Here at J2Store we constantly work on providing our customers the very best extensions and integrations available in the eCommerce world. We do that so we can help you guys develop the best and most selling eCommerce websites possible.

So, after bringing you guys the QuickBooks integration and the Subscriptions & Memberships component, here is our latest and most exciting integration for you guys!

Leverage Social Proof to Boost Your eCommerce Website Sales.

Meet Flippo, a user-generated content (UGC) system that integrates into your eCommerce website. Flippo automatically tracks, manages, and populates a real-time data feed of reviews, opinions, recommendations, interactions, QNA and social mentions. All of this is displayed in a beautiful and easy to use interface, right on your product pages. Flippo generates immense social proof and trust, ultimately helping you increase your online sales.

By using super-fast algorithms, Flippo facilitates a direct interaction between your existing customers, reviewers, and prospect buyers. This means other people are essentially convincing your visitors to buy from you. They do so by providing trustworthy and reliable information about your products, in the forms of reviews, valuable answers to questions, pictures and videos of people using the product in everyday life, and more. And the best part of it – It’s all completely automated!

From our experience, about 65% today’s online shoppers are leaving websites in search for other users’ reliable information, usually via social media and search engines. A lot of them will not come back to the store, which means a big loss of revenue. With Flippo’s on-page research tool, your visitors no longer need to leave your website. Flippo’s all-in-one user generated content makes sure the visitors stay on page by delivering all the information they need in a quick and organized fashion. As a result, this reduces bounce rate, increases the average time a user spends on the site and boost the overall conversion rate, which means – more sales.

flippo with ecommerce

Make Your eCommerce Website Gain the Trust of Your Audience.

What's also great about Flippo is that it offers fast and instant results. User generated content is a proven trust builder between your website and new visitors. One of the main factors preventing shoppers from buying online is their lack familiarity with the seller or the product being presented. Social Proof content, particularly generated by verified buyers, is the best way to increase trust. Flippo does that by leveraging such Social Proof content which is generated by your previous buyers, visitors and social media users.

The benefits of Flippo don’t stop there: all of the UGC content generated by Flippo is 100% visible and accessible to search engine. Search engines love dynamic content, and with the help of Flippo, your website will quickly improve its SEO rankings, organic search traffic. Flippo enhances the way your product pages are being displayed in the search engine results page, thus increasing CTR (Click through rate) as well.

Flippo does something else that's pretty cool: it keeps track of your online sales and automatically sends emails to your customers, in order to generate reviews. These emails are scheduled with a delay you can choose, so that they arrive soon after the buyers have received their products and are excited by them. Based on our experience, this is likely to dramatically increase the review generation rate compared other services available. For most websites, the review generation rate has increased 10 fold, or more.

Here's what you can expect from Flippo:

  1. Increase in sales
  2. Increase in search engine rankings (SEO)
  3. Increase in traffic

Starting 1/08/17, J2Store and Flippo integration will be built-in to any J2Store installation, and will be available to anyone who updates to the latest version. Then, it can be enabled with a click. To those of you eager to start using Flippo right away, we’ve created an integration plugin for J2Store and Flippo that can be downloaded directly from Flippo after signing up, for free, to their service.

For additional info visit Flippo’s website Or Check it out in action

You can also checkout their video here

Go ahead and signup freely to Flippo

Sign up now

When we send the renewal remainders, some of the customers would come back and ask us why they should renew their subscription and update their store. They would say they were happy with the version of J2Store they have and does not require updates anymore.

We respond to them with the reasons and the benefits of keeping their store-up-to-date. I thought, why not write a blog post about it with more details.

Now to the point, here are the 3 key reasons why you should renew your subscription and keep your online store up-to-date

1. Grow your business

Running a successful online store calls for more efforts than just build-it-run-it approach. When you are starting a business, it shows you are very serious about it and determined to grow your business.

If your online store is going to be your lifeline and an important source of income, then it is very important to keep your store up-to-date.

Would any serious business like to face its customers while running an outdated software? Shopping cart software is like an operating system for an online store. Your website might not need a slideshow or a scrollbar extension. But a shopping cart is a backbone.

You might say "My store is working good. Why should I pay for the renewal? I am happy with whatever I got". Well, that would take you to a distance. But not very far and long. The developments in the world wide web happen at a rapid speed. Joomla is changing. So is the PHP (the programming language used to build Joomla). After a point of time, your installation would become incompatible due to the changes happening in the web.

