8 Ways to Create Stellar Product Showcase in your online store

I love browsing different websites looking for cute trendy clothes to add to my wardrobe. And while I find a great number of them that I like, I still dont feel the irresistable urge to buy them immediately. Are the clothes not great? No! But I feel the way they're showcased there really doesn't convince me to buy. I've visited websites with alot of great clothes, but they seem cluttered with too much info/images crammed in, that are distracting. Looking at these websites, really taught me the importance product pages play in the purchase process. Because if you dont have a great product page, chances are you'll attract alot of visitors, but not see any conversions. So, here's what a great product page should have.

Minimalistic Layout

You can use your brand's colour on your website, but your product pages shouldnt be splashed with too much color. Over-crowding your product pages with designs and images is distracting to the viewer. Instead opt for a simple layout that displays a maximum of 3-4 products in a row. On product-specific pages, keep the design to a bare minimum, so the viewer can focus on the item.

Relevant Information

Customers want to know their products thoroughly before buying. For eg, when I buy a dress I want to know what fabric has been used, the dimesions of the dress etc. So its your job to make sure the customer is provided with all the info he needs, so he doesn't think twice about buying. If you're selling shoes online include a size guide with universal strandardized sizes ( like US, Euro size). Give details on shipping and delivery prices accurately. You can go the extra mile and suggest additional products that go with the one your customer is considering buying. Limeroad does this well. When I choose to view a dress, I get to check out footwear, and accessories that compliment it. This is a great way to promote and cross sell your products.

Customer Testimonials

I love websites that give me a reason trust them. The best way you can get new customers to trust you is to let them hear what your existing customers have to say. So dedicate a special section on your product page layout to customer testimonials. Dont panic if you get a bad review for a product. Letting visitors view both good and bad reviews creates a sense of trust. You can also add videos customer testimonials to further encourage confidence in your brand.

J2Store has a great app that allows you to display product reviews beautifully in any page of your website. The Kommento app is perfect to showcase trustworthy customer testimonials

Great Images of your Product

When you're selling online, great visuals are really the best way you can capture your audience's interest. Get great shots of your product in all angles. Focus on the nitty gritties of your product as well. I like it when clothing stores give me images of what the zips or buttons on a piece of clothing look like. It gives me the power to view and judge if the product is worth buying. Also make sure your customers have an option to zoom in on an item and view it closely.

Live Chat

This is a feature all online stores should consider implementing. Live chats are an easy way for your customers to reach out to you. When I encounter a problem, or I want to get a little more info about a product that I like, I want to get my answers immediately. This is how most online users feel. Live chat is an instant way to get support for any problems customers might face. So your customers wont lose interest just because their problems aren't being resolved immediately.

Fast Loading Pages

When I see a product I love, I can't wait to check it out. So you can understand why I get annoyed when product pages don't load quickly enough. Customers are turned off by slow loading pages. So provide fast responsive product pages that load quickly even if you've got to cut down on the design elements. Your customers are more interested in your product so dont keep them waiting.

Catchy Call to Actions

While most websites use the cliched 'Buy/ Add to Cart' CTA button, its more enticing when you remind your customers that they aren't buying something, but taking home their favorite products because they deserve it. Online stores like Madewell and StalkBuyLove create call to actions that are trendy and save their customers from buyer's guilt. StalkBuyLove uses the CTA 'I Need This Now' to encourage a customer to take home a dress she deserves.

Other great ideas you can add to your page

If you've got alot of real-estate remaining on product pages, you can throw in these superb features your customers will love. Introduce a stock meter into each product's page. This is a great way to tell your customers that a product will become unavailable and they should purchase it immediately. Product videos are a personal favourite of mine. Whether Im buying beauty products or outfits, I like viewing the product in action. I like being an informed customer and product videos show me aspects of the product that plain old photos cant.

So,try out these great ideas and let us know how they've worked for you. To create great product pages, download beautiful templates from J2Store right here


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