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How to Improve Your Sales

Shoot up your sales graph with expert support

For any store owner, the ultimate aim is to generate revenue by improving sales day by day. As sales go up and up, revenue along with happiness and excitement follow suit. But how to make the sales go up? Not all store owners are privileged to have that trick happen, may be because they do not know how to make it happen. Let us suggest those underprivileged to try some of the best practices to make the sales graph line leap towards 'Y' axis and experience a new feeling.

The whole process is broadly divided into two areas, as:

1. Store setup

2. Sales procedure

Store setup

Setting up of the store, can be classified into three levels, viz.,
1. Design
2. Speed
3. Responsiveness


Since we discuss online store, the design of the store automatically finds its priority, in the primary slot. You need to have a simple yet impressive design, to catch hold of your customers' eyes. Clarity must be the first and foremost of the features of your site. Every menu, button or whatever it is, must be very clear.


You should maintain your site so that whenever the customers click on some link or menu, it should load immediately. If it takes more than 5 seconds to load, they may swim out of your site. So, it is your responsibility to make them traverse through your products without any hard feeling. Certainly, speed has its impact everywhere and an online store is no exception. It is compelling.


Nowadays, people shop on the go using mobile phones. Most of the people don't have time, or don't want to waste their time, to sit in front of the computer for shopping. They prefer smartphones or tabs, and shop while traveling. So your store must be compatible for all gadgets available in the market. Your site must be responsive enough so that it displays all the options available for a desktop or laptop, also in the smartphone or tab. Choose sensitive themes in your site design. It will help achieve this.

Sales procedure

1. Once you have set up the store, equipped with all sorts of powerful features, you are on to carry out the sales. Follow the steps as listed:

1. Product Display
2. Free Shipping
3. Promoting Additional Sales
4. Coupons / Discounts
5. Guide the customer to checkout process

Product Display

This is crucial. The customer should get a clear idea of how the product will look like with the description and image you have added in support for your product. Give clear images and allow the zoom-in feature for the customer to have the closer look of the product. List of the complete features of the product, clearly. Do not furnish false information.

Free Shipping

This is another important point to remember, which is almost decisive in closing a sale. People are convinced when they are offered shipping free of cost. It amounts to a substantial percentage of closing of sales.

Promoting Additional Sales

You could suggest the customer to buy some related products by indicating that for a small additional amount, this product can be added, which will be more expensive if it purchased separately. For example, if a customer opts to buy a pressure cooker, you can suggest some additional vessels that can be offered for a relatively lower price if purchased with the pressure cooker, than the usual price.

Coupons / Discounts

This is another method to woo the customers to make the customers buy your products. You can offer some coupons and set a time limit for the coupon, say 15 days and highlight the price variation in the 15 days. This will be effective. Also, discounts can also be offered. If some products are bought more than 5 nos, a discount of 5 or 10 %, or whatever percentage seems fit can be offered. It will also produce remarkable results.

Guide the customer to checkout process

Do not allow any distraction to your customer in the process of sales. No ads, no shiny displays or anything that mislead the customer may result in the negative. So, carefully guide the customer to checkout process and see that no errors displayed like '404 Error' or 'Page Cannot be displayed', in the final stage. Offer all possible payment methods to the customer, like, credit card, net banking, payment plugins, etc.

So, you have learned the primary issues that need careful attention to improving the sales of your online store. Carefully implement all the steps and have a good sales ahead.

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