A Neat Way to Sell Digital Goods on your Ecommerce

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The prolific growth in smartphones, tablets and notebooks, has allowed digital goods to carve a place for themselves in the market. And what better way to sell digital products, than to sell it online? More and more ecommerce sites are becoming mobile responsive and this means a surge in the demand for digital goods. The biggest advantage of these is that they are instantly available. Customers don't have to wait days for delivery after purchasing the product. And as a store owner, you'll have several benefits too. For one thing, you'll have low inventory costs and you'll have unlimited stock to sell. You also wont have to be concerned about shipping and storage costs.

What sells well online?

So whether you're looking to start an ecommerce that is a market place for downloadable goods or create your own digital products to be sold on your website, you'll see the lucrativeness of the idea. If you're trying to figure out what digital products sell well online, here are a list of trending products that see significant number of purchases.


The digitalization of paperback has turned gizmo-freaks into readers. This is an idea you can capitalize on. Don't look to create or sell physical books. Instead create an instantly downloadable ebook that targets a wider audience. You can also sell informative PDFs online.

Digital Music

Digital music has got to thank smartphones for creating a market for it. After all, who doesn't listen to music on their phones/ipod? It's instantly available, easily downloadable and extremely affordable.

Web Components

These are one of the hottest digital products in the market. People are looking to set up websites all the time. So it makes sense to sell them products that help them achieve this. You can sell an assortment of templates or graphics online. You could also sell software solutions, and web services on your website.

Video Tutorials

If you're an expert at something you can monetise it by selling video tutorials online. Let's say you're an expert at baking and you know there are alot of people out there who looking to learn the art. Well, you can create video tutorials on how to bake and sell them on your online store.

Digital Images

If you've got a collection of photos or pictures you've taken, you can sell them online as well. There is a booming market for good images online.

A must-have for your digital product store!

Now that you know exactly what you can sell on your store, you'll be eager to know how to set it up. Remember, a neat attractive online store is the first step to success in ecommerce.  So how do you get an efficient online shop up and running? The answer in one word- J2Store. J2Store is the most effective Joomla Shopping Cart to enhance your ecommerce. From shipping plugins to a range of handy apps we have it all. With our extension you'll have complete control over your online store. You can download for free here and check this out for yourself right here

What's more, you have a range of customizable templates to suit your ecommerce.

So if you're looking to set up an ecommerce for digital goods, our Bookstore template is perfect for you. Compatible with the latest Joomla version, Bookstore comes with 5 different home page layouts and in 9 colors. You can customize the store to sell any digital product you want. Your store will get a neat, clean look with this template. You can also sell physical products using Bookstore.


Want to know more about using this amazing template?  Check out the Bookstore demo right here

J2Store also has an amazing new way for you to sell your digital files securely. Download the Amazon S3 App from and you can sell files straight from the Amazon S3 bucket. This is an extremely secure way to sell files without the risk of it being shared on the internet. The app generates a temporary URL for download. You can set the expiration time for the URL as well. See? Safe and simple!



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