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How to Use Instagram as a Marketing Platform

Instagram is no longer a platform that just showcases a gazillion selfies. Last September the platform acquired over 400 million users. With the kind of following Instagram is experiencing, businesses are rapidly beginning to tap into its marketing potential. What's great about Instagram (apart from their oh-so-cool filters) is that it gives you a platform to connect with a large audience visually.

Think about it, Twitter which is the most used marketing platform has some visual constrictions and a character limit on the text. Instagram on the other hand is all about what's appealing to the eye and your consumers are going to love connecting with you on it.

So here's how you can use Instagram to effectively market your brand

Introduce your brand to what's HOT!

Instagram is all about what's trending. So create posts that incorporate popular trends into your brand. The trickiest aspect of this strategy is that your post needs to be industry/business relevant, but have the edginess that can capture your audience's attention. For eg, if you're a business that sells templates online you can post pictures of your designs. But that's not going to be all that effective. Instead try to capitalize on trending topics like food. You can display beautiful images of a food themed template to get people interested.

Show your audience the backstage drama

Audiences love having access to what's happening behind the scenes. Instagram is a great way to let them in on how your products are made. Show them unique processes to up their interest in your business. Consumers also tend to trust companies that give them the insider's scoop. You can also upload pictures of your office and employee activites. These kind of posts serve to bring customers closer to you.

Be an Instafreak

Whether you have a following of ten or ten thousand, stay active on Instagram. Posting regularly will get you recognized better. Alot of customers will be able to view your posts better and this is good for brand building. Like all othe social platforms, your instagram posts need to be monitored as well. See what kind of posts acquire the right audience for you. Do followers love your humorous posts or do they like them to be informative? You should also keep an eye on what timings bring in the best response from users.

Shine the spotlight on your customer

This is a strategy Starbucks frequently employs. You can check out posts by your followers and publicize cool ones to make them feel special. If you think a follower's post is uniquely humorous or informative, dont hesitate to give them a pat on the back on social media. You can further share the post with your Facebook following so your customers know that you're focused on them.

Instagram Contests

Instagram contests are a rage with most of the platform's users. So capitalize on this. You can host a photo contest and ask customers to send in pictures of how they're using your product. This tactic can help you when you want to develop your product further. You can also introduce hashtag contests and start a new trend on Instagram and Twitter.

You have an ocean of options when it comes to using Instagram. You just need to get creative to attract the right audience

Adieu Tip: Instagram allows you to geo-tag your posts. This is a great way for you to share your location and attract nearby followers. If you've got a physical store or an office you can let your followers know where you're located.


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