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Watch Out for the 5 Emerging Ecommerce Trends of 2016

Curiosity is the mother of invention; necessity is not alone in this, though. However, the curiosity of the tech-heads prompt them to invent and others to develop strong desire to know about the new things on the way. I am falling into the second category, and I guess I am not alone in this anyways.

As the days roll on, December was about to end, I was curious to know how accurate were those predictions we kept forth 12 months ago. I looked back at the list of trends we were concentration on then. As a matter of fact, the guesses and predictions didn't fail at all. The world of information technology and computer science grow faster than ever, and inventions and trends are set every hour, every day.

At this time of the year, I would like to take my mind for a small ride for a short span of musing to think of the emerging trends that may lead us for a journey of inventions and new practices this year.

Every move and every change in e-commerce practices and trends focus on providing better customer experience. How better? This simple question opens the door for the newer ideas, thus, the future of e-commerce unfolds. We discussed how mobile commerce would hugely dominate the e-commerce world in 2015, and it was pretty evident that it did. Hence, it's apparent that this year, changes and advancements are going to be around mobile-commerce majorly. Let's delve into the critical areas where we may expect the newness as well as improvisation.

Mobile Wallet Is Gaining Popularity

Mobile wallet, though already exists, is gaining popularity as it makes shopping easy. It saves much time. However, sadly only a very few customers around the world understood the formula behind as it sounded complicated in the beginning. The increase in the use of smartphones and mobile apps increased the awareness of existence of such mobile apps . From shopping for consumables to booking a cab, the mobile wallet app helps the customer experience a hassle free payment process for shopping and other activities. Everything sounds simple and old, but what's needed at this time of the year is working on resolving the technical hurdles and issues in geographical reaches.

The users with progressive mindset find it easy, but to take this new trend to the users of all types, it is essential to push them forward to break their conventional practice of cash payment systems. Better infrastructure and seamless support service are all it takes to spread the trend to a wider set of users.
Let's wait and see how fast the reach of this new trend and how bigger it's gonna get in the coming days.

Subscribe-&-Save and Predictable Sales

Amazon is the pioneer of such new ideas most of the time. When they brought in Dash Button, it sounded like a big joke, but it worked seriously high across the market. Customers found it handy and simple. It saved their time. The 'subscribe of save' option Amazon promoted is another mark in the industry they created. It's gonna trend as well, no doubt.

The popular brands found a new way to generate predictable sales offering subscriptions for their customers that promise monthly/weekly deliveries of their products for a decent percentage of discount every month. It's time to take a journey on this route to work on generating sales as well as retaining customers. It increases customers' lifetime value as well.

Mushrooming Lending Startups

EMI payment option is an already existing e-commerce practice across the world which had a slow progression in the adoption rate, but gaining momentum slowly and steadily lately. Moreover, now, Lending Startups are mushrooming around. It's a revolution in lending, in fact. One's smartphone decides their eligibility borrow money, and that makes things interesting.

The sole purpose is the encourage the younger generation to expand its shopping access to bring their dreams to reality. They are given an opportunity to take out a loan and pay off in the specified time frame. Therefore, lending platforms are another trend coming into e-commerce world to make a refashion the buying options.

Growing F-Commerce and Social-Commerce

Facebook and Twitter already set a Buy button trend a year ago. Now Facebook is working on reaching out to more customers through their Facebook messenger with more shopping opportunities. The Facebook Messenger for business was introduced to facilitate merchants to provide support to their clients bypassing the traditional e-mail supports in the real-time. Though this platform was introduced during the first quarter of the previous year, the time propelled the industry to use it to the fullest extent.

So social-commerce is another area that is emerging as an unbelievably advanced platform to reach out to customers' shopping needs. It's time to put some extra thoughts into this area to catch up with the pace of the industry.

Apps creating Virtual Reality

As it's a known secret, e-commerce trends are customer-driven as always. How to make the online shopping experience more comfortable and real is the true challenge in here. Apps are improvising their ability to create to comfort and luxury of feeling real online and some actually succeeded in achieving their need. The famous cosmetic brands and apparel brands came up with options to try the products on screen in real time having the customers' webcams accessed and current picture was taken or old one uploaded. Customers can try using the product and check how the product they see online will look in real. A close view they get out of it using such apps, before clicking the buy button.

From checking the accessories to match up with the clothes they like to buy, to visualizing how the products would look at them or at their home, these applications give the extreme sophistication to have a warm feel about the products. The apps to create observable reality is another trend to watch out this year, no doubt. It actually makes things lucid and distinct for the online buyers.

So, these are the five top trends, in my opinion, that may influence e-commerce industry this year. Let's tune us with our e-business plans to react to the emerging trends and needs in the industry. Three Cheers for everyone!




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