How to Improve Customer Engagement on your Ecommerce

Store set up? Check. Plugins/extensions? Check. Templates? Check. Your eCommerce is now ready to take off. But how? Your returns won't start until customers take action on your website. And that's the tricky part. With so many competitors out there, how will you make sure that customers choose your store as a solution?

Here are some strategies you can apply for better customer engagement.

Providing instantaneous answers

Customers love to get answers quickly. They don't want to have to send an email that gets an answer after 3 days. So give them answers immediately. A live chat system will help you with this. This is the best way to get your customer to contact you personally. Users also love that they receive personal support for the issues they are facing. And the best part is that they get solutions to them instantly.

You can try out the live chat we personally use for our customers. Its simple and easy. Check out Zop IM tool for live chats.

Frequently reaching out

While your users do hate spam, they don't mind it if you offer some quality information that is of value to them. You can provide handy tips and information related to your products that will encourage them to visit your store and make a purchase.

For eg, don't if you're managing a fashion eCommerce, you can let your customers get the scoop on the latest summer collection that's hit your store. You can also provide handy tips on the best styles they can adopt with it.

You can use the J2store Mailchimp Integration app to send different newsletters to different groups of customers.

Give them brownie points

See a new customer checking out your store. Don't let him leave! Entice him with special offers and discounts to get him interested. A customer checks out a new store and buys only when he finds that he's getting an awesome deal on it.

The same should be done for existing customers as well. They also deserve special discounts and vouchers that reward them for being such good friends. Give them reward points, exclusive discounts to keep them coming back.

You can do this with J2store's Points and Rewards app on your Joomla website.

A more interactive store

Break away from boring product displays and make them more interactive and informative. Instead of adding just product images, add an interactive video to show your customers more. Add videos to what's the right way to use your products. Teach your customer how to apply that special cream you're selling, or a video on 5 different ways they can tie that scarf they want to buy.

The more product related info you provide, the more your customer trusts the product they're interested in buying.

J2Store's Custom Tabs app makes your product catalog more interactive with great video features.

Youtube as a medium.

Youtube is a great medium to help you conquer a larger share of your target audience on a global scale. Share videos that educate your customers so they'll want to visit your website and know about your services.

Let's say you're selling french online courses on your store. You can release a few youtube videos, that help your online students master the french accent. People looking to learn french online will come across your videos and may check out the courses you're selling.

Displaying what other customers have to say about you.

Before purchasing a product, every customer peruses the website, looking for what customers who have already purchased the product have to say. Customer testimonials are the backbone of your trust gaining strategy. And that's why they are a must for your store.

So set up a review and comments section for every product you own, so that customers can display their views on it. You can do this easily on your Joomla store with the Komento app from J2store.

These tactics are a surefire way to get customers to take action on your store. You can implement these in your store cost effectively and easily. So try them out and tell us how they work for you.

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