Staying up-to-date ensures that you are compatible with the changes in the environment and your store continues to function. And most importantly you stay secure.

2. Continuous technical support

When purchasing a software, some of us tend to think that we would not require continuous support once the work is done. Well, that is totally wrong. Let me explain a simple scenario. Let us say, your online store has developed a snag or an issue and your banging your head against the wall, trying to fix it by spending hours. You google Stack Overflow, Joomla forums and others to see if you could fix it by yourself.

Let us look at the other side of these efforts. Put a cost to the hours you had spent on fixing the issues. Let us say, you have spent 5 hours. If we just apply a minimum of $10 dollars per hour (your hours might be worth more than $10), you had already wasted $50 worth of your time.

That is not all. There is more. Imagine, you had spent these 5 hours on the efforts to grow your business. Say, you spent those hours writing a blog post about your products, or created a Facebook group to promote your products. Now add the potential revenue coming from these efforts to the cost.

If you are web-designer working for your client, then you could have spent those hours on an another project.

In all, the cost of those hours you spent would be well over $50 for fixing an issue. Multiply this whenever you spend your time on technical aspects instead of sales. The cost would run in to hundreds of dollars in a year.

But, you could have renewed your license with access to updates and support at a much lower cost.

3. An investment

When you invest on something, then it shows you are serious about your business. Running an online business requires a serious commitment. It is not a one-off effort. It requires continuous nurturing, especially if you are just starting up.

Keeping costs low is good. However, shopping cart is a backbone of an ecommerce business. This is not something like a slideshow that you can skip and look at it at a later stage. So treat the subscription as an investment. This especially has more value if you are small business with resource constaints. It is difficult for small businesses to afford an in-house technical person to solve the issues.

At J2Store, we are aware that a majority of our customers are small and medium businesses. In fact, J2Store is built especially for them. We are not targeting Fortune 500s or companies that have millions of products in their catalog. Those businesses could afford a customized shopping cart solution and have a dedicated in-house development team to fix the issues. They don't need us.

Our customers are Fortune 500000s that includes a business that sells less than 10 products or just one product. We took a stand from the very beginning of the development of J2Store itself to keep the software light-weight and easy to use. Small businesses do not need a bloated ecommerce platform, which is hard to manage and requires a huge maintenance cost.

They need a solution that launches their storefront in minutes. That is where J2Store comes in.

Our aim is to help you sell. Just sell your products. When you grow to a stage where you need more features for your online store, do come back. We have add-ons that would enhance your store features.

You do not need a loyalty program right on the day you launch your online store. Certainly not. And please do not purchase an add-on unless otherwise it is necessary for your store. Small is beautiful.

Keep your J2Store up-to-date. If you had second thoughts on renewing, don't hesitate. Renew now.

Here is a little motivation. Get 30% off on each renewal. Check your email inbox for the coupon code. If you have not received one, write back to us.

Leave a comment if you have any feedback.

Paying for a product or a service on a weekly / monthly / annual basis is not new. It is quite common, especially for the services. How are you paying for your cable service, newspapers or even the milk that is delivered to your doorstep ? Do you pay on a daily / one-time basis ? No. We pay on a monthly basis. Our credit card or the bank account is automatically charged at a given date every month. And that is called subscriptions.

Another term that has a similar process is : memberships. Think about the swim clubs for our children or the zym (though we never show up!). They collect a bi-annual or annual subscription from us in the name of membership.

You get the point. People are used to the subscription economy. So why not we sell our products and services on a subscription basis and collect recurring payments on a monthly or annual basis?

More and more online businesses are now selling subscriptions or memberships. Especially, those providing online services sell memberships and charge the customers on a monthly or annual basis.

Subscription ecommerce businesses take many different forms and serve many different niches. Some call it as memberships, while a few other refer it as recurring sales. What they have in common is the sort of customer need or problem they address. Very often these problems or needs include some form of product replenishment, product discovery, or a service.

Still not convinced about the subscription model for selling your products and services online ?

Here are the top 7 reasons why you start selling subscriptions and memberships in your website:

Recurring revenue / the return on investment

Do you know how much money your online store will make in any given month ? The obvious answer will be NO. But if you sell your products on a recurring payments basis, you know how much you are going to generate by selling online.

e-Commerce subscription businesses offers a very good return on investment. Because, a newly acquired customer is likely to make repeated payments / purchases for your products and services. Every online business invests heavily on acquiring customers. What would be the use if you had spent hundreds of dollars on acquiring a customer and could not retain him with repeated purchases?

