How To Run Promotions For Christmas And New Year Sales

Christmas is kicking in. Santa Claus is on his way with his gifts (hopefully not made in North Pole). New year is coming along, too. People must have started searching for the best online store for Christmas and New Year purchase. What are the odds that they will find YOUR eCommerce store?

The chances are pretty high if your promotional strategies are well thought. Or else, well, there is still time to re-strategize.

What is the fuss about devising strategies for sales, anyway?

Why should you have a great promotional strategy for the holiday sales?

Let us say you have a good lot of stock, discounts on products, and giveaway gifts for customers. What happens if people don’t notice all these preparations? That is why, sales preparations are incomplete without promotion. Promotion allows you to establish a market presence and attract customers. Generally, promotion is necessary at any important sales period. Let’s get to the specificity of Christmas and New Year.

Winter is here. In a good way.

Everyone has something merry to feel about the holidays. For some people it is the gifts. For some it is the joy of spending time away from work with family and friends. For me, it is the positivity and the nice vibes around me. Purchase becomes an undeniably integral part of holidays because, well, it is holiday. If only you let them know that you have what they want, and at the right time, you’ll be able to hit the bull’s eye.

Key Takeaway: Creating quality product / service alone will not get you enough sales. Get the word out, promote it with all your might.

I’ve curated a fun list of how you could promote your business for the holiday sales. Take a look!

Kindle the curiosity in your customer

Curiosity drives people better than anything else on earth. Want proof? Sherlock Holmes anybody? Scooby-Doo? You can use this factor to get a pretty good traffic and conversions on your site. All you have to do is to tap the curious nerve of your audience / customers.

Conceal your offers under a catchy phrase or image, and send it across to people. Your advertisement now has an interesting edge to it. For example, look at this image:


Because of the interest the half-hidden “something” kindles, you would definitely want to know what it is. I would. Hence we take an action - visit the website or open the link, if any. Not just you and me, that’s how human system works.

Be part of communities

Let us say, you are a photographer. You will naturally want to be among the best photographers to get inspired, appreciated and mentored, right? Sharing your work in a photography community can get more eyes on your work. Similarly, being a part of communities related to what you sell can attract potential buyers easily. For example, if you sell travel gears like jackets, shoes, sleeping bags, etc., you’d better be part of online or physical traveling communities.

Add a Christmas touch and give some discounts / freebies for a greater sale.

Host an event

Hosting formal and fun events is a way of staying connected to the people in your community, the people who you want to sell to. It doesn’t have to be a huge party. If it is, awesome! It could be anything from a seminar to a party. But it has to be engaging (preferably amusing) so that they convert into your customers. Not only customers, there is a chance of getting business partners or investors if things go great.

In case you do not want to conduct a venue-event, go online, just like your business. There is so much you can do with social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on.

Ads, contests and sweepstakes

A quick breakdown of what these abstract tools are:

  • Ads - Advertisements as you know.
  • Contests - A kind of competition where winners are judged based on skills. For example, photo designing contest, “Tell us your story” contest, best caption contest, fill in the blanks contest and so on.
  • Sweepstakes - Winners are chosen based on (random) chance for short term impact. For example, like to win, comment to win, share to win, tag your friends and win and so on.

From the way the facebook / instagram ads are emerging, trying a hand at them is worth the while. Paid advertisements let you choose the budget, set goals, choose the right audience and also get insights. Similarly, you can create contests and sweepstakes to engage your social media followers.

While contests create more engagement than sweepstakes, they need proper judgement and time investment. Whereas sweepstakes are random, suited for short term engagement and easy to reach a lot of audience.

These strategies can help you to establish your brand presence on social media and keep the audience engaged at the same time. There is a high chance of increased sales when you reach more people on social media, especially Instagram.

Trend with #hashtags

Of late, hashtagging has become a routine chore for the social media lovers. Like when you eat something nice, there is #yummy, #foodie, #nomnom and all that. They are not nothings. People search for posts with certain famous hashtags on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.

There is no need to point out the significance of social media in our lives. Even the people who are not on social media catch up on the trending news through friends or colleagues. Your business can gain big time with these hashtags if you use them just right. It is the easiest way to reach a large number of audience. However your post has to be interesting enough for viewers to take action.

There is one more great way to use the hashtags. The Hashtag Contests. It is the easiest way to get user-generated content on your social media page or even your website. The business can pick a hashtag and ask its followers to post a picture / video with it. The business then chooses the winners and reward them or feature them in their page.

You can adopt this strategy too. Choose a hashtag, say #happycontest. Ask your followers to post pictures or videos or text mentioning your hashtag and reward the best ones with gifts or vouchers or discounts. You can also feature them on your social media pages and website. A dog photo contest or cat photo contest or even selfie contest can do wonders.

Come up with giveaways

The freebies, yay! Kick off a giveaway promo on your eCommerce site for enhanced sales this holiday season. The giveaway gifts could be anything such as t-shirts / hoodies, gadgets or anything you want to offer. Make sure that it is relevant to your target customers because you do not want to turn away the customer with an irrelevant giveaway product. You could also offer any service or vouchers as giveaway gifts too.

A personal touch

Leave a personal touch in your giveaways, for example, a hoodie with your brand logo. You can also go a step further and send out greeting cards or messages with gift codes to your customers. When I come to think of it, if I ever ran any store, I would probably send a little jingling bell along with a Christmas and New Year wish. Well, in the end it is all about making your customers feel special at your store and how you differ from others in the market.

You can send a physical gift only when you have your customers’ address, so they got to be your existing customers. You can also send virtual greetings through email / newsletters to cover a larger recipient base.

Help a cause

Anything that relates to a noble cause is considered noble. While you aim to rocket up your sales, you can also aim to be a helping hand for a good cause. Let’s say you are donating a part of the revenue from the holiday sales to a child care NGO. You can actually mention the good deed(s) you aspire to carry out in your promotional texts / images / videos. People tend to relate to empathy. After all, we need to give back to the society always.


  • The gifts or prizes you offer as part of the promotions should be relevant to the customers.
  • Be available for any query that comes your way during and after the promotion. A great customer support reflects back as loyal customers.

So, that’s a wrap on how you can promote your business for the holiday sales this winter. Sounds pretty cool, right? You can even run a combination of these strategies as a promotional campaign and analyze how it goes. If you have pulled off a great promotional tactic, let us know about it in the comments!

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