4 Great Ecommerce Apps From J2store That Help Save Time

Who doesn't love shortcuts? A simpler way to order something online, or a faster way to start selling online. This is what both your customers and you want when it comes to doing business online.

That's why here at j2store we focus on creating solutions, that make eCommerce websites function fast and smoothly. This week we thought we'd give you the scoop on some really handy apps that save time for you and your customers while shopping online.

Advanced CSV Import/Export

When you have a lot of similar product with variations on your store, it can be tedious to create the same information again and again for each product. Take for instance you have a French Connection top in black white and grey. They are all of the same cut and model. Each of these tops has two types of neckline available a V-neck and U-neck.

Now if you had to separately create product descriptions, information, and other product specifications for each product, it will be a long tedious process. Instead, with the Advanced CSV app you can create a product and import its information into other similar products. This cuts down on a lot of unnecessary work. With this app, you can import and export product,variants,prices,categories.


Now this particular app is very useful for your customers if they make frequent purchases of the same product. Let's say a customer frequently buys a particular shaving kit from your online store. Now instead of making him search your entire store each time he wants to buy it, you can simply allow him to reorder it.

The reorder feature is a button that is available in the order history of the customer. The customer can easily visit his order history and reorder the same product again.

Social Login

Every online shopper feels this way. They hate being hindered by the long drawn process of signing up or logging in just before ordering something. It also becomes a struggle to remember passwords and user Ids of all the different sites you've signed up with.

That's why Social Login was introduced. Social logins help users sign up in your store through their social login credentials. They can choose to login via their facebook accounts, Twitter or G+ accounts. This way they don't have to go through the cumbersome process of signing up or remembering a million passwords and IDs

CB Profile Sync

As we said earlier, once a customer has decided to buy something from your store, the last thing he wants to do is sign up or keep entering his personal info over and over again. What's more annoying is that he has to keep filling in the same billing details every time he makes a purchase. This destroys his interest to buy stuff from you. And this can affect your sales drastically.

So a way to get around this is to take information from your customer just once. When you have the CB profile Sync app you can get your customer to sign up the first time. After this, all his billing details are stored in the community builder. The next time the customer purchases something from your store, his billing details will automatically appear at checkout. Again this app is a real time saver and makes checkouts fast.

So give yourself and your customers a faster way of doing things in your store. You can download these apps from the links provided. And tell us if they made things easier for you and your customers.

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