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5 Easy Ways to Increase E-Commerce Conversion Rates

Summer is around. Vacations are planned. People are in a Holiday mood. The scene of family picnics, barbeque at the backyard, swimming pool fun, or sunbath at the sea shore spreads in the mind, and it's totally summer. People relax. People enjoy.

Everything moves slowly. Whereas e-commerce is targetting on conversion strategies that may work to bring people into the world of comfortable shopping. And this is the right time to any e-commerce business to top up their inventory to the maximum, in order to treat the customers with the essentials effectively when they come back from their vacations. It's time to prepare your business for the next quarter. Follow trade shows and e-commerce summits and E-commerce conversion conferences to learn about the best business practises to increase conversion rates.

Creating best traffic has become a costly affair. E-retailers are kind of obsessed with spending more on acquiring traffic to their website. Later they are anxious about converting the visitors who in large numbers just visit and abandon the shopping cart before making any purchase. E-commerce businesses have a mistaken perception that conversion strategies are highly expensive and complicated. Moreover, it is the reason businesses focusing on conversion strategies are abysmally low.

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In reality, it's just a simple process. A few changes are all it takes. Few changes to your marketing strategy help you achieve success. There are five crucial areas each business has to concentrate on if they are aiming for best conversion rates.

Instant Message Box or Chat Box

The advantage of shopping at a brick and mortar store is, if there is any problem faced during shopping, the customer goes straight to the personal shopper or a sales person to get help. Sales persons with a smile attend their customers to help them get through the purchase like a charm. A customer feels safe, well informed, and personally connected to the purchase as and when they are attended by a personal shopper or a sales person during their purchase. However, an e-shopper, most of the time, feels lost while clicking on the products or lengthy descriptions or not-so-clear images of the products. And, all they need at that time of doubtful purchase is someone who could lend a virtual hand to clear their doubts.

An Instant Message box or Chatbox comes handy during such situations. The immediate response from your company benefits the customers and assures conversion rates. Asking them to contact you via e-mail may not be pleasing a customer, but an instant help box will definitely do. Sending an email message to ask for your help to complete a purchase is still like an offline help they ask for. You can't be sure if the customer will wait until he receives a reply from your side. He or she may move on to next website to make their purchase. The quicker, the better.

Simplify Checkout Process

A customer is already a cat on a wall, having a second thought about buying a product he added to his shopping cart virtually. If he is given another extra minute to have a third thought about whether to purchase the product or not, no doubt, the shopping cart is going to be abandoned. Too much time given to the customer to rethink about clicking the checkout button always ends in failure. A lengthy checkout process is a lucky ticket to an abandoned shopping cart. Simplifying it would help you tons. is doing an excellent job with a single click checkout process.

It's not about the number of steps involved in a checkout process. It's all about how suitable it is to your website and products. Offering fast forward checkout process with a single click means lots of information feed as well. Single step process may not be that simple. Simplifying helps better than one-click-checkout.

Optimise your e-business for Mobile platform

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Whatever the size, type or screen, online shopping has been done all the time. Standing in a queue, while traveling on a train, or while dining at a restaurant, people e-shop all the time. People are busy, internet access is easy, omnichannel shopping outlets around the clock, and checkout buttons are clicked every second. Hence, it's time to think about a mobile friendly website that provides simple shopping experience. Advertise your business, acquire traffic, and work on how to make them buy from your shop by supporting them visit your e-shop on all gadgets. Web sites that are not mobile-friendly suffer a very low conversion rates, experts say. Moreover, customers prefer accessing the web page than an app. Hence, having a mobile-friendly website not only help you increase conversion rate, but also top the searching engine ranking.

Experiment Multivariate Tests

So you like the way your website looked and moved forward with launching your business online? How sure are you about if the visitors will like the website the way you do.Before jumping on to a conclusion to fix colours, layouts, fonts and texts, it's better to run a multivariate test to learn about the combination that will assure you better conversion rates. The test helps you re-evaluate your checkout process, rethink about your shopping cart, redesign your layout and make changes to your configurations. Running multivariate tests gives more insights about how your website should look.

Best product description, detailed product zooms, secure page navigations, quick loading of pages and images, and simple checkout process are the keystones to drive the customers make a beeline for shopping. Make sure every element on your website is worth enough to be on there.

Redefine Engagement Strategy

A customer visits your website with an objective. The objective may just be a fantasy window shopping. Understanding how to treat every customer who visits your website is an art. You have to engage them and guide them throughout their presence on your website. Create a sense of a belonging displaying elements that will make them feel personally special. Establish a sense of urgency by displaying the number of items left in the inventory. The lesser the stock is, the more the customer wants to make a purchase.

If your objective is only to make the conversion, you may miss something more important than just conversion. It's customer value. Engage them throughout their presence in a way they feel positive about doing shopping with you. What is so likely is, they are going to spread positive words about you on social media and other platforms. Conversion is the target and earning new customer through the existing one is a bonus. Move your business elements tactically to see a big time Win all the time.

Other Conversion Strategies that may work

Video Demos: An intelligent way to replace a personal shopper who will explain in details demonstrating how a product works, is a product video demo.

Email Marketing Campaign: Create a stunning landing page and plan an email marketing campaign to target the vacation lovers who prefer relaxing at their place. An email message is a better way to see conversion during summer.

New regions, new customers: If your aim is to target international audience it's time to globalize your website with languages, currencies, payment methods, shipping partners, shipping costs, and checkout methods. You may rather call it localizing your shopping cart.

Bypass registration: Busy people. Quick shopping. Fast checkout. No registration. Just remember those short sharp phrases. Allow them to do guest checkout and now you are talking with a customer who moves forward to the checkout button. All the best.

You riffle or shuffle, just put the cards in the deck. Create a real sense of shopping experience. Make sure your business moves don't turn out to be pie in the sky. Good luck!

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