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Points to Ponder While Writing Product Description

Which one of the following do you consider the most convincing?

Excellent product with rich quality and craftsmanship or 100% copper, insulated wire with automated winding to ensure stable and leak-proof induction

That explains the making of an industrial motor.

The second one is your choice, I guess...

Apparently, mine too.

Describing a product to sell online needs an artistic approach, that would lead to press the add-to-cart button. A substantial knowledge about the product and its functionalities alone is not enough to write the content, rather the way in which you present the product features, does matter.

Here are some of the important points to keep in mind while writing the product description online.

1. Read a lot

Before you start writing anything, do a lot of reading. Search for the stuff you are about to write both online and offline, like reading books, articles, watching videos, etc. Take notes from articles written by experts and have a collection of them handy while writing. Analyse the collected material for the pros and cons. Try to figure out the best possible inference. You should have arrived at a clear idea on how to start writing the article.

2. Buyer

Next, you need to be clear, to whom are you writing the description or, in other words, you should be well aware of the potential buyer of your product. What the buyer expects from a seller like you, the likes and dislikes of the buyer, the very purpose of the buyer in purchasing your product, etc.

3. Benefits, not Features

The customer is neither interested in you nor your product or its features. He only cares about what he is getting for the price he pays. As given in the initial lines of this article, the first statement expresses self-pride of the product or company whereas the second statement reveals the fact about the product, convincingly assuring the customer about his safety and quality of the product as well. So, the customer is not interested in the product features but in the benefits he gets on purchasing the product. Make a list of the features of your product, in terms of benefits to the customer.

4. Virtualize the product to your customer

You are selling the product online, and the customer cannot touch and feel your product. But you have to make the customer feel your product by virtualizing, in your words. Make him or her to imagine the product in the way you explain your product. That will make the customer think of the product and its benefits and ultimately lead to checkout.

5. Choose the correct format to present the content

Your content need to be clear, readable, listed in order, precise to the point. Writing paragraphs won't help. Always practice to list the features. That will speak to the point. Unnecessary pleasantries will lead the customer to skip away. Use large letter size to read the content quickly and use sub-headings that focus the benefits, wherever necessary. Use images and infographic representations that will help understand the content without much effort.

6. Be friendly in your tone

Follow a friendly tone with the customer. Make the customer feel that he is listening to friend rather than a marketing executive of a company. Be customer-centric. Do not use the words that describe yourself, your company or your product like, I, we, our, etc. Always use You, your. It will give the customer a sense of belonging and make him feel that you are interested in your customers business.

Use simple words in place of ambiguous phrases. The purpose of the article is to help your customer understand the product and buy it and not to exhibit your proficiency in the language.

When you have finished writing, go through it, assuming yourself as a customer. Be the first critic of your article. Find mistakes and correct them. Repeat this many times to fine tune the content and ascertain whether it would be enough to customer satisfaction.

7. Optimize the content to search engines

Finally, you need to add hashtags to the content. That will help your article to be listed in the search results, related to the content keywords. This will improve the conversion rate of your sales procedure.

We wish you have a better sales conversion in the future!

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