How to Extend Offers to Your Customers

How Ben Gives his Customers Super-Duper Offers

Ben knows that online shoppers love attractive discounts and offers. The better deals they get on his store, the more purchases they will make. And that's why he's got some great offers on his store that his customers love.

       Here's how Ben offers super duper offers on his store.

Ben encourages his customers to make bulk purchases at his store. He does this by offering them great discounts on products purchased in bulk. He does this easily thanks to the Bulk Discount app. This app helps him provide discounts site wise, product wise and category wise to his customers.

Ben also issues discounts based on the quantity of items his customers want to purchase. This is simple for him to do since he's downloaded the Display Quantity Discounts app.This app helps him set up discounted prices for different quantity ranges.

When a customer makes a purchase on his store, Ben gives them redeemable gift vouchers on his store. These vouchers can be used to reduce the price of the product during the next purchase. Ben does this easily with the Gift Cards app. The app allows you to send a PDF Gift voucher to a customer.

Ben's customers are thrilled with the discounts they receive on his store and they keep returnng to make more purchases. You can do what Ben does for his store, and make customers keep coming back. Download the the apps from the links above.

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