Introducing Flippo, the free Social Proof Platform that will Boost Your Online Sales!

Here at J2Store we constantly work on providing our customers the very best extensions and integrations available in the eCommerce world. We do that so we can help you guys develop the best and most selling eCommerce websites possible.

So, after bringing you guys the QuickBooks integration and the Subscriptions & Memberships component, here is our latest and most exciting integration for you guys!

Leverage Social Proof to Boost Your eCommerce Website Sales.

Meet Flippo, a user-generated content (UGC) system that integrates into your eCommerce website. Flippo automatically tracks, manages, and populates a real-time data feed of reviews, opinions, recommendations, interactions, QNA and social mentions. All of this is displayed in a beautiful and easy to use interface, right on your product pages. Flippo generates immense social proof and trust, ultimately helping you increase your online sales.

By using super-fast algorithms, Flippo facilitates a direct interaction between your existing customers, reviewers, and prospect buyers. This means other people are essentially convincing your visitors to buy from you. They do so by providing trustworthy and reliable information about your products, in the forms of reviews, valuable answers to questions, pictures and videos of people using the product in everyday life, and more. And the best part of it – It’s all completely automated!

From our experience, about 65% today’s online shoppers are leaving websites in search for other users’ reliable information, usually via social media and search engines. A lot of them will not come back to the store, which means a big loss of revenue. With Flippo’s on-page research tool, your visitors no longer need to leave your website. Flippo’s all-in-one user generated content makes sure the visitors stay on page by delivering all the information they need in a quick and organized fashion. As a result, this reduces bounce rate, increases the average time a user spends on the site and boost the overall conversion rate, which means – more sales.

flippo with ecommerce

Make Your eCommerce Website Gain the Trust of Your Audience.

What's also great about Flippo is that it offers fast and instant results. User generated content is a proven trust builder between your website and new visitors. One of the main factors preventing shoppers from buying online is their lack familiarity with the seller or the product being presented. Social Proof content, particularly generated by verified buyers, is the best way to increase trust. Flippo does that by leveraging such Social Proof content which is generated by your previous buyers, visitors and social media users.

The benefits of Flippo don’t stop there: all of the UGC content generated by Flippo is 100% visible and accessible to search engine. Search engines love dynamic content, and with the help of Flippo, your website will quickly improve its SEO rankings, organic search traffic. Flippo enhances the way your product pages are being displayed in the search engine results page, thus increasing CTR (Click through rate) as well.

Flippo does something else that's pretty cool: it keeps track of your online sales and automatically sends emails to your customers, in order to generate reviews. These emails are scheduled with a delay you can choose, so that they arrive soon after the buyers have received their products and are excited by them. Based on our experience, this is likely to dramatically increase the review generation rate compared other services available. For most websites, the review generation rate has increased 10 fold, or more.

Here's what you can expect from Flippo:

  1. Increase in sales
  2. Increase in search engine rankings (SEO)
  3. Increase in traffic

Starting 1/08/17, J2Store and Flippo integration will be built-in to any J2Store installation, and will be available to anyone who updates to the latest version. Then, it can be enabled with a click. To those of you eager to start using Flippo right away, we’ve created an integration plugin for J2Store and Flippo that can be downloaded directly from Flippo after signing up, for free, to their service.

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