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8 Ways to Use Facebook to Increase Sales

Businesses know being on Facebook is crucial to success. Without a Facebook page, customers will not be able to find or interact with your brand. However, that’s not the only reason why Facebook should be used by every business. Facebook can generate a large volume of sales, but only when you use it properly. Follow these tips to get started:

1. Don’t post too much.

More is not always better when it comes to posting on Facebook. No one wants to be spammed, especially by a business page, so keep it to one post a day at the most. If you don’t, your followers will begin to unlike your page or mark your content as spam, making it harder for you to reach other people.

2. Reward fans for liking your page.

Do you have a brick and mortar store? Run a promotion where you reward customers for coming in and showing you they’ve liked your business page. Offer a discount off of their next purchase to encourage a sale for every new like.

3. Grab the attention of “scanners.”

Many Facebook users scroll through their newsfeed without paying much attention unless something happens to catch their eye. Make your post the one that stands out by focusing on the image. Use an eye-catching, bright image and add text to it to announce a “limited time offer” or “30% off” sale that will certainly make customers stop scrolling.

4. Promoted page likes.

It’s impossible to be successful on Facebook if you don’t have any page likes. Whether you’re a new business or one who just hasn’t paid much attention to social media, it’s always a wise choice to use the promoted page likes ad feature on Facebook. This tool allows businesses to expose new people in their target audience to their Facebook page, and encourage these people to click through and “like” it. Once people like your page, they will begin to see your posts and possibly buy your products when they see something that appeals to them.

5. Engage with fans

Social media is built around the idea of engaging with fans, so it’s essential that you do this with your Facebook followers. Scan your page at least once a day to see if anyone is interacting with your posts with questions or comments. If so, respond back in a timely manner, especially if it’s a question about the product which shows interest in making a purchase.

6. Remarketing ads.

Remarketing ads are a valuable tool offered to business pages on Facebook. With a little help from your web developer, you can use this tool to start sending Facebook ads to people who have visited your website but left without converting. For example, if someone browsed through your online store and added something to her cart but then bounced off the page, you can direct an ad to her with the exact item she has in her cart to remind her to come back and finish the transaction. This will help you bring back customers you otherwise would have lost, and therefore increase your sales.

7. Sell the lifestyle.

A big part of winning over customers is showing them the lifestyle your product or service can help create through compelling images and text. For example, if you own a yoga clothing company, mix up posts about the product with posts that show the yoga lifestyle. Feature beautiful images of different poses paired with inspirational quotes about peace and love. This shows potential customers the lifestyle you are selling as opposed to just the product.

8. Upsell.

Using the Facebook custom audience tool, businesses can choose to target only users who are already customers. The ads could feature special offers for returning customers or new products that complement the purchase they’ve already made. Either way, using this tool will help you increase sales from a group who is already familiar and satisfied with what your company has to offer.

Facebook is not just about socializing! When businesses follow these tips, Facebook can become a way to move more product and increase the bottom line.


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