Better Customer Retention

The higher percentage of customer retention is one of the most trusted ways of increasing the profitability of any business. Your ecommerce subscription business will have a better chance of success if you get the customers to return and make repeated purchases.

Even if the customer cancels the subscription (churn) after two payments, you still had a better return from him. In reality, the customer is likely to stay longer to consume your products or services.

This will be particularly true for businesses that offer services, example: finance consultancy, software-as-a-service. Subscriptions offer you an opportunity to establish a long-term relationship with your customers.

Better Customer purchase experience

One of the adverse effects of technological advancement is that it made people lazy. We are becoming more lazier than ever. This is true when it comes to purchasing a product or service.

Just imagine, would you be willing to visit your telecom operator to pay your mobile bills every month? The answer is no. Even if it involves paying online, would you do it manually every month? Still No. Many of us simply do not have the time. We allow the telecom company to bill us automatically. We are comfortable with that recurring payments arrangement.

Same goes when a customer purchases a product or service that needs to be replenished / provided every week / month / year.

Loyalty and trust

We have launched J2Store about 4 years ago in a small way. We wanted to offer a simple, easy-to-use ecommerce solution for the Joomla users.

The first step to success in the business is establishing loyalty and trust among customers. It is not the money. Never. Customers hunt for values through experience. If you offer a very good product or a service, they will stick with you. Even if your product or service does a lot less than the competition, they will market / recommend your product.

ECommerce Subscriptions is a great way towards establishing that loyalty and trust. That is what will make customers to stay and come back.

Manage your inventory and resources effectively

When you sell your products and services on a subscription basis, you exactly know how much stock you should have or how much resources you would need at any given point of time.

If you have 100 subscribers who purchase coffee every month, you exactly know the quantity of coffee you need to supply the next month. This means you can place your orders properly to your vendors. This avoids over-stocking. Besides, knowing exactly the quantity can get you a better rates from your supplier.

But if you sell your products one-time, how will you know the quantity required next month ? You would had to do a complex math by considering previous sales history, your promotions and seasonal differences. And that is a lot of guess work and often inaccurate.

You can avoid this situation totally by selling subscriptions for the products

Recommended and powerful

Just look at the bigger and successful companies. Your telecom operators, fitness clubs, Netflix, BirchBox, Google. All them have a subscription and recurring billing for their products and services.

The growing demand for convenience is the primary reason why all online businesses are moving towards a subscription based model of retailing. According to marketing metrics, the probability of selling a product to a new customer is 5-20%, but to the existing customer is 60-70%.

The cross-channel marketing report says 70% of the company has shifted or chosen subscription based business after seeing an upsurge in the profit line. It not only retains old customers on the store, it also brings in more new customers to the site. The revenue is predictable; hence it brings stability and security to the business. Moreover, it works well on e-commerce perspective.

Easy shipping

Make an impression; it matters a lot. In ecommerce, the best impression can be made by ensuring timely shipment for customers. The expectation that the clients keep on you is the perfect delivery, and the product should reach them on time. This you could do very well when you sell on a subscription basis.

You know exactly when you need to deliver a product or service to a customer. Following a unique shipping procedure and making it on a regular basis will make a lot of difference in the business.

Ready to launch your subscription based products and services ? J2Store can help you with it.


J2Store, the most favourite ecommerce toolkit for Joomla, now supports Subscriptions and Memberships. You can sell subscriptions and memberships and accept recurring payments.

You can accept recurring payments with Stripe, Square, PayPal, BrainTree, and Mollie.

You can manage your members effectively, handle the expiry, renewals and more with the Subscriptions app.

Start selling subscriptions and memberships today

Tuesday, 30 May 2017 13:05

What to sell online with J2Store

Remoteness is what we, military families, embrace most of the times. Every time the transfer signal comes, I eagerly ask my husband which coastal town is it this time. Women, we always hang out along the beach side or go for regular walks along the coast and speak about the shopping gap the places leave us at, always. But I always show them that how lucky we are that all courier companies have extended their services to the places we live and how fortunate we are that majority of the online stores deliver the products at our doorsteps.

