How to choose a website template

When you build an online website, you'll want to get a fabulous showcase that helps your product stand out. But what happens when you have a limited budget and you still want to have a great store? You'll opt for pre-designed professional website templates. A ready made template for website that can be customised to an extent to suit your needs. The great thing about choosing Joomla as your CMS, is that it comes with a great number of free templates you can choose from.

So when you're spoilt for choice with number of premium website templates out there, you can use these tips on how to choose the right one for your business.

Determine what kind of website you want

Do you want simple design templates for your website, to create and archive a series of blog posts for users? Or do you want a professional website template for an ecommerce, with thousands of webpage templates for products and information? Zero in on what kind of site template will suit the purpose of your store. Check out if the web template can manage whatever you're going to put up on your store.

For eg, if you want a website to display a portfolio of photos or images, you need to choose a premium template that can accommodate large, clear images on its design. You can also check out what kind of a design template your competitors have opted for. This way you'll know what you website needs.

Determine the kind of Layout you're looking for

How many sidebars do you want or what kind of module do you want to fit in to your website layout. Chalk out a rough sketch of where you want to place things. Choose where you want to place images. Make space on the site where you'll want important info to be displayed. Most importantly see what home page templates and landing page layout suits you perfectly. Look for design templates that can be customised to your layout sketch. But make sure that you choose one that doesn't involve you making too many changes.

Does it Fit your Budget

The reason you're opting for web site templates is to reduce your budget constraints. So you need to choose them carefully according to their pricing policies. Template clubs offer different pricing policies. So you need to compare and choose which works well for you.

When you subscribe to template clubs, check out how many new website templates you'll have access to, what their support is like or how frequent their upgrades are. You can choose subscription packages accordingly. You'll also need to check out if the web template comes with the built-in functionalities you need or if you're going to have to spend extra on extensions.

How good is the after support

Check out the support privileges offered after purchase. Can you contact the seller easily to help you set up? Do they have the expertise to help you get your store together? It would be great if you can choose template clubs that offer instant support like live chats, so you dont waste time trying to get your problem solved.

Is it Search engine friendly?

Make sure the site template you choose, is search engine friendly. You definitely dont want to waste time trying to optimise for search engine visibility. Dig into the SEO features of the template. Check out how the title tags, and headers fit into the code.

So now that you know what you'll have to look for when choosing a template for your Joomla wesbite, take a look at these design templates that match your needs perfectly.

Check out Creativ - a sophisticated but easy to use template that's ideal, for an online clothing store, or an online restaurant. Clean, uncluttered and stylish, it is everything you want for your store.

You could also try out Hipster a beautiful template that comes with great features.

You can also check out our range of beautiful templates in the Template Section that you are sure to fall in love with

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