How to Get Customers to Purchase Impulsively with J2Store.

There's a reason why brick and mortar stores still see a considerable number of customers making frequent purchases. This is because physical stores can allow customers to recognize product needs they're not aware of, actually, test out the product and buy it immediately. A complete shopping experience like this is why a lot of customers purchase some products the moment they've seen and tried them out.

Since eCommerce is a virtual shopping experience it lacks the ability to test out, and buy items off the shelf. As a result, customers take a long time to decide whether a purchase should be made or not. Paco Underhill who authored “The Science of Shopping” says that two-thirds of shopping revenue come from impulse purchases. So getting your customers to buy impulsively is important to boosting your sales.

That's why we created a list of strategies you can implement to get customers to buy impulsively.

Create an image focused catalog

Since your customer can't physically experience the product, you need to engage him visually. Create product catalogs with clear attractive images. You need to allow the customer to inspect your products thoroughly with large high-quality images.

This way the customer feels like he's able to understand the product better. Allowing your customer to zoom in on your product or to view it in a large pop-up window can help him get a better idea of the item and nudge him to buy it.

J2Store's latest 'Image Popup' app can help you give customers a better look at the product. They can view it in an image focused popup window. Your customers can also zoom in on the product for a closer look, view different angles of the item in a slide show and share the image on social media.

Provide a payment on delivery option

An impulsive shopper is quick at looking at your product, realizing he needs it, adding to his cart and checking out. The snag is when he reached the payment page. This is where he might reevaluate if he actually needs the item or not. Payments online can be intimidating as it is upfront and the shopper has to pay first to receive the product. This is why introducing a cash-on-delivery option removes the burden of an upfront payment. The customer can order the item and pay for it when it is finally delivered.

J2Store allows you to easily implement a cash on delivery option in your store. .It is easy to set up and manage. Watch this short clip on how to set up COD option for your business.

Set up one rate for shipping

Expensive shipping is another factor that discourages customers from buying immediately. Implementing a uniform shipping rate across your store can prevent this. You can set up a flat shipping rate for all products within your store. Or you can assign shipping rates for different categories.

J2Store allows you to implement any kind of shipping option in your store. You can set up a flat shipping charge across your store. The latest Category based shipping app is also something you should get if you want to set different shipping rates for different product categories.

Create a simple Rewards Program

Impulsive shoppers who purchased from you before are easier targets to market products to. And the simplest way to ensure they keep buying fro your store is by introducing a reward system. A simple loyalty program that rewards customers for each purchase made acts as an incentive to buy more. This makes customers recognize more of their needs and begin to purchase more.

J2Store's Points and Rewards app helps you create a simple and easy to manage loyalty program in your store. You can easily set up a system where customers earn points to avail discounts on future purchases.

These strategies are a great way to nudge your customers into making quick purchases without waiting around for too long. They also create a better shopping experience that makes customers feel they've made the right choice in buying your product.

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