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8 Important Customer Retention Strategies

 To gain a customer, initially everyone puts a lot of effort, time and money. After that, if everything goes well, it's well and good. If the customer turns up with some problem related to the product or service offered, instead of solving the issue or helping the customer to overcome the problem, many prefers to abandon the customer. This tendency subtracts the customers one by one thus resulting in a huge loss. Here are some of the best known strategies on how to retain customers to have a long lasting business relationship.

Minimize Attrition

To gain a customer is easy and to lose one is easier. To gain a customer is hard and to retain the customer is harder. Each and every business will witness both gaining and losing of customers. One should not feel comfortable on simply gaining customers rather should concentrate on how to retain them. Customers leave a business for many a reason, which are mostly unattended to by the business owners. Majority of the reasons, would always be simple complaints, which might have rectified on a careful analysis, but business owners often prefer to avoid looking into problems, rather than solving them. This attitude will drive the customers away. A pot with a hole would never be filled to its brim. Stop the leakage, and without much effort you would see your business growing. Retained customers are the real strength of a business than gaining new customers

Generate additional Sales
If a customer closes a sales with your business, it's not all over. It's a beginning of a new relationship. Excite the customer with new offers, discounts for subsequent purchases, introduce them your new product series or simply say hello to your customers. That would sync you with your customer, and tend them to make some more purchases and lock your customers with you, building relationships along with business. Stick on to this practice and you will find your customers giving you more and more business.

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Bring back the lost customer
For any business, it's common to lose some of its customers in any one point of time. But, the objective is to bring them back into the business. Carefully analyse what led them away from you and how it could be sorted out. Carry out a one to one communication with the customer, apologize for the bad experience they got and promise them that it would never happen again. Also, explain the customer about how you would take care of them if they again become your customers. Offer attractive discounts. And prove your words in your deeds. The customer will always be yours.

Be in touch often

If a sale is closed, contact the customer and give a brief introduction about the product they have purchasd and help them to start with easily. And before they turn up with a complaint or cofusion, you voluntarily call them and enquire about their experience with your product or service. Whatever they say, accept it politely and explain them about how to manage the issue. If they cannot understand, repeat it again and make them understand it clearly. Guide them in following up the procedure. Apart from that periodically send them letters and follow them regularly. This will give them an impression of how much they are cared and valued. Automatically this will create an affinity and they will depend on you.

Excellent Customer Service

The service you provide them must be in par with excellence. You know your product or service well and your customer does not know anything. You have to prove them that your product or service is the best one available in market. The customer service is the primary mean to prove yourself. Whatever issue arises, solve them to their satisfaction and do not take much time. If any issue is brought to you, acknowledge it almost immediately and start resolving it as soon as possible. Make the customer happy. So that apart from being your customer, they will do a word of mouth marketing and bring in new customers for you.

Product / Service Integrity

You should deliver what you promise. The product or service you offer should meet the standards of what the customer expects, wants and needs from it. The post sales service also must fulfil the customers' expectations. Treat all issues equally. An issue is an issue, in the view of the customers. You may categorize it with regard to its magnitude, as big or small, serious or negligible, but for customer, it would mean nothing. So, approach and pay attention to all problems equally and solve them to the satistaction of the customer. Be honest with the customer and do not promise what you or your product or service do not offer. Keep your word, always. If you are consistent in what you say and do, customers will never leave you.

Quality matters than speed

If an issue is raised by your customer, do reach to solve that issue in no time. It is good and well appreciated but if the issue raises again, then there is no point serving in an express manner. Even if you take time to solve the issue, make sure it will not reccur again, embarrassing both the customer and yourself. So, spend quality time to solve the issue completely. The customer will be satisfied if it wont trouble him again. Make it a point to maintain quality in all that you do, always.

Thanks to complaints

Usually, when customers feel unhappy or dissatisfied about the product or service offered, they quitely slip away rather than complaining it. Reason being, the complaint may or may not be entertained properly, it may take a long time to get the problem solved, and so on. So they simply prefer to opt for some other option available in the market. Despite the difficulties mentioned above, if a customer turns up to complain about your product or service, you must feel happy and thankful to the customer. Because, the customer still trusts you and hopes that you will serve your level best to solve the problem. It's a golden oppurtunity coming along your way to prove your credentials. Accept the complaint and look into it and find out the flaw. Rectify it and satisfy the customer. It will create you new businesses and references. The customer and the business will be retained.

These are some of the well-known and most important strategies to keep your customers feel happy and to retain them with you, forever. Wishes for happy and rewarding business relationships.

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