends that are likely to reap profit this year. 


Colour Green

As Pantone Inc. already has unveiled the color of the year 2017, Green will be the choice of the majority of the products across the world. This year there will be a noticeable shift towards Greenery, earthiness, nature, organic food, natural colour-correcting trends. Pantone predicted that even web designs and e-commerce industry would stick to the hue of green in their creations. Let's wait and check, if their predictions go right. I personally felt that food industry has evidently seen a changeover towards organic and natural food. The change, based on this forecast, I am sure will see a chunk of change.


Men's Fashion: Oversized suit, Overshirt, Yellow shade

Men, in my opinion, mostly follow less of the fashion and more of their own styles. Most of the Men's fashion magazines and famous Men's Fashion blog sites have come up with a set of interesting trend predictions for this year. Overshirt for Men is not only in-trend, but also a fashion to look forward. Men's fashion always is painless, comfortable, and long-living. This year there is more room for comfort, I must say. The famous fashion magazines quote that oversized suits, flood pants, and loose outfits will be something to look forward to the Men's trends. And this year, men may come out of the box of fixed shades and colours, to see men's the most underrated Hue, Yellow. So, online fashion stores should be on the look out for making the fashion wave of this year more beneficial.


VR Headset

The buzz of the year and a topic which is over-discussed the previous year with most of the popular brands launching their VR gadgets! And this year more VR devices will be hitting the market to everyone's reach. The field of technology is now going to take everyone to the next level of virtual connectivity and virtual reality. No matter how small or big your budget is, almost all popular brands, from Oculus Rift to Microsoft, have launched their VR headsets. Hence you have a wider choice of brands and prices range to choose from. The businesses that focus on the VR surge are sure gonna reap the best benefits, no doubt.


Smart Watches

The smartwatch is another buzz of the year. It's going to be a big year for smartwatches. The modern smartwatch brands are going to hit the market with next-gen wearables within a month creating a greater expectation in smartwatch lover's mind. Smartwatches, are something beyond the wrists; they connect you with your other gadgets with a touch of your finger. Fly with the wind of the trend and let the fortune smile on your business.


 Coconut Oil

 The Online organic stores are coming up with the widest range of natural food lately. What's trending in this category is, surprisingly, coconut oil. There is a sudden surge in the use of coconut oil all around the world. A slow transition to coconut oil in cooking has already begun in the year 2016 and this year; it's a serious health trend across the world. The scent of Coconut oil is refreshing; it's ideal for cooking. The distinctive aroma of the oil is something wonderful, and it's used for cooking all kinds of food. Coconut oil this year has a great market value in the natural food industry. (And I am waiting for my 100% organic coconut oil package to be delivered this week)


These five products I discussed here randomly caught my interest while I was playing with the Google Trends to see what interests people more this year. And these products are not really based on the Google Trend results. 

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