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5 simple secrets to Customer Service Success

One of the trickiest aspects of an online business, is handling difficult customers. Most customer service teams, struggle to cater to their customers' demands. The pressure is high as one wrong move with a customer can topple your carefully built reputation.

While dealing with the customers from different industries, we have picked up a few useful tactis along the way. Here are some of our secrets to successful customer service and making happy customers.

Three dreaded words- “I don't know”

The first thing your customer service team needs to know is that there isn't a script for every problem your customer faces. So you need to make sure your team can handle impromptu situations. It's okay to not know somethings ( once in a while!) but the three dreaded words no customer wants to hear is “I'm not sure/ I don't know”. After all, if you dont know your product, who does? The better way your rep can handle this is to say “ Let me look this up and I'll have an answer for you right away”.

Handle a call transferral tactfully

Another mistake you might be making with your customers is during call transferrals. Most of your customers hate when they hear that their calls transferred. But you can tactfully handle it by letting your customers know you're trying to get them the best possible help. You can tell them “ Hey I'm trying to get you an expert to help you with your problem. Let me just connect you to him.” Sounds better right?

Another way of saying 'No'

There are going to be times when you cannot afford to give into your customer's demands. This is a delicate situation which needs to be handled with tact, so you dont upset your customer. You can refuse to meet of your customer's demands but you should offer to help them out by providing alternative solutions. Your customers will not like hearing the word 'no' . So instead tell them “That might be beyond my capabilities at the moment, but I can try to resolve this situation in another way.” Your customers might be alot happier to hear other solutions from you rather than a plain 'no'.

Accept liability when required

One of the most difficult situations you will encounter with a customer is when he receives a defective product. In cases like these, there isn't much you can do except empathize with the customer, and offer him a refund. The fact that you're willing to accept liability in this case says alot about how much you care. And this goes a long way with customer satisfaction.

Mantaining a friendly but professional tone

When it comes to business, you need'nt always follow the 'customer's always right' rule. But it's okay to tell your customers that some demands cannot be met. But avoid pointing out that they're in the wrong path. Instead tactfully guide your customer towards a mutually beneficial solution. The important thing to keep in mind is, to keep your cool even if your customer is aggressive or intimidating. Calmly inform the customer that you're trying to resolve their problem. Be friendly and professional at the same time.

Its great to give your service team a script, so long as they can improvise and answer customer queries. Its all about creating a great experience for customers. Its important to not send away a customer with a negative answer. You need to keep your customer happy and coming back!


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