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Limited Period Offers to Boost Conversions

How to Extend Limited Period Offers to Boost Conversions

Most online customers are fast to add your store's products to their cart. But when it comes to making the final purchase, customers want the time to think again. At that moment there's a million questions running through their minds. Do I really need this? Am i overspending? And then the biggest question of all. Isn't there a discount available? Odds are, your customer might back out of making the purchase at once.

So if you want to see those successful revenue generating conversions, you need to stop your customer from postponing the purchase. This is where the magic word 'limited period offer/discount' can help you.

The term 'limited period' immediately creates a sense of urgency in most online users. It makes the offer exclusive and hard to come by. Exclusive offers dont let your customers think about making a purchase the next day. They stimulate them to do it right now! So put an expiration date on your discounts.Let your customer know that he needs to complete his purchase NOW to get the best deal.

Here's how you can best extend time sensitive offers to your customers.

Limited discounts just before checkout

So when do you introduce the limited period offer? You can definitely stimulate your customer to buy products from his abandoned shopping cart. Offer a great discount that ends in in the next 20 minutes to urge him to complete his purchase.

Offer Bigger discounts with early purchases

You can also try out Banana Republic's strategy. Banana Republic sent out emails to their customers to make purchases within a stipulated time. Their emails highlighted an offer that told customers that they'd get a bigger discount with early purchases.

Use Action-stimulating content

When you announce a limited period offer use words that trigger an action. That way you'll push your customers to perform the action. Throw in words like 'Act Now' 'Last Chance' 'Offer expires today' 'Buy NOW' to create an urgency.

Attractive Delivery options

Check out what Amazon does when you go looking for something on its store. Amazon posts not just deadlines and discounts but also useful offers that encourage customers to make an immediate purchase. For eg, it throws in free shipping if the customer makes the purchase in the next few hours. Or it offers a one day delivery if the purchase is made immediately.

So now that you have a few ideas on how you can use limited period offers to boost your conversions, what are you waiting for? Do it NOW! We'll leave you with a little tip. You can offer great bulk or quantity based discounts to your customers with apps from J2Store. Check them out here Place a count-down clock on your store to make your exclusive offers a race against time!


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