10 Cost-Effective Ideas to Promote Your Business

How do I promote my business to bring in sales? This is a question every business owner asks himself when he starts out. New businesses that have just gone live, wont have enough revenue circulating, to splurge on fancy advertisements. Let's say your new online store sells beauty products online. You'll find it diffcult to spend on expensive photoshoots to advertise your products. So is all hope lost for you business? No! Here are some great ways you can promote your online store cost effectively.

Talk about your business

The first thing to do is the spread the word about your business. Families and friends are your best brand ambassadors. So they can talk about your business to people they know. But make sure they know accurate info about your product.

For example, if they're recommending a face cream, they should also talk about how the alovera in the cream is great for their skin. They can also highlight unique ingredients that go into your products. Ask your ambassadors to encourage their friends to contact you to know more. This way you can give a clearer picture about what you're selling.

Distribute samples of your product

It's not enough that you have advocates for your product, you need to get people to trust the goods you sell A good way to do this is to distribute free samples. Place special focus on the word 'FREE'. Customers love to try out things before buying.

So giving out sachets of face cream or small vials of perfume to try out, is a great way for them to see your product in action. If you have an online restaurant throw a party to get people to sample your menu. The objective is to get people to try your products first hand.

Local Radio Broadcasts

With people slowly getting familar with your business, you can now go bold and promote it on a public platform. Getting your business featured on the local radio station is a great way to invite the local community to check out your business. You can put in a request at the station for an ad and you can also offer to share advice on industry related issues.

You could go live and talk about easy beauty hacks, or how pollution affects the skin and how people can prevent it. This way you can develop a fan following that look forward to your ideas and trust your brand.

Get Customers competitive

This is a challenging strategy and requires creativity from your end. Try to get people excited by organizing a contest related to your industry. For example, you can hold a contest for people to collect free samples of your products and create innovative beauty hack videos using them. You can send the best beauty hack video maker a gift box or voucher. This will stimulate your target audience to check out your products and give them a try.

If you cant think of a creative contest to host, you can organize a good old raffle contest and give out a couple of your products as prizes, just to get your business's name out there.

Host Workshops/Seminars/Debates

A new business will need to gain customer confidence. Your target audience is going to be skeptical of your products. So you need to show them that you know what you're doing. The best way to do this is to participate in industry related seminars or workshops. You wont be able to rub shoulders with big brands immediately at these events, but you can start small.

Like visit a mall and set up a small table of your beauty products there. You can then offer to give a lucky customer a free makeover session using your products. In the process you can also teach other batches of customers just how they can use your products. This way people will get interested in checking out what you have to offer.

Creating an Online Community

After implementing the previous tactics, you should have a small group of loyal fans mostly within your local community. Now its time to really expand. And what better way to do this than to reach out on Facebook. Create an online community on Facebook and start posting videos, new product launches, store discounts on it.

Ask your friends to share your page so you can grow your audience. Encourage your target audience to post queries and be prompt to reply to them. Providing solutions to customer problems is great way to build a rapport. So keep your social pages active and dont let your users forget about you.

Customer-related content

Putting out useful content on your website has its own special benefits. Blog regularly on your website and provide useful content for your audience. When you write blog posts, make sure they address your target audience's pain points, so you can acquire quality traffic.

A good way to promote your product would be to create posts that identify a customer's problem, and how your product can provide a solution for it. You can create a blog post on how dry skin is affected by winter and how your new moisturizer can help remove the dryness.

Partner with nearby Businesses

If you have businesses in your town that operate in the same industry, try partnering with them so you can gain access to their target audience and customer base as well.

You can partner with the local, popular beauty salon and give them a few of your products to use on their customers. They can also sell your products in their salon. You can also partner with them and create brochures that promote the alignment of your businesses. This way you can cross target each other's audience.

Exceptional Customer Support

Attentiveness to your customer's problems should be the backbone of your promotional strategy. Customers love for you to pay them attention. So address customer complaints, no matter how trivial they might be. Reach out via email and let your customers know that you're willing to help them anytime.

Let's say a customer buys a hair shampoo from you that she says makes her hair frizzy and unmanageable. You can be helpful and send her a small bottle of hair serum or oil to help control the frizz. You can also provide her with hommeade solutions that she can use on her hair. This way your customer will know that your business focuses on satisfaction and not just sales.

A Few Good Deeds

Giving back to the community is a great way to create customer loyalty that's more than just sales. People like brands that stand for more than profits and it inspires them to become long-term customers. Its important that you get to the grassroots of social engagement.

For example, you can create a cost-effective social campaign that promotes natural beauty without artificial cosmetics. Let your followers know that you focus on inner beauty. You can visit schools and teach girls on how to keep their skin healthy using just homemade products. Campaigns like these garner a lot of loyal customers who are willing to subscribe to brands with values.

These are great strategies that you can definitely use to promote your business. Try them out and let us know how they work for you.


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