Some women are crafty; some are artistic, some are talented but clueless about how to turn their potential into performance. I initiated a conversation saying, how great it would be if people like us, who know pretty well the importance of giving courier service and delivery options to the highly remote places, start an online store. My neighbour's eyes shone with curiosity. She asked me if it is possible for a woman like her to run an online store? And How?

A response I wished to see from at least one. I told my friends politely it was truly very simple and entirely possible. Her curiosity increased even more as I started telling them about Joomla and how simple it is with J2Store. One asked, "What all I can sell from being where I am?" I said to myself, "Yes, I did". In a minute I started listing them what all they can sell with J2Store Joomla eCommerce extension. Yes, you will be encouraged, supported and empowered with the possibilities J2Store would show you. Embrace joomlaness and sell anything sellable.

Sell Physical Goods

The experience of buying a list of physical goods from the online stores is entirely different from selling the same online. The selling and buying trends keep popping up. Even a woman in the corner of a small remote town can sell her handmade crafts and decor items online as long as she has access to the internet and she owns an online store.

eCommerce is made simple and possible by J2Store Joomla eCommerce extension. Just give an eCommerce uplift to your offline store and that’s all.

I explained to them how innovative the sellers are these days. There is a website for kids products which is run by a couple who are parents.

One of my friends sent a referral link to my inbox requesting me to join the website to subscribe for some kids activity boxes. The site looked kind of interesting as it promised activity materials for children between 2 and 14 years of age. Subscribing to the site was very simple and straight with checking off some boxes of our preferences, and that's all. There were monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, annual subscription options.

They promised unique themes and stuff every month. And they deliver what they promised. The activity box contains from a pair of gloves to an eco-friendly apron, and you would be doubtlessly amazed at the precision they maintained from packing every detail in relevance to the theme. And those are designed and created by a couple who are parents. It's a reflection of a parent's dream about how to engage their children during a weekend. The online selling is a boon that brought their dreams into reality.

I quoted my experience just to reinstate how easy it is to open an online store these days if one is confident about what to sell. And I couldn't stop myself adding about J2Store Joomla shopping cart and how it helps them start selling in minutes.

Some affirmative hush-hush among the ladies conveyed a simple message that they began thinking about the possibilities already. There are beautiful ready to use Joomla templates, theme wise, arrayed in the J2Store extension store for your convenience.

Sell Time as a Product

It's a cliche to say Time is Valuable or Time is Gold, but it's true. When they knew about how to sell Time as a product, they joined the conversation as well. A Dentist lady in the group showed much interest.

Selling time as a product online is nothing new. There are restaurants, hotels, motels, and cottages that take in online bookings. Booking for space and time is a good deal of business these days.

Okay, what other than restaurant, hotel, cottages, and houses are time and date based? Questioned one. I smiled back to give an answer, "your professionalism, your ideas, your talent, your potential. Be a consultant, be an online teacher, share your expertise online with the registered members and charge them for your time". That sounds cool, doesn't it? Be it your expertise videography, photography, or business ideas, real-estate or anything, if you are sure that your share of knowledge cannot come free of cost, open an online space to be booked for. J2Store Joomla extension helps you do that.

It was quite obvious that everyone began listing the bookable products and goods or things that can be rented. It's a good start, no doubt. When I warned them of being careful about overbooking and availability rules and definition, they all gave a hearty laugh. But it's the most important thing to be worked on when it comes to selling time as a product.

Sell anything. Even Tickets.

A woman can't dream small or simple. I understood how big they spoke about the online possibilities and Joomla to their husbands. Joomlatitude of the people filled the air during the weekend party. The discussion was all about J2Store and Joomla. When it involves men and people who speak IT, the scope of the discussion turns wholesome. The conversation turned even more interesting when people who knew about Joomla, CMS, open source joined us.

Knowing the Joomla-nativity of J2Store, the sounds of affirmation echoed around. One registered his experience about booking tickets online and how life has turned very easy and comfortable these days. Be in your pyjamas, take a sip of coffee sitting on the balcony chair, just scroll down the mobile screen or laptop screen to check the availability of the tickets and give a go. Running a show is as easy as that.

Sell your tickets online, manage attendees with simple check-in boxes, and provide them with an option to book for what they want to take along when they leave or enter. As soon as the seats for your show, or event, or day are filled in, you shall start the arrangements immediately. The beauty of taking things online is streamlining the elements of relevance in a neat way. Focus on just your show as everything else was taken care of during the booking process.

