Axis- Subscriptions- The Best Way to Manage Subscriptions In Your Store

A lot of store owners keep asking us “How can we manage customer subscriptions. And how do we bill our customers every month”? This led us to find a simple solution that helps store owners manage subscriptions on their store easily.


Before we jump into the solution we've created, here's what recurring billing is all about.

Let's say you own an online store that sells magazines (physical or downloadable). Your customers love to purchase monthly issues of these magazines. But here's the problem. To make a purchase, your customers have to return to your store every month to keep getting the latest magazine issue.

Now this becomes tedious for them to do. And as a store owner you'll see your sales dip, simply because your customers find it tiring to keep visiting your store each month.


This is why we created Axis Subscriptions. Axis Subscriptions is a Joomla component that helps you bill your customers recurringly without any effort. Here's how it works.

Your customer can subscribe to your services/products by signing up and entering his payment details. Thereafter he can receive your products every month without having to keep visiting your store repeatedly. This also ensures that you keep receiving regular payments without a hitch.


  • Axis Subscriptions lets you create free or paid subscription plans and other kinds of subscription offers for your customer.
  • You can also manage and renew customer subscriptions, view their subscription history easily from the admin dashboard.
  • It also comes with configured tax rates for Zone/country.

Wondering how to start a subscription service in your store? Check out this blog. Download Axis Subscriptions and get going.

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