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How to Run a Successful Email Campaign

If you think email marketing is no longer effective, think again. Email Marketing has now evolved big time and is acquiring qualified customers for businesses everywhere. The only thing you need to be sure of, is creating the right kind of email campaign. Customers have become more informed and our acquisition strategies have to change to cater to more knowledgable customers. Creating the right kind of campaign that is informative and beneficial to your customers, can acquire alot of clients for you.

Here are some ideas that will help you create a great campaign that will appeal to your customer

Make your campaign relatable to your customer

Your email campaign MUST convince your customer that he needs your product/service. You can only do this by relating to his frustration points. Convince your customer that your product/service is the best solution to his problem.

Take Paypal's email campaign. It capitalizes on the problem alot of people go through when splitting the bill at a restaurant. Paypal gives the customer a great way of sending money instantly to friends 'to settle up right at the table'.

Make your customers feel special

Customers love to be given the 'one-in-a-million' feeling. And you give it to them by making your campaign feel exclusive and only for them. You can try out what the Tory Burch clothing company did. TB sent out emails announcing a private sale to its customers. The whole campaign was designed to be minimalistic, and exclusive. It made the each customer feel welcome and special And it clicked well with them.

Connect with lost customers

Getting in touch with lost customers is a great idea. But you need to adopt a friendly easy-going tone. Be inviting and not pushy. Runkeeper connects with customer in style. They send out friendly informational emails that keep customers updated on recent changes to their flagship app. They let their customers know that they miss them and would love to have them back.

Personalize the email experience

Customers loathe and we mean LOATHE those script-like robotic emails that are auto-generated. They hate it when they crowd their inbox. You can create a better experience for your customers by empathizing with their situation. And how do you that? Take LOFT -an elite clothing store that sends emails to its customers and allows them to manage their preferences. Customers can choose what kind of emails they'd like to receive. They can choose to subscribe to emails that only convey style tips or emails that talk about seasonal discounts sales and special offers. This way LOFT lets the customer know that they only get what they want.

A Little Tip for you: You'll have a number of great email marketing campaigns that you would have designed. Well then dont just choose one. Choose a couple of campaigns that you think will hit gold. Run those campaigns on two different groups of customers and see which performs better. After that you can try out the best campaign on your customer base.

You can try out our cool Mailchimp Integration app that let's you organize your mail list and send different kinds of content to different customers.


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