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Its National Caramel Day today and for all pastry lovers out there, its the perfect excuse to binge on a delicious Caramel Cream Cake. So if you're a skilled baker with a treasured collection of cake recipes, you've probably considered monetizing your hobby. You'll want to set up a charming little cake shop that mints money. While the fantasy is definitely good, reality is a little more harsh. For one thing, you need to target your audience and expand your reach.

While you can begin your business with off-line practices( distributing menu cards and pastry samples), the best way for your business to make actual progress is to take it online. Ecommerce can fetch you more customers and establish your brand for you.We have covered it all with perfect mixture of ingredients and as a perfectly baked-cake. J2store Shopping Cart comes with integrations to handle most of your store works, Placing an order, Notification to store owner, Collect payments & send invoice. Connect and share with your customers social.

It is also less expensive to maintain when compared to a brick and mortar store. So the only thing you'll need to focus on, is setting up an efficient online store and delivering good quality merchandise. For a successful ecommerce you need good Shopping Cart and templates to run it smoothly. Setting up an online store using J2Store is easy and you should consider going in for it.

It's easy to setup and you have enough support on community forums to help you through the process. One of the main perks of using J2Store is that it is less time consuming and extremely simple. You'll have your online store even before your cake is ready!

J2Store also has a wide range of customizable templates to suit from Restaurants, Coffee Shops  & Bakery. It’s no use of putting up pretty cakes on a drab online shop. J2store has a variety of templates to set up an attractive online cake store.

IT Restaurant

IT Restaurant 3

IT Restaurant Template might be a good option to consider for your bakery.

It's simple, customizable and mobile friendly. You can also set a slideshow header image for each page.


Foodify J2store Ecommerce Template

Another fancy template for your bakery ecommerce is Foodify. It is modern, clean and adds a sense of style to your bakery.

In addition to this it is also mobile responsive and comes with 5 preset colors. You could also try 


Restaurant Template J2Store 1

Our sophisticatedly designed Restaurant template from theme parrot.

Restaurant is a responsive Joomla ecommerce template. It is a highly optimised mobile friendly Joomla template powered by the T3 Framework.

A tour of our demo store here is sure to convince you of why your business needs J2Store.

With these templates and features you'll have an attractive store in no time.

Our support team is always here to help with the technical aspects anytime. We are dedicated to helping you sell more cakes.Enjoy your #NationalCaramelDay, A sweet 25% off on J2StorePro 6month plan #CouponCode: CaramelDay


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