Subscription for Members-only Content

Addition to tickets to shows, movies, and conferences, you may sell tickets to live stream programs, webinars, private workshops and cookery shows. If you are sure that your professionalism and expertise cannot be shared for public view free of cost, the idea of charging for viewership on your Joomla website is made simple with J2Store.

It's more than selling tickets; it's subscription and membership. The users can subscribe for their viewership. The topic interested many now. When you realise that your competence or professionalism can be sold, do come to an upright decision to have an online presence for yourself. Things are made pretty easy with J2Store.

If you are sure that your content can only be shared with a set of people who will value it for its worth and merits legitimately, you should channelize the viewership with relevant subscription plans. Be it your options weekly, fortnight, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, annual, or lifetime subscription, J2Store helps you set it up with ease.

Just forget about the billing schedules, plan expiry management, automatic renewals, expiry notifications and stuff related to subscription and membership for your Joomla website. With J2Store, all you can do is manage everything from the backend of your website, in comfort.

Just play on the line of changing behaviours of the consumers. People always loved to feel important. If they are given access to the exclusive content of your website, they not only would feel important but also exceptional.

Create a club or group exclusive for prime members and call it a platinum plan, gold plan, or premium plan. Let the users subscribe to one of the plans to enjoy the exclusiveness of each. It's all about how to take advantage over the buying psychology of the users.

Sell Digital Goods

Is it downloadable? You are ready to sell a digital good already. Writers who want to sell an online version of their book, just like a Kindle edition, to the readers for a better price can sell their eBooks in a PDF or any new formats that would interest the readers. Photographers who are looking for a better platform to sell their high-quality world class images online can display the downloadable picture with price tags with J2Store.

From an eBook to a full-length movie, you almost can sell any downloadable products online now. Most importantly your downloadable links can only be accessed by the paid customers, and J2Store just assures it for you.

Digital Goods can be treated as subscribable goods as well. Your product can be accessed online on a regular basis by the customers who subscribes for a 6-month package or an annual one or any duration they preferred to. Maybe your products are highly appealing that they don't want to miss out on any updates you make on your product list. Just feel flattered and think about giving subscription billing for the people who are willing to buy your digital product on a regular basis.

Discover and get hold of the trends that come in and get hold of the newness, or you invent some newness to make your eCommerce experience unique with J2Store.

Why J2Store

With 310,000+ downloads, J2Store is a robust, flexible shopping cart and e-commerce solution for Joomla. It's more than an eCommerce plugin or a shopping cart extension; it's a road to winsome eCommerce experience and beyond. Sell anything with J2Store, just in minutes. Feel the convenience and flexibility J2Store promises you. So, launching an online store is no more a nightmare.

We could see how happy you are now with your new online store. The smirk on your face says loads about how special it was to make a selling online. As you are now used to a bit of Joomlaness already, now you may think a bit beyond about what other options you look forward to adding to your Joomla shopping cart. We suggest you start with something that is available for FREE.

J2store extension store has a comprehensive set of FREE applications that can be integrated to your Joomla Shopping Cart. We have listed the 5 Free apps you can add to your cart.

1) Simple CSV Import & Export

Are you managing a huge catalog in your online store? Well, this app will make your catalog management a breeze. You can simply create a CSV file to import new and update existing products. The app is especially handy when you want to update a few fields in your catalog. Example, you might want to just update the price. In those cases, just export the products from the app, remove all the columns except the SKU and the Price columns, update the prices and import it. That is all required.

Download the app here.

2) Google Shopping Product Feed

Let customers discover about your products faster on the internet and grow the sales. Google Merchant centre is an important tool every online store should be using. You can upload your product data to Google Merchant Center, and let millions of shoppers see your online and in-store inventory.

The Google Shopping Product Feed app allows you to generate and submit the product feed to the Google Merchant Centre. Google shopping allows the customers to discover your products much faster, thus generating more visitors and sales for your online store.

Download the app here.

3) Checkout Redirect

If you are selling one-of-a-kind products or services, you might want to take the customers directly to checkout steps, skipping the cart page. This makes the checkout experience smooth and faster for the customers, especially when you know that customers will be ordering only one product per order.

This app helps you achieve it.

Download the app here.

4) Change Password

The most useful app for any website. As the security concern over personal data keeps growing, the users expect the change password option on the sites they use. The app enables change password feature in J2Store's 'My Profile' page. It allows the customer to change their account's password on their profile page.

