Combat Bad Customer Reviews And Transform Them Into Customer Success Stories

Reviews are a great way to get customers to speak up about your products. They won't always be positive about it which is why we are teaching you some tricks to transform complaints into a great experience. (Read some cool ways to creating a unique store experience for customers with J2Store).

Here's why bad reviews aren't a bad thing.

  • Letting other users view bad reviews for a particular product can actually get them to trust positive reviews more. They know you're being honest with them.
  • Bad reviews generate publicity. So while the publicity might be negative, your audience actually is getting to know about you and you are definitely not “hidden”.
  • Reviews whether bad or good are a sign of customer engagement. They let you interact with customers personally. And that is a huge plus point. Learn about other ways to engage customers on your site

Now, J2Store offers some cool review apps and extensions that are available in our app store.

1) Be open and address the customer on social media and in your review section.

Let all your other customers see you taking charge of a complaint and trying to resolve it. Be polite and stick to facts. “We are sorry for your problem” is cliched and is now downright frustrating. Instead, say “Hey Customer1. Sorry that you're having an issue with a broken product”.

  • Address the problem particularly. “I know you must be disappointed, but my team and I are right on it and will get you a replacement in no time. We will also be contacting you personally to better understand your issue.”
  • It's time that phrases like “we are looking into it” “the inconvenience caused is regretted', are scrapped. They seem too template-like and will make your customer more angry and unreasonable to talk with.

2) Respond quickly and be prompt

Never let a bad review fester away on your site for long. The review won't go away but there's a good chance future customer might. The ideal solution would be to reply to the comment within a few hours. It's better that you shift the complaint addressing process to a personal form of communication via email or phone.

  • You can go like this “ Hey Joe! I just saw your comment. Sorry that your product wasn't delivered the way you expected it to. But I'm here to make sure you get what you ask for. I will personally call you and we can resolve this problem for you quickly. It'll be great if you can leave me with your email and phone number and a time when we can talk”.

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3) Work for a second chance

Most customers leave and never return when they've had a bad experience. So you've got work to keep these customers. Customer retention is an important strategy that helps you find loyal followers and expands your fanbase. ( Learn some great customer retention strategies).

  • You should also keep customers who have had a genuinely bad experience happy with gift vouchers that encourage them to come back to your store and shop. J2Store's gift voucher app is great for this.

These 3 tricks will help you turn customer complaints into rave reviews. Great customer service is not about caving in and doing everything you customers asks. It is about creating a personalized solution for a user, facing genuine issues with your business.

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