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Men vs Women : Shopping Behaviour and Buying Habits

People have needs and to meet them, hence they need shopping. They shop for food, clothes, home needs, books, etc. From articles of little value to very expensive ones, from platforms to online stores, the shopping is an every minute affair of people across the world. We shall discuss an interesting topic, Shopping Habits of Men and Women, in this article.

Common Perception

It is perceived by most, that women usually spend longer time in shopping compared to men, who prefers to step into the shop, search for particular product they have in mind, purchase it as quick as possible (unmindful of slight variations that lead to bit expensive purchases), leave immediately. Women, on the other hand, searches patiently for the kind of products in all available brands, compare the designs, checking for any offers available (unmindful of the long time they indulge in selecting a product of their choice), bargaining and end up purchasing the product to their utmost satisfaction.

Men Vs Women

Naturally, women differ with their opposite sex in almost all characteristic features, and shopping is no exception. Both the sexes differ in thinking, perceiving, decision making, managing tactics, planning and what else? The same theory applies to shopping as well.

Men are particular about the features of a product they wish to buy, and they compare same category products for specific features and price, service availability and so on. They are less mindful of offers and brand, and they compromise for a higher price if they are satisfied with the quality. In short, men's shopping is product focussed.

Women are particular about the brand. They carefully analyse the brand values and select their product of choice according to that. Also, they are keen on offers and discounts to be availed. Also, they have a particular interest in the design of the product. So, when it comes to shopping, men and women behave differently.

Online Shopping

In earlier times, when online shopping was limited to computers, electronic goods, music etc., it was a male-dominated world. As the product category expanded, women took the lead to shop online.

A majority of women prefer to shop online with a desktop while men prefer mobile. Men limit their search to particular products they have in mind at the time of purchase, while women find other products apart from their intended shopping interest, as well. Both sexes consider price as a factor to decide, but men tend to compromise easily with quality over price while women are particular about price and close a purchase with the best available offer.

When advertising is considered, social media, paper advertising, word of mouth etc., both have the same impact. However, in some areas men differ from women, like emails with offers work better for women when they are in search of a product while men find a product casually when surfing online. It's a good marketing strategy to send emails with product details and discount coupons, to women. Women tend to shop online, in a relaxed mood at home, after finishing all their household activities. When they get an email with a nice offer, they are attracted towards it and will possibly close the deal.

For men, paid search advertising will work better for online shopping. When they find products, an improved SEO will promptly list the products and sites while pop-up advertisements will do the needful when they surf in general. Females possess the higher probability to recommend the brand or product they like to their friends and families through social media like twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. The male community is slightly lagging behind in this area.

Men tend to shop mostly on food items and drinks when they are in a depressed mood. Women when in depressed mood, they rely on retail therapy and shop clothes and related articles.

Women, in general, possess a higher percentage of charitable contribution compared to men, except when the contributor happens to be a widow or widower. A widower is the one who contributes more generously than any other category.

men vs women1

Colours have a notable impact on both the genders. Men prefer bright colours while women go with soft ones. Men prefer shaded colours, i.e., colours with black added to them and women prefer tints, colours with white added to them.

Men have a higher percentage of women on writing comments on their purchase and product reviews. Single men tend to shop more on alcoholic drinks while single women prefer to shop for beauty and health care items. Also, the list goes on.


These are some of the trends in the behaviour of men and women with regard to shopping. Marketing plans designed according to the nature of men and women will prove to be successful. It is better to focus on either male or female customers rather than on both, which will prove to be fatal.


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