Google shopping and what it means for your business

The first thing you need to know about Google Shopping, is the transition it has made from being a mere comparison chart, to a CPC model. While this hasn't been implemented completely, the transformation is underway and will be going live soon.

So the big question you're probably asking is, what can Google Shopping do for your online business? The answer in one word- exposure. Google Shopping is going to be one of the best avenues for you to advertise your business and acquire relevant traffic.

Let's see how this can happen. A majority of your customers aren't particular as to where they buy their products from. The only thing on their mind when they shop, is to get what they want, easily, effciently and cost-effectively. So if they're looking to purchase a mobile phone online, the first thing they'do is perform a broad search on Google. And voila! Google will display a range of mobile phones from different online stores. The catch here for you, is to throw Adwords into the mix to get your business in the spotlight. So you will need to set aside a generous budget to spend on an Adwords campaign. You could just spend on an Adwords campaign, so you can target the desired keywords. But the effectiveness of this strategy is limited. Adword campaigns are textual in nature, whereas Google shopping ads are visual. You'll get a chance to post a picture of the product, pricing, and your company name on the ad. So if you really want to improve the odds for conversions, you'll need to use a blend of G-shopping ads and Adwords, so you can target keywords as well.

Another feature you need to be aware of is that Google plans to introduce a 'Buy' button right under each ad. This feature benefits the online user greatly. The user is provided with a comparitive chart of a particular product. He can then opt to buy a product from a particular website by clicking on the 'buy' button. He'll be then taken to the merchant's product page where he can complete the purchase, or continue to browse a specific store.

Optimising your Google Shopping Ads for better conversions

1.Get good shots of your product against a clean background to let your customers view your product easily.

2.Assign Campaign Priorities with Google Shopping. Google Shopping allows you to set priorities for your products. You can set a higher priority for hot products that sell well to get better viewership.

3.Keep updating your product listing with accurate information. Dont let stale info remain on the ad.

4.Identify when your ad produces the best response from users. Google shopping allows you to to set a time and day when your ads conjure better results for you.

The benefits are limitless when it comes to using Google Shopping. You'll just need to get the hang of it for it to generate great results.

You can submit your products to the Google Product Feed with this app from J2Store.

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