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How to use Video marketing to Improve conversions

Videos are a great way to broadcast a chock full of information to a wide audience. Most online users love being visually engaged. They're able to focus more on what's being conveyed in a video than on a plain old blog. This is why top brands create engaging videos that draw the audience in.

Here are some best video practices that will get your customers hooked

Add Videos to a product Page

This is a great way to get people interested in your products. Create videos of the products being used and upload the clips to the product page. Let's say you're selling a dress online. Dont just put up images of the dress. Instead add a clip of a model wearing the dress on a runway. Customers love watching short clips that show them more about the product. It makes the product more believable and encourages customers to make the purchase. Another idea you can try out is to create How-to videos that teach your customers how to use your product. These are extremely effective as customers are given a better understanding of how your product works. Check out the next section to understand this better.

Creating how-to Videos

How to videos are pure gold to most online users. If you're an expert at something create videos that show other people how to do it. Let's say you've got an online store that sells software. Create videos that show customers how to set it up. Or if you're a website that provides unique recipes to people dont just post a blog on it. Instead create cooking videos to show them how it's done. You'll acquire a lot of loyal customers this way.

Video Ads

This is a field with great scope for creativity. Create great catchy ads that portray your brand's value to the customers. Create great video ads that suit Youtube and Facebook audiences. This way you can generate tremendous views and conversions.

Handy Tips while making videos


Make your videos Mobile friendly

Your customers are constantly on their mobiles. So dont make them have to look for their laptops to view your video. Make sure that every video you create is mobile responsive.

Keep them short and simple

You cant grab your audience's attention by putting out feature length films. They'll just be turned off and move on. Check out a Vine and you'll see that it is just 6 seconds long. And that's all the time you'll have to keep your audience hooked. So get creative!


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