Download the app here.

5) Social Media App

Like and Tweet buttons are unavoidable. So are the other social media share buttons to share Pinterest, Linkedin, Google Plus and the like. Social Media App allows the users to share the products to the popular social media they want to.

Download the app here.

6) Re-Captcha

Save your website from spam and abuse by bots or other malicious computer programs. Add the Free re-captcha app to your site for more security.

Download the app here.

7) Combine Tax

The app is FREE and it makes things simple for you. It clubs all individual taxes under one primary tax and displays it to the user in the order summary. Too many tax breakdowns may confuse the customers. The app combines all analyses and shows the sum of all taxes under a 'combined Tax' category at the order summary thus keeping it brief and straightforward.

Download the app here.

8) Compare Products

Some apps and features truly make the online shopping appealing. The 'Compare Products' app is one such that allows customers to add products to a list for comparison. Customers can view the products and compare their features in an elegant table. And it's available for FREE.

Want to add the app to your site?

Download the app here.

9) Acymailing

Keep your regular customers posted about the new offers and deals you throw on your website. The app integrates with Acymailing Newsletter extension, allowing customers to subscribe to your newsletters. You would have the option of auto-subscribing customers to a particular mailing list if they bought certain products.

Download the app here.

10) Mailchimp Integration Basic

The app integrates MailChimp with J2Store and allows your customers to subscribe to MailChimp newsletters automatically. Customers may choose to subscribe to MailChimp newsletters during a purchase at the checkout page.

Returning customers and sales from returning customer play a significant role in every business. Track the paying customers and add them to your MailChimp lists.

Download the app here.

We are glad that we shared the FREE apps that you can find at J2store. Visit our extension store to find more interesting apps that you may want to have on your website.

Our friends at Joomlart have come up with JA Joomla Page Builder to help you build awesome pages in your Joomla website.

You can build stunning pages based on beautiful pre-made content blocks and page library in addition to super powerful builder features to update content, customize layout and style.

Here are the top 6 reasons why we love JA Joomla page builder

The page builder is built using latest web technologies and comes with powerful building tools and advanced text editor to help you customize and update all elements in the websites, each content type has different settings.

1. 130+ Premium content blocks

The builder includes 18 content type blocks: header, footer, content, hero, slideshow, gallery, etc and up to 130+ content blocks will help you create pages beautifully.. In addition, all the content blocks are customized easily with advanced builder tool.


2. 25+ premium page library

To save you time, we provide premium Joomla page library that includes beautiful pre-made pages (homepage, about us, contact, portfolio, etc) to help you create the exactly same page with 1 click. On the "Page" Menu, select Page library and select layout you want.


3. Create stunning landing page in 5 minutes

You can use the page builder to create effective landing pages in minutes. It has all the required blocks to build a landing page quickly.

4. Page Import and Export

The export and import makes it easier to clone a page with exactly same data and page configuration. To do so, just open the page you want to edit » Edit the page » Settings » Export / Import then export the page. Next, create new page and import data for the new page using the exported page data file.


5. Responsiveness

The JA Joomla Page builder is fully responsive, every single element in each content block is designed to have outstanding look and feel in all responsive layouts: Desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile. The responsive preview will help you check how the page is displaying in specific responsive layout.


6. Revisions

Another feature you would love is the Revision. The feature will auto save the changes you did when editing the page (for now, each revision includes 10 changes). Meaning, after you do 10 changes, it will be saved as a revision. You can revert to previous revision to revert the content, pretty handy feature


Customers of J2Store can enjoy an exclusive Limited Time offer :

50% OFF on PREMIUM PLAN of JA Joomla Page Builder.

Use coupon : BUILDER

Selling memberships or subscriptions and accepting recurring payments in your website is quite easy with PayPal.

PayPal provides a set of options that helps you accept payments at specific intervals automatically, which is actually referred as recurring payments. This article helps you understand the solution provided by PayPal and use it along with the Subscriptions tool of J2Store.

Recurring Payments with PayPal

The terms - Subscriptions, Memberships and Recurring Billing - actually refer to the system of accepting payments automatically at specified intervals.

PayPal offers Recurring Payments in the form of Subscription buttons, Express Checkout and the Website Payments Pro API’s. This helps you to automatically bill for services without the need to save the user’s credit card information in your own database. So you do not have to worry about the security and PCI compliance anymore.

