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10 Free Extensions for your J2Store Joomla Shopping Cart

We could see how happy you are now with your new online store. The smirk on your face says loads about how special it was to make a selling online. As you are now used to a bit of Joomlaness already, now you may think a bit beyond about what other options you look forward to adding to your Joomla shopping cart. We suggest you start with something that is available for FREE.

J2store extension store has a comprehensive set of FREE applications that can be integrated to your Joomla Shopping Cart. We have listed the 5 Free apps you can add to your cart.

1) Simple CSV Import & Export

Are you managing a huge catalog in your online store? Well, this app will make your catalog management a breeze. You can simply create a CSV file to import new and update existing products. The app is especially handy when you want to update a few fields in your catalog. Example, you might want to just update the price. In those cases, just export the products from the app, remove all the columns except the SKU and the Price columns, update the prices and import it. That is all required.

Download the app here.

2) Google Shopping Product Feed

Let customers discover about your products faster on the internet and grow the sales. Google Merchant centre is an important tool every online store should be using. You can upload your product data to Google Merchant Center, and let millions of shoppers see your online and in-store inventory.

The Google Shopping Product Feed app allows you to generate and submit the product feed to the Google Merchant Centre. Google shopping allows the customers to discover your products much faster, thus generating more visitors and sales for your online store.

Download the app here.

3) Checkout Redirect

If you are selling one-of-a-kind products or services, you might want to take the customers directly to checkout steps, skipping the cart page. This makes the checkout experience smooth and faster for the customers, especially when you know that customers will be ordering only one product per order.

This app helps you achieve it.

Download the app here.

4) Change Password

The most useful app for any website. As the security concern over personal data keeps growing, the users expect the change password option on the sites they use. The app enables change password feature in J2Store's 'My Profile' page. It allows the customer to change their account's password on their profile page.

Download the app here.

5) Social Media App

Like and Tweet buttons are unavoidable. So are the other social media share buttons to share Pinterest, Linkedin, Google Plus and the like. Social Media App allows the users to share the products to the popular social media they want to.

Download the app here.

6) Re-Captcha

Save your website from spam and abuse by bots or other malicious computer programs. Add the Free re-captcha app to your site for more security.

Download the app here.

7) Combine Tax

The app is FREE and it makes things simple for you. It clubs all individual taxes under one primary tax and displays it to the user in the order summary. Too many tax breakdowns may confuse the customers. The app combines all analyses and shows the sum of all taxes under a 'combined Tax' category at the order summary thus keeping it brief and straightforward.

Download the app here.

8) Compare Products

Some apps and features truly make the online shopping appealing. The 'Compare Products' app is one such that allows customers to add products to a list for comparison. Customers can view the products and compare their features in an elegant table. And it's available for FREE.

Want to add the app to your site?

Download the app here.

9) Acymailing

Keep your regular customers posted about the new offers and deals you throw on your website. The app integrates with Acymailing Newsletter extension, allowing customers to subscribe to your newsletters. You would have the option of auto-subscribing customers to a particular mailing list if they bought certain products.

Download the app here.

10) Mailchimp Integration Basic

The app integrates MailChimp with J2Store and allows your customers to subscribe to MailChimp newsletters automatically. Customers may choose to subscribe to MailChimp newsletters during a purchase at the checkout page.

Returning customers and sales from returning customer play a significant role in every business. Track the paying customers and add them to your MailChimp lists.

Download the app here.

We are glad that we shared the FREE apps that you can find at J2store. Visit our extension store to find more interesting apps that you may want to have on your website.

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