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5 Important Marketing Tactics a Business Should Follow

Time for some gossip? Business place, in my opinion, is an ethical gossiping place. Where customer's likings are rated, their interests are discussed, their behaviour is judged, and their buying actions are recorded. The interesting part of this ethical gossip is, no vicious rumours are spread about their buying behaviours. They are highlighted and published to the whole world to see. Moreover, that's how things work.

Leave nothing to chance

“My customers are highly informed about how my business runs and what do I offer all the time?” It would be great and GREAT if businesses work this way. If at all things are going to work in such a manner, why big fuss about marketing tactics and customer retention strategies? Gasp. Hard luck! Things work another way round, in any case.

Keen watchers find their catches. Businesses wait with all possible kind of baits to fish their customers from all corners of the world. No matter what type of business they run, primarily they run to build their customer base.

Never leave anything to chance. Never assume that customers will understand the business by themselves. The business once launched for customer access cannot be interrogated from a businessman's understanding, but customer's. If a customer is confused, the business is dead. Confused customers is  the worst brand killer of all. Not all businesses dig deep into the realm of the behavioural psychology of their customers. However, they understand the basics of it. Work around the corner to pique their interest to offer what you have to. Keep it plain and neat. No hugger-mugger about your business style.

Meet the need for belongingness

“I visited a few of boring websites lately. I truly felt lost in the woods while doing my shopping on web stores that looked MEH. Don't ask me if I so lost one of my nuts to shop on such webstores. They had a pretty good collection of knickknacks, seriously. It was just a one-time affair.”

How shameful of the business to have a boring website, but a pretty interesting collection of products! How on earth such things even occur? A customer comes to a webstore with a complex set of emotions. Never let the customer feel lost on the website. Create a sense of belonging. Google never said that they are a Search Engine. Business shown as a business is a failure strategy. A business is a place where customers are facilitated to have access to the products that are for sales. A successful marketing strategy works on how the product is going to change the life of the user, but not on the general description of the product.

Creating the platform for a secure and safe shopping, the business creates belongingness in a customer. Now you speak Marketing.

Encourage Self-actualization


Don't stare at me. I am not speaking about pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis here. If you think that I am speaking about Abraham Maslow's self-actualization theory, yes, I am. May the business be all that it can be. Consumers of this era, in general, are self-actualizing individuals. They are detached. But they are involved. They come to the web store just to fulfill their material needs. Market the products to attract the psychological needs of the customers. They are here to feel safe. They think that they belong here on the webstore for a while. It doesn't need rocket science to understand consumers. Shopping is therapeutic for most of them. And it's less complicated. A man's lower lever need is material needs. If he gets it in time and style, he is encouraged to move on to meet his needs of a higher level. Make him understand and realize that he is at the right place to facilitate himself for his next move. The product may not influence his life entirely. But he is here just to fulfill his need for the product the business markets. Make use of the time he spends at your place. Need is a need. No matter how small or how large it is. A satisfied customer is a healthy seed to grow the business wider, larger, and bigger.

Appeal to customer's emotions rather their mind and intelligence. Concentrate on how better their life will be using your products rather than explaining how better the product will work. Reaching for their feelings outsell the features the products have.

Get to know your customers better

I know, I am sure you know, that there are some amazing webstores that entice people globally and being most happening shopping space on the world wide web. The power of persuasion such biggies created is WOW. How does it even work for them? The answer is not so complicated or not so simple. They are in the field for enough of time they needed to work on their customer retention strategies and make things work better. They learned from their shortcomings.

If you are sure that your customer is happy, do a small trick. Treat them nicely. What grave mistake each business doing is they just welcome their customers in, host them, and send them back. They don't keep track of the type of people visit them every day. And it's most crucial to know about your customers. Create some magic to collect the magical data of who they are and where they are from. Appealing to their basic instincts, you simply are enabling yourself to come closer to know them better than before. Handover a feedback form when they are happy. Never push them to fill it up. Just a gentle reminder will help you get it done. Attract them with some percentage of the discount offer for giving in personal details and their feedback about your products. Now you are speaking real marketing.

Create an unending Loop

A healthy seed sowed is worthy of all risks. All it takes is a little nudge or a gentle tweak. People love to be rewarded. Make use of the magic of Word of Mouth can create. Live a social proof. May your customer be your advocate. This method may sound old, but it's quite successful. Good or bad, the news spread like fire.


Strike the iron when it is red. Customer is happy. Hence, it's the right time for you to take advantage. Happy customer fantasize. May their fantasy about your products be the source. Announce a reward for taking part in a referral program. The world operates in groups. Encourage the customer to influence their group of people to promote your business. Say for example first 100 customers of your business are given a chance to bring a new customer each, your are doubling up your customer base. Create different group of different interests. Offer discount deals for the various groups and keep them all pampered with deals and discounts as a reward. Reward program is a permanent idea, but it looks new to every new customer that signs up with you. Use social media platforms to promote your reward program. Your advertisement plus each pair of eyes that see your add equals a sale or a new customer.  The cooler the bait is, the better the catch will be.

These are a few of psychological marketing tactics that may bring difference in your conversion rates. Hope it is of some help to you. Wish you have a successful marketing experience!






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