How to choose a Shopping Cart for your Joomla website

Choosing the right ecommerce shopping cart for your about-to-be launched online business, is one of the biggest technical decisions you'll make. You'll need to objectively choose your online shopping cart based not just on the technical needs it serves but on the marketing needs as well. Alot of businesses leave the responsibility of choosing it to the web design agency. Web design agencies might choose the best shopping cart, but it might not suit your business requirements. Since you know your business thoroughly, you should be able to make an informed choice

Here's are some handy tips on selecting the right shopping cart software for your ecommerce website.

Step 1: Chalk out what elements your store needs

Your store needs more than just an 'add to cart' button and a 'check out' page. You'll know the essentials like payment and shipping plugins that are mandatory for any store. But you'll also have to dig in deeper to see what functionalities you can add to your store, to make it more attractive and user friendy. You will also need tools that can help you increase the conversion.

You may want to add a wishlist to your store so your customer can save up items he likes for later purchase. Or you might want more advanced store functionality- say an option that accepts incoming orders only during open hours and rejects orders after your store has closed. The right online shopping cart will help you address your store's needs.

Step 2: Prioritize the listed elements.

Now that you know what you want on your store, you need to classify them into actual necessties and good investements that are not an immediate need. Take each element on your list and see where it fits into these four categories- i) absolute need ii) important iii) handy feature but not immediate necessity and iv) Unimportant.

For example, discount coupon codes, vouchers are very important tools for any online store or ecommerce website. Because these promotional tools will get you more customers and more conversions, there by more revenue.

Classifying your list this way helps you understand what your store's immediate necessity is.This way you can also allocate your budget so you dont spend too much on apps/extensions that aren't really necessary.

Step 3: Jot down what events you want to be notified by your online store

Let's say you're running low on stock for an item, you need your shopping cart to notify you of it. So jot down any kind of event you want to be notified of. Maybe you want to be notified when a new subscriber is added to your maillist. Events like these are key to helping you enhance your marketing strategy. So make a clear list of these for your store.

Step 4: Ecommerce Shopping Cart Assessment

You can now begin to look for different online shopping carts. Check out which shopping carts give you everything or atleast most of what you're looking for. Understand which one makes it easier for you to create and manage your online business. Does the ecommerce shopping cart help you manage your stock easily? Does it allow you to integrate email extensions, so you can send newsletters to your customer? Does it support popular payment and shipping plugins? Find out what each shopping cart does, how easy it is to use and make an informed decision.

Peruse through reliable reviews to see how good the after support is. Then choose the shopping cart that suits your requirements.

Step 5: Try before start using a shopping cart

Now you have almost chosen a shopping cart. It is time now to get a hands on experience. Try it. That is the best way to choose a right ecommerce solution for you. Most shopping carts including J2Store provide free version. Try them in the demo store fronts provided by the developers. Or download the free copy and try it your self.

With J2Store, you can try both the backend and store frontend demos

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