Social Commerce and Social Buy Buttons


The world has shrunk down to the size of a smartphone, no dispute about that. The kind of exposure that digital age encounters are scarily faster than light. It goes like an invention a second. Do they invent and create with a single brain? Is it only me who think of having more than one brain to understand every new leap of digital advancements the industry sees? It's a cliched statement to say that everyone and his dog has a Facebook account. But the way the social media evolve is a new topic of discussion every day. Social Media influence not only brought an extensive exposure to e-commerce companies, but also to the e-shoppers. Social commerce came into existence a decade ago, but it's blooming bigger only lately. Let's dig a little deeper into the idea of how social business is thriving into unimaginably a bigger platform.


Social Commerce


The name says it all. Electronic commerce that involves the influence of social media among the e-shoppers and using social networking websites to do e-commerce transaction is called social business. E-commerce companies make the best use of the social media to establish their brands in the users' mind.


Social Media & Marketing


The e-commerce companies come up with a set of ingenious plans to generate sales pacing up with the evolving marketing platforms. The social platform is more than a place of digital connectedness now. E-commerce businesses took over the social media space and started marketing their products anywhere possible. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitters and other popular social media websites are turning into shopping decision-making place gradually. Based on the interests of the users, the brands engage the customers in discussing, referring, rating, reviewing, and now buying their products. In short, these media harness the e-shopping behaviour of the people they follow.


Social Buy Button


What a sensation does this Buy Button created lately! Pinterest started it announcing that they are going to add buyable pins on their pages. Ever since the announcement made by Pinterest, other popular social media websites turned restless as well. Facebook badly wanted to share the glory by adding buyable button on their pages. When Pinterest announced about their Buy button, this Indian website called crossed my mind. This news didn't sound new to me, though.


I was wondering, isn't Facebook a bit complicated and too-much-going-on kind of place? Pinterest made an explicit decision to add those bunny buttons, I must say. After all, buying the pinned items is kind of some dream, to me. (There are thousands of products I have pinned to my page till date.) Personals apart, as Facebook jumps on to a decision to test buy buttons on their featured pages and announced that they are going to expand shoppable sponsored ads soon, a year ago, it's a definite sense of decision to take it slow. After all, buy buttons won't generate anything much bigger compared to the profit the ad business they have it ON right now. It's a walk and chew gum for the big fat Facebook apparently.


Though it's a month old story with iPhone users and Ipad users enjoying the buyable pins on Pinterest, Apple has come out with a swapping news that they introduce buying options on merchants web sites like Amazon. But I have had a doubt – all e-commerce stores are building their sites with maximum responsiveness to adapt to any size or kind of device a customer uses, but how on earth Apple was not owning a website that supports a mobile buy? So, it's like Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and other popular biggies are getting obsessed with the Bite-able Buy buttons, and now it's time for other e-commerce big, medium, and the aspire-to-run-in-the-race businesses to wear their thinking cap at the earliest. If this is the pace things take to move, very soon the world will shrink to a size smaller than ever.


Gearing up for Changes


Though all popular websites are still seeing the hype-creating buy button very challenging till date, it's nothing harmful to put some extra thinking to act at ease when things move to everybody's easy access. Having a sponsored page, and buy button for a products on all so-famous-so-big social media is a big leap a business could take to see success, but at the same time, it involves a lot of complications.


On moving to the next pace of marketing, the businesses expand not only their market space but also their inventory. They address an audience of the world. Also, it's going to take a hella lot of cross-activities such as sale, transactions, order management, and inventory updation. To give the buyers the relaxed cool buying seat, as always, now retailers have to toil their mind as hard as possible to make it happen. Sharing transactional privilege with social media platforms may sound easy, but it takes so much of hard work to operate agilely all the time.


So, it sounds like tremendous amount of work as it involves maintaining direct-shopping, website-shopping, app-shopping, and social buying by the customers from all over the world at the same time. Cross-updating of inventory over all the places, I guess, will be simpler than we think in the future. The changes in the affiliate traffic of social media will demand mind-blogging bag of marketing tricks from the e-commerce businesses in the future.

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