Geozone based shipping methods & more features on J2Store 2.6.0

We are happy to announce the immediate availability of J2Store 2.6.0 with the Geozone based shipping methods. it also fixed a number of bugs and introduced more enhancements.


Shipping Methods

 Six standard shipping methods are included in the core version

1. Weigh- based  shipping per order

2. Weight-based shipping per item

3. Flat-rate shipping per item

4. Price-based shipping per order

5. Quantity-based shipping per order

6. Fla- rate shipping per order

If all the above methodsa are assigned to Geozones, the customers will be able to choose a method during the checkout.

It means, you can offer multiple geozone based shipping methods to your customers.

We have introduced a shipping plugin structure. So it is possible in future to add more shipping plugins to fetch automatic rates based on weight, length, width and height of your products from shipping service providers like USPS, DHL, FedEx, Canada Post, Australia Post, UPS, etc... we shall be coming up with more shipping plugins for these providers very soon.

Catalogue Mode

Now you can set the J2Store in catalogue mode that helps you display the product price without turning on the cart button. The catalogue mode can be enabled in J2Store->Options

Live Update

One click live update function is now available for the free version users too. Updates will be notified immediately and users can update with a single click

Continue Shopping Button

Now you can show a 'Continue Shopping' button in the cart view. You can assign a default category that holds the products in Store Profile (J2Store admin panel->Setup->Storeprofiles). The button will take the customers to the category selected

Plugin Short Code/tag

Many J2Store users finding it difficult to add the cart button via a plugin code. Now, you can find the right plugin tag in the J2Store tab in the Article editing view itself.

Editable cart button text

Now you can set the text of the cart button. The default is Add to cart. You can however change this to something like Book Now in the J2Store tab in Article edit view.

Features introduced in 2.5/2.6 series

- Coupon code

- Stock control

- Quantity based discounts

- More attribute types: Text, textarea, checkbox, date, time, datetime.

- Itemised order report

- Geozone based tax

- Global product options

- Order statistics in dashboard

- Improved one-page checkout. Inspired by OpenCart.

- Responsive design for cart layout

- Improved guest checkout

- Address fields now take Company Name and Tax number/ID

- Improved dashboard design

- Introduced namespaced bootstrap for J 2.5

- Priority support from developers

- Get developers to troubleshoot your site. Save your time

Bug Fixes

- Fixed all strict standard notices and warnings

- Fixed terms and conditions display issue. J2Store now uses a Bootstrap modal to show terms and conditions

- Fixed missing guest order view function in order controller

- Renamed the tax class to J2StoreTax so that it does not conflict with other extension libraries.

- Post code in billing and shipping address is made mandatory.

- Fixed the display of zero tax, shipping and discount values in order detail and print views

- Fixed JSON error checking utility. Now it works even if the user tries from a PHP 5.2 environment

- Fixed z-index bug in the add to cart popup

- Added switch to turn on/off jquery library

- Added name spaced, no-conflict javascript file

- Renamed all view classes to use lower-case due to a feature (Bug?) introduced in Joomla 3.1.4

- Fixed the removal of product option values


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