5 Ways to Retain Customers and grow your business

When you have an online store that's seeing fairly good sales, you'll want to expand your customer base to generate more revenue. Most businesses would do this by trying to attract new customers by various promotions. This is a good strategy but here's one that has been proved more effective: Retain existing customers, keep them happy.

Having a loyal customer base helps you attract new customers and increase the sales. So how do you keep your customers happy and retain them ? Here's how you can nurture a great relationship with your existing customers.

Consistent communication

Most online businesses don't make the first move. After a sale is made, don't wait for the customer to approach you with a query or a complaint. Instead, reach out via email and ask them if they're happy with the product.

For eg, send your customers an email saying “Hey there we wanted to check up on you to see how you liked the handbag you purchased from us.If you need any information or help regarding your purchase, dont hesitate to let us know.” A friendly email like this can go a long way. It brings customers closer to you and lets them open up and trust your brand.

If you want to know a great app to manage your email lists you can try MailChimp Integration app. You can send different kinds of customers different kinds of emails.

Exceptional Customer Service

The golden rule to business sucess is to provide great customer service. Say you're customer spilled dye over their brand new handbag and they want to know how it can be removed. Now this is a question that doesnt really concern your business. But a brand that cares about customer satisfaction will try to help out by providing solutions.

Send them some tips on how the stain can be removed or help them get in touch with the manufacturers who will know alot about cleaning leather. This kind of extra-special service really wins over customers. They cant help but come back to you.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are a great way to ensure customers keep coming back to you. When it comes to designing a loyalty program, keep it simple like rewarding customers with purchase points. Have a simple points program in place. Say a customer buys a handbag that is $100 and above, reward him with points. Your customer can accumulate his loyalty points over a short period of time and purchase an item that he likes.

Or you can follow Burritos' example. Burritos has a program that rewards customers with a free sandwich or pastry when their purchases are above $50. You can gift your customers a product if their purchase crosses a threshhold value. Loyalty programs encourage customers to keep coming back and using your services.

You can implement a simple and effective loyalty program in your store with Points and Rewards app from J2store.

Find the lost sheep

Alot of the times your online store might be visited by people who sign up/subscribe or make one time purchases and are never seen again. This is a segment of customers you should track down and connect with. Let's say a customer bought a handbag from you but never returned to your store again. Send him a friendly email to remind him of your business.

Your email can go like this. “Hey there, we've noticed you haven't visited our store in a while. Did you love the handbag you bought? If you are facing issues with our product, dont hesitate to get in touch with us. We are here to listen and help out.” An email like this opens communication lines between you and an earlier customer. If there's no response from his end, dont push it. But if he does try to get in touch with you, go all out and be helpful. Listen to any problems he might have faced and try and solve it for him.

Address negative reviews

A lot of the times, customers will leave a bad review for your product or service on your website, or social media pages. Dont panic. Bad product reviews let you know that customers are giving you a chance to resolve the issue. It is a test to check if your business is responsive to problems.

Let's say a customer who purchased a handbag from you complains that it was delivered with a broken clasp. At times like this accept liability for the defective product and address the complaint where it's been posted. Did he post this complaint on your Facebook Page? Then tell him you will offer to exchange the product or refund the entire amount. Let your other customers and followers know that you are willing to take responsibility for the goods you sell.

You can also set up a beautiful comments section on your website with Komento app.

You are sure to grow your customer base if you're able to implement these strategies. So try these out on your business and let us know if they work for you.


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