Is Affiliate Marketing Still Alive?

When I first started writing about e-commerce in the year 2006, Affiliate Marketing was a buzz word of the field. SEO and Affiliate marketing have been ruling the world of e-commerce for more than a decade. I always wondered if this thing is going to be a long-lasting fashion in the online world.

Time rolls on. Advancements add to the technology every day. Consumer behaviour has evolved and so do the marketing styles and trends. However, affiliate marketing and SEO are still in the discussion and practice in well-improvised forms and fashion.

As soon as Google has changed and updated their Algorithm, the affiliate marketing did see a great pitfall overnight. The marketers experienced a dramatic drop in their income within a day. However, those who affected were those that played smart to outsmart the search engines, no dispute about that. Google didn't make the change all of a sudden. E-commerce world was well informed before they made a big leap in the search industry. Coming back to how did the changes made in Google Algorithm affected the Affiliate marketing industry: it's because of an apparent reason that this industry has been long associated with the poor quality website,thin content and over-stuffed advertising. The websites were over-flowing with advertisements and contents of very less relevance to the business.

Okay, did it actually affect the practice of the marketing method among businesses? It's a big No. Advertisers may overlook affiliate marketing. It may hold a low profile when compared to SEO, email campaigns and other online marketing methods that attract the online retailers attention, but it's still believed to be one of the most significant marketing strategies of online retailers.

How to Keep Affiliate Marketing Alive?

Ever since it came into existence, affiliate marketing sees an enormous evolution, and it has reached the maximum wideness and largeness already. And this year and the following year are not going to change anything but add to its growth. With emerging cross-channel frontiers, the businesses strive hard to achieve attribution to stay ahead of their competitors. Well, though attribution is the most sophisticated and hottest topic in the e-commerce industry,today, marketers are growing smart to work towards understanding the complexities does it hold.

E-commerce doesn't evolve within itself. Leveraging the key resources, the industries evaluate the potentiality of the counterparts not to outgrow them but sign a partnership with. Businesses started keeping their attribution values and practises transparent. Customers are made aware that their shopping behaviours are being valued. Maintaining transparency and very fresh content about the business is another honest trait to make things work better than before.

Affiliate marketing is not about making money overnight. It's all about relevance and reason. There are a non-profit organization and non-traditional industries signing affiliate partnership with business fronts to raise fund towards a social cause. People may look busy. People may seem very materialistic. But they stop and understand the value of human needs and problems. The charity has not died altogether. Signing partnership with non-traditional affiliates not only helps the business grow, but also it gives better recognition. It's a genuine way to create a strong impression in the customer's mind. Shoppers who support the cause, support the business as well.

With mobile commerce growing in a faster pace, the markers have to focus on updating their platform to catch up the growth. In this app-driven world, having an affiliate mobile apps for merchants is the wisest way to hold a foot on the ground. Mobile-friendliness takes the marketing success to the next level paving the way to new and unique partnerships.

As the cross-channel frontier has thrown a complex challenge to marketers to comprehend the various advertising formula and rules used, businesses that sign a partnership with others should evaluate the expertise the partners promised to have. The marketing practice that follows quality content, transparency, junk-less pages, originality, and high-value for customer needs will sure to see success no matter how overlooked this method of internet marketing is.

Affiliate marketing might have made businesses million and the ordinary people the millionaires. Gone are the day that allowed anyone to make money being an affiliate. The quality is not only judged by the quality content and quality websites of the affiliates but also the quality products they have. Unless an affiliate marketer has a thorough knowledge about the types of products the merchant sells, it's again a poor practice that assures no consistent revenue. The honest affiliate is supposed to have a proper idea about the quality and range of products they market. The relevance is the most important factor that Google expects a business to have to be noticed.

I found a quote that says, “the beauty of the affiliate marketing is that you do not have to invest time and effort to create a product.” The marketer has to have the same kind of passion and commitment the creator had while creating the product, to market the same effectively. Only then, the beauty of affiliate marketing is made meaningful.

Not all business succeeded in yielding a place in customer's heart. The websites with relevance, transparency, and customer-friendliness do carve a niche. Most importantly, never allow a low profile affiliate to damage the reputation the brand has earned all these years. Affiliate marketing is not an add-on service. Vendors cannot market their business all by themselves all the time, but they can do the groundwork to know about the agency they are going to engage. Marketing keeps the business alive. Affiliate marketing is still a big league in the field of marketing. Utilize the best of the things technological advancement has thrown at you. The future of affiliate marketing seems to be unlimited. It sure will continue to grow. The better people, and better technologies are coming up. Count on it with hope and trust. Never underestimate the power of marketing media you choose. Your business instincts will never fail you. All it takes is some extra time and planning to find the right one among the zillion. (Laughs – No pun intended). Good luck.








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