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Marketing Automation for Online Businesses with Mautic

As an online business, your site will constantly attract both relevant and irrelevant traffic. It's essential that you filter your visitors, so your marketing team can target quality leads with effective campaigns. Marketing Automation makes it easier for your marketing and sales team to work together, towards nurturing and transforming good leads into long-term customers. This is where you can use Mautic - a marketing automation platform that helps your team nurture quality leads easily and effectively. Mautic is free and is open source so you can leverage its customizability to add some great functional elements.

Here's what you can do with Mautic

Easy and Effective Email Marketing

Most online businesses employ email marketing as a way of reaching out to customers. So you'll definitely need to automate your strategy to make it easier for your team to send the right emails to the right customers. With Mautic you can build and manage email lists for every step of the customer journey. For eg, for a visitor who just landed on your website, you'll need to send a batch of emails offering him discount coupons, and first time offers to entice him. The same set of emails cannot be sent to a regular customer. For a regular customer, you'll need to send him reward points or products/content or after support. With Mautic you can program the system to send these emails periodically as reminders.

Create campaigns, landing pages and much more

Another great thing about Mautic is that it integrates itself easily with your website. It throws in free plugins that you can integrate with your site and allows you to insert forms into your web page. It's also pretty easy to create a landing page from scratch. And you don't need to know too much HTML to do it. The software comes with a drag n drop campaign builder. This allows you to create flow charts and adds/deletes different campaigns.

Track Social Activity

Like email marketing, social media marketing is also essential for your business. And Mautic is there to help you do that as well. You can engage your target audience, keep track of their social activity. You'll also be able to access posts your leads upload to the social accounts. For eg, if you notice that your target audience is passionate about environmental causes, you can launch a campaign that is tune with what they're passionate about. This way you'll show them that you care about what's important to them.

Mautic Team Support

If you're struggling with using the software, Mautic comes with Slack support that is instantly responsive and resolves your issues in a jiffy.


Mautic allows you to host your marketing campaign on your own server or website. It also allows you the option of hosting them on the SaaS version of the software. (If privacy of customer info is your biggest concern, we suggest you opt to host it on your own server.)

So there you go. You have a great number of reasons as to why you should choose Mautic as your marketing automation platform. It's a $0 platform for you to implement a million dollar strategy.


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