Creating an online store and eCommerce website with J2Store and Joomla

Starting an online store? We have put together a few points on why you should choose J2Store for building your online shop.

Well. We are NOT going to drone on about what our product does, or how super- duper-amazing it is, or how it's the best product in the whole wide world.

Instead, we are going to tell you exactly what our product stands for, and then the decision is yours to make. By the end of this article, you'll either love what we offer and jump in, or you'll take to your heels. Because with J2Store, you're either on board or you're not. There's no middle ground.

So here's how the J2Store ended up as a favourite Joomla e-commerce solution and downloaded more than 269,000 + times. And why it is what it is today.

We aren't 'All that Jazz'

When we started out, here's what we set out to do. “Let's help newbies who want to start businesses online, set up a store on the web and manage it easily. We need to make the whole thing easy peasy. Pretty much a child's play.”

J2Store was designed to be a lean shopping cart (void of all unnecessary fanciness but filled with exactly what store owners would want) that enabled you to leverage Joomla's native functionality for your website.

We do not wanted to build a solution that has everything under the sun. We wanted to place more emphasis on meeting basic needs of eCommerce, thus making our solution more simple and cost-effective.

But now the looming question was- how do we make it this way? Maybe we need to code differently? Or we need to build every possible feature under the sun, disregarding the fact that every business requirements are different? But is all this simple enough?

So we did a bit of research. And found 90% of the store owners are not using 50% of the features offered by the existing shopping cart solutions! Now what were we gonna do?

The Ferret Approach

Having too many features puts the brakes on launching an online store quickly. Living in 21st century, you cannot spend months for launching your online business. If you do, you will be dead before being born.

We do not want this to happen to our customers. So we decided to be ferrets. Lean, fast and able to fit into the Joomla framework comfortably. With J2Store, you can create your first product and start selling in less than 10 minutes.

And we do not wanted to end up in a never-ending battle of “who gives more features?” We wanted to come up with something fresh, light-weight and easy-to-use e-Commerce solution.

Creating the Lean, Fit-in-Easily Solution

Ever watched Gordon Ramsay in action on Kitchen Nightmares? His biggest nightmare with struggling restaurants is the menu.

Most restaurant owners think that offering every food item under the sun is the best way to attract customers. But that doesn't work well for them. So the first thing, Ramsay does is, to trim the menu. He only serves dishes that the restaurant is famous for.

We applied the same principle here.

Our idea was to not incorporate too many features, but to leverage the existing Joomla capabilities.

For example. if you were to create a product catalog for your store, other eCommerce solutions would expect you to create it using their own catalog module.

But with J2Store we make the whole thing simple. Use Joomla articles as products. Uses joomla user groups as customer groups. Thus, No extra weight.

Delivering Quick and Long-term Wins

When our customers make a decision to start an online store, we want them to be able to do it right away. That's the whole point making it simple. It needs to be quick and easy. So when you're done setting up your store in just under 10 minutes, you'll just have to throw your products in and start marketing them.

If you take too much time to come into market, your competitor will eat you away. We are living in a 21st century where time is more valuable than the money.

So we want our customers to be focused on promotions and customer acquisition, not the technical nitty gritty.

We can't help you get more customers. That's not what we promised. But we make sure we clear all the roadblocks ahead so you can focus on doing that. That's our promise.

And if you need extra features, you can add them in the form of apps / plugins after you have built your store and got your first order.

Being Original

Jason Fried in his ebook Rework says that originality is not just about creating a one of a kind product. The entire approach to creating that product needs to be original. Originality lies in your ability to handle a load of work with a small workforce, limited budgets and tight deadlines. And that's why J2Store stand apart.

We don't say we're original just because it sounds impressive. We are original because we embrace the drawbacks that come with designing a piece of technology. We enjoy trying new things that simplify eCommerce for first-time store owners. It's not just our ideas that our original, it's the whole process of how we develop those ideas. We tackle problems head on and we accept our limitations and keep working on them

We're all on the Frontlines

When a customer has complaints, (there usually aren't many, since we go all out to help them) it isn't just our tech support team that gets shot at. We make sure that our support executives inform the developers, so they get to know what problems customers are facing. This way we can work out a simpler solution.

But it doesn't end here. We don't just solve customer problems, we educate them. We give them examples, answer their queries, and make the whole customer support process, a learning medium for them.

So is J2store's approach to simple eCommerce, the solution you're looking for? Simple and effective? Come aboard with us today!

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