Guiding Customers back to Abandoned Shopping Carts

Shopping cart abandonment is a constant source of worry to online businesses. It's frustrating to witness customers fill their carts to the brim and then not make the final purchase. If you're store is seeing a high rate of abandoned shopping carts, its time to reevaluate your strategy.

Here are some of the ways you can reduce shopping cart abandonment on your website.

Being clear with the overall costs

One of the main reasons customers abandon their shopping carts, is because of the additional charges that are added at the time of checkout. Think about it. The customer only considers buying a product when it fits his budget well. Adding extra charges during the final stage of the buying journey makes the customer feel like he's being ripped off. You can remedy the situation by being upfront about the additional charges. Offer a cost calculator on your site that gives customers the idea of how much the product will cost finally. Your customers are sure to appreciate the transparency in your store's pricing policy.

Retarget and offer discounts

If your customer almost bought a floral print dress a while ago, but then changed her mind, dont let her forget it. Target the web and post ads of all the floral print dresses she can get at your store. You can improve the chances of her buying the dress if you throw in a discount. This way you'll ensure better conversion rates and keep your customers coming back for more.

Enticing customers with limited period offers

Notice a customer adding products to his cart? Dont give him a chance to slip away right after that. Instead send your customer attractive limited period discounts. And when we say limited period, we mean make your discounts a race against time. Discounts that end within the next 10-15 minutes will stimulate your customer to make the purchase. Your customers are sure to grab all they can before time runs out.

Write compelling emails to remind customers

Another way of making sure your customers return to your store and complete the purchase, is to create great emails. Create emails with compelling content and visuals that drive your customers to your store. Throw in attention grabbing subjectline so your customers dont overlook your mail. Let your customer know he can contact you if he needs help. You can also offer to reserve shopping cart items for your customers for a limited period. This will encourage customers to complete the buying journey soon.

Reducing shipping costs

Cutting down on shipping costs is a little tricky to achieve. After all you want your business to be lucrative. If you can manage to provide free shipping, try it out on a few products. You can also adjust the minimum order value and see how that works with your customers. You can recover the shipping costs by increasing the price of the products.

Try these tips out on your store and let us know if they work well for you.

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