We will be discussing the Express Checkout and the Website Payments PRO in this article. Since the Subscription buttons are for those having static html websites, we will not be discussing it here.

All these three forms allow you to charge a customer an amount for each period.You can include a one-time set up fee when charging the customer first time. However, the recurring amount will always be the same.

An Example of Subscription / Recurring Payments

Let's say, you are selling web hosting services. Each month you charge $12 USD. To set up the account initially, you charge a one-time fee of $50 USD.So the first charge will be made for $62 USD, and the subsequent months, the charge will be USD $12.

Let's us see how does the PayPal Plugin handles it in J2Store and Subscriptions

Reference Transactions with Express Checkout

The standard PayPal Plugin for J2Store now supports recurring billing / subscriptions payments. It uses the PayPal's Express Checkout API to do this.

You can either purchase the plugin or you can get it free when you purchase J2Store PRO

PayPal offers a feature called Reference Transactions for accepting subscription / recurring payments with automated billing. The plugin uses the Reference Transactions feature.

SUPER DUPER IMPORTANT: Reference Transactions are not enabled by default in your PayPal Account. You will have to call or email PayPal Support in order to be enabled. Only then you can accept recurring payments with PayPal.

When the Reference Transactions feature is enabled for your PayPal account, the plugin creates a billing agreement. This allows the buyer to agree to future billing without the need to go through the Express Checkout procedure again.

This system makes it possible to sell multiple subscriptions, change recurring totals and billing schedule, and allow customers to switch subscriptions — none of which is possible with PayPal Standard.

To request that PayPal turn on Reference Transactions, call your local PayPal Support Help Center. Find the phone number at Contact.

Tell PayPal that you are specifically calling so a PayPal Specialist can enable Reference Transactions on your account. They may try to help you set up recurring payments with a button — that is not want you want. They need to transfer you to a specialist who will ask you for your PayPal account information (email address), and then tell you that they filed a ticket, and you will hear back from PayPal via email on whether Reference Transactions have been enabled or not.

Keep in mind that the reference transactions feature is not enabled by default. In order to utilize it, the merchant will need to apply for it and get approved. Make sure this is done prior to using the Subscriptions app in order to avoid problems when you launch.

PayPal Website Payments PRO

J2Store offers a separate plugin for taking credit card payments with PayPal PRO. At the time of writing this article, we have not yet included the Subscriptions / Recurring Billing support. It is a work-in-progress. We will update you as soon as we have the integration ready.

What other payment methods support Subscriptions ?

The following payment methods support accepting recurring payments / subscriptions with J2Store and Subscriptions app

  • Mollie
  • Stripe (Coming up soon)
  • BrainTree (coming up soon)
Tuesday, 17 January 2017 11:57

5 Tops blogs of J2store that stay timeless

What a great pleasure it's to see back how good the previous year had been! While I was brainstorming over what to write on next, it turned me curious to see how I started my preceding year and the very thought prompted me to take a look back at the list of blogs that interested more visitors.

Before listing the topics of the blogs, I would like to extend our sincere thanks for your valuable time spent on our website and blog page. We appreciate it very much.

Here are the Top 5 blogs that attracted a good deal of readers.

Watch Out for the 5 Emerging Ecommerce Trends of 2016

Trends keep changing. That is to say, we should write about emerging trends every year, and it's an unwritten norm, in my opinion. And our assumption didn't fail us because this blog conceded frequent visits by organic readers across the world. And, in fact, we discussed this topic to throw light on the new trends of the year in the e-commerce field. Click here to vist the blog. 

The six types of e-Shoppers an e-Commerce website meets everyday

E-shopping – It's redundant to say that e-commerce rules today's world. As the time grows, the need for it is widening, and as the scope of e-commerce expands, the businesses started seeing the compelling need for knowing their customers better. No wonder this particular blog about types of e-Shoppers is still a fresh topic to look into. Click here to give a read. 

Before choosing your Payment Gateway

Coupled with the widening nature of the e-commerce businesses, increasing needs for the shopping carts and payment gateways for online shops is a subject of discussion even today. Admittedly, the random visits from casual visitors around the world broaden our smile every time the numbers add to the total visits. Click here to read.

Email Marketing: Do you know that someone is killing your emails?

The email marketing trend is the latest topic I chose to discuss this month, but before getting into it, I was kind of curious to know how the response for the previous year's blog related to the same subject was. To my delight, it is one of the most visited blogs of the year from our page. Click here to visit the blog. 

