How to sell things online

With the number of online customers growing everyday, businesses want to go online to conquer a larger share of the market. Setting up an online selling site is quite simple if you know where to start. However if you're a newbie hoping to sell stuff online here's how you go about it.

Choosing a Domain Name & Hosting service

The first step to selling online is to choose the right domain name. This is how visitors will search for you and find you. So keep the domain name short, with simple spellings. If you can manage it, try to include your chief keyword into the domain name, for the seo benefits. If you're a local business, try adding the business location to the domain name

Eg: will have better seo benefits than just

We recommend that you dont opt for free web hosting. There's usually limitations with the processing power and RAM. If you have a large website to manage and a generous budget, you can go in for a dedicated server, that gives you high speed options. If this isnt the case you can do research on good hosting providers that give good after support and add-ons.

Choosing a CMS

Once you've christened your website, you'll want a system for content management.

There are a number of CMSs out there, but you'll most probably go in for one of the 3 open source giants- Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal. Choosing your CMS depends on what kind of store you want to launch. Are you just looking to open up a blog or start a large multipage ecommerce website? Joomla is a great platform that can handle both these options. Its userfriendly and you have responsive community forums to address your problems.

Choose a shopping cart

Choose your shopping cart according to the type of business. If you dont have a budget for a customised store design, opt for shopping carts that give you great templates that you can use. Check out what kind of apps and extensions they provide for better functionality. Can you integrate a newsletter extension into it? How many payment gateways does it support?

What kind of after support do they provide? These are some critical questions your shopping cart should provide the answer to.

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Choosing the right apps for your store

Make a list of what functionality you think you store should have. Do you want your users to be able to save up stuff they like for later? Or do you want to implement a loyalty program in the store? Jot down whetever you need to for your store. Prioritize them to check which features are an immediate urgency, and which ones your store can do without.

Once you've got these in place you can begin to sell products online.

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