How to manage orders easily on your store.

Ben's Very Successful Online Store


Ben starts an online store. Since he requires good customer support and a simple solution to manage his store, he has chosen j2Store as his shopping cart. Here's how Ben manages his store easily.

How Ben Manages his Orders.

Ben wants to manage his incoming orders easily. He manages his store's inventory without any trouble. But he wants to automate his store management to make the process easier.

Here are some things Ben's done to automate his store.

When a product is not available or is running low, Ben wants to be notified, so that he can restock in time. Ben finds The Stock Notification App  useful because it notifies him when an item is almost out-of-stock in his store.

When an item on his store is no longer available or his temporarily not present, he wants to keep his customers informed. So Ben displays a message when the item is no longer available. That's why he's downloaded the Stock in Date app  for his store. This handy little app helps Ben display a message to his customers when an item is not available.

Now our ambitious store owner wants to send beautiful invoices easily to his customers. Ben finds that the PDF Invoices app is perfect for this. PDF Invoices helps him create beautiful invoices and send it to his customers via email easily.

Ben knows his customers are eager to know their order statuses. That's why he keeps them informed via mobile. Nexmo and Twilio are SMS notification apps that help him send messages regarding orders to his customers and keep them informed of shipping/delivery dates and other offers.

Ben is thrilled to be able to manage his orders efficiently and easily. And the best part is that you can do it too. Just follow the links and download the apps Ben has for his store. And you can manage your orders as easily as Ben does.

Stay tuned for more stories on how Ben runs a successful online store.

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