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Why Search Engine Optimization is so Important?

Welcome to the world of e-commerce. Be it electronics, apparels, fashion articles or whatever goods you sell, that does not matter. With your online store, you are not the only participant in the race of hunting customers, and convincing them to purchase your products.

You are competing with hundreds and thousands of online store owners. The question is all about, how to make your website to be ranked high and secure a top position when a customer searches for the product you are dealing with. Moreover, that is what, in this article, we are going to discuss.

What is SEO?

Anyone can design and develop a website with one's idea, creativity, and taste. However, the Search Engines do possess a particular set of algorithm, to find out the matching websites when a customer searches for a keyword. So, an SEO optimized website means:

  • A website designed and developed with strict adherence to SEO standards thus making the website to be ranked high in the search engine results.
  • Enhanced with the quality and volume of traffic from the search engines to the website.
  • Assuming what visiting population might search for the website, with an understanding of how the algorithms written for search engines will execute the search process and carry on the marketing process

How do search engines work?

It's actually an interesting question. It makes us immensely surprised by listing the most relevant web page or site at the top of the list, thus providing the best possible solution to the person who searches. What is going on in there with the search engine? How does it process the search query? How does it list the result?

Well, there are quite a handful of processes that take place in the search engine before it lists the results.

  • Crawling – Any website will be linking several web pages. All those links will be fetched with the help of software. A crawler or a spider can perform that action of fetching all the links.
  • Indexing – All the fetched links have to be assigned a unique index and stored in a behemoth database and can be retrieved from there whenever necessary. The indexing process is to trace out the words, phrases and expressions that describes the related pages and assigning the pages to the proper keywords. This is a crucial action that determines the accuracy of the search process.
  • Process – The search engine process that compares the keyword typed in by a person who wish to search for a particular page, with the indexed pages in the database.
  • Relevancy Calculation - When the search keyword is entered by any user, then the matching pages for that particular keyword will be numerous. All matching pages can not be listed rather the pages have to be calculated for relevancy of the keyword.
  • Retrieve Results - Then the list will be produced with the page having the highest relevancy in the top followed by other pages with a corresponding decrease in relevancy match.


Techniques Involved

There are two techniques adopted in search engines:

  • White Hat SEO
  • Black Hat SEO

White Hat SEO

Complying with the search engine guidelines, avoiding deception, ensuring quality content and quality web pages, maintaining the promised content in the link and on the site, being honest in disclosing true information are the common practices followed in this technique. This completely is ethical and this technique is recommended and approved by search engines.

Black Hat SEO

Rank improvement attempts in methods unapproved by search engines, deceiving tendency, irrelevant and misleading contents, redirecting users from search engine ranked page to different destinations, stuffed up keywords, imitating some other quality web pages simply to attract customers and then redirecting to offendable or malicious sites are some of the common black hat SEO techniques. Search engines do not approve this kind of techniques. This technique is also called Spamdexing.

Important Areas to be Focussed

To achieve search engines optimization for your site, you need to focus in the following areas, offering a careful attention to each one.

  • Domain name
  • Filenames
  • Layout and Design
  • Keywords
  • Title

Domain name

Domain name should be carefully selected. Avoid separates and keep it as short as possible, so that people can easily memorize it. Also, if you could pick a catchy name, it would be cool. It would be better if you could keep one or two keywords in the domain name. It could increase the click through rates and other possible credits to your domain name.


Filenames are one of the best and simple methods for optimization. Keep filenames short and descriptive, so that anyone can easily understand what the file is meant for. Do not use generic names rather use specific names.

Example: laptop-repair.htm would be more meaningful than simply service.htm

Try to use 2 keywords in the filenames and use '-' hyphen rather than '_' underscores to separate words in filenames.


Layout and Design

Keep your layout and design simple. Do not add fancy content, like, flash, animations or frames as these may slow down the loading process. Avoid ads, if possible. Add more text content than HTML elements. Keep your keyword density of 10% in the actual page content.


These are the words that a user enter in the search field. You should use the keyword in your website document considerable times so that it will enhance the possibility of your site being listed in a higher rank. However, use it wisely, as the meaningless usage, just to improve listing rank will be considered by some search engines to be spamdexing. The keywords for your site may be the names and words that indicate the products or services offered by your website. Always try to keep your keywords in your first headings and first paragraphs. This will increase the rank.


Title is where your keyword must be present in your website. You should not forget to add keywords in your title, that too in the starting words. Even if you do not remember to add the keywords in the content or other headings, never forget to add them in the title. For every page on your website, give a unique title, and, of course, do not forget to include the keyword, in most of the titles, but do not repeat it. Always make it a point to start your title with the keyword, followed by secondary keywords. Ensure tag to be the first in yoursection. This will make the search engines easier to find your page.

Content of the site

This is very important. Whatever you have on your website is the content, too, text, graphics, pictures, animation, or even hyperlinks. Keep the content simple and add more text instead of pictures or graphics as it may take a long time to load, particularly in slow connections thus leading your visitors away from your site.

Keep your content quality in high standards. Always use original content and do not copy the content from other sites. If you maintain quality content, then the traffic to your site will be considerably increasing. Also, you should update your content from time to time.

Content writing is a significant step in your SEO process. It integrates the keywords and phrases of information thus forming the potential content of your website. So, keep in mind the following points when writing your content:

  • Write the content for your specific audience
  • Keyword frequency should be as per search engine guidelines
  • Keep your title meaningful, simple, and descriptive and generates interest in your customers to traverse further into your site
  • Use simple statements so that a visitor who is not so fluent in the language also may understand the content easily
  • Avoid confusing or complex words, and keep your page short.
  • Segregate your content into small paragraphs and distribute them across your site evenly

Apart from these, you have to verify the content and other stuff of the website. Always comply strictly with W3C standards. It would be more helpful, in the automatic optimization of your website.

Build links for the necessary references that are been spread all over the site. So also your site must be smart enough to engage visitors through mobile too. You should design your site keeping in mind the mobile trend. Use responsive themes for your site layout.


These are all some of the most important and primary techniques that should be followed to achieve a search engine optimized website. There are quite a few more areas to be focussed upon since this article is written for beginners. Refer more sites regarding SEO for more detailed information about search engine optimization, before you practically apply the techniques for your real-time online store.

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