Men Vs Women: Shopping Behaviour and Buying Habits

A topic to discuss upon at any time. Yes, this topic is as old as the universe itself. Adam said No, but Eve took a bite to invite mortality to humanity. So the shopping behavior of men and women are not the same since the beginning of the humanity. Significantly, the psychology behind gender-based shopping habits is, till date, a fresh idea to discuss. Click here to take a look. 

In light of the data from our backend, we understood that users, visitors, and clients are the real support that keeps us going forward. Thank you, once again, readers, for your valuable time. Watch out for the newer topics and blogs we are going to share with you this year. See you around. 

Curiosity is the mother of invention; necessity is not alone in this, though. However, the curiosity of the tech-heads prompt them to invent and others to develop strong desire to know about the new things on the way. I am falling into the second category, and I guess I am not alone in this anyways.

As the days roll on, December was about to end, I was curious to know how accurate were those predictions we kept forth 12 months ago. I looked back at the list of trends we were concentration on then. As a matter of fact, the guesses and predictions didn't fail at all. The world of information technology and computer science grow faster than ever, and inventions and trends are set every hour, every day.

At this time of the year, I would like to take my mind for a small ride for a short span of musing to think of the emerging trends that may lead us for a journey of inventions and new practices this year.

Every move and every change in e-commerce practices and trends focus on providing better customer experience. How better? This simple question opens the door for the newer ideas, thus, the future of e-commerce unfolds. We discussed how mobile commerce would hugely dominate the e-commerce world in 2015, and it was pretty evident that it did. Hence, it's apparent that this year, changes and advancements are going to be around mobile-commerce majorly. Let's delve into the critical areas where we may expect the newness as well as improvisation.

Mobile Wallet Is Gaining Popularity

Mobile wallet, though already exists, is gaining popularity as it makes shopping easy. It saves much time. However, sadly only a very few customers around the world understood the formula behind as it sounded complicated in the beginning. The increase in the use of smartphones and mobile apps increased the awareness of existence of such mobile apps . From shopping for consumables to booking a cab, the mobile wallet app helps the customer experience a hassle free payment process for shopping and other activities. Everything sounds simple and old, but what's needed at this time of the year is working on resolving the technical hurdles and issues in geographical reaches.

The users with progressive mindset find it easy, but to take this new trend to the users of all types, it is essential to push them forward to break their conventional practice of cash payment systems. Better infrastructure and seamless support service are all it takes to spread the trend to a wider set of users.
Let's wait and see how fast the reach of this new trend and how bigger it's gonna get in the coming days.

Subscribe-&-Save and Predictable Sales

Amazon is the pioneer of such new ideas most of the time. When they brought in Dash Button, it sounded like a big joke, but it worked seriously high across the market. Customers found it handy and simple. It saved their time. The 'subscribe of save' option Amazon promoted is another mark in the industry they created. It's gonna trend as well, no doubt.

The popular brands found a new way to generate predictable sales offering subscriptions for their customers that promise monthly/weekly deliveries of their products for a decent percentage of discount every month. It's time to take a journey on this route to work on generating sales as well as retaining customers. It increases customers' lifetime value as well.

Mushrooming Lending Startups

EMI payment option is an already existing e-commerce practice across the world which had a slow progression in the adoption rate, but gaining momentum slowly and steadily lately. Moreover, now, Lending Startups are mushrooming around. It's a revolution in lending, in fact. One's smartphone decides their eligibility borrow money, and that makes things interesting.

The sole purpose is the encourage the younger generation to expand its shopping access to bring their dreams to reality. They are given an opportunity to take out a loan and pay off in the specified time frame. Therefore, lending platforms are another trend coming into e-commerce world to make a refashion the buying options.

Growing F-Commerce and Social-Commerce

Facebook and Twitter already set a Buy button trend a year ago. Now Facebook is working on reaching out to more customers through their Facebook messenger with more shopping opportunities. The Facebook Messenger for business was introduced to facilitate merchants to provide support to their clients bypassing the traditional e-mail supports in the real-time. Though this platform was introduced during the first quarter of the previous year, the time propelled the industry to use it to the fullest extent.

So social-commerce is another area that is emerging as an unbelievably advanced platform to reach out to customers' shopping needs. It's time to put some extra thoughts into this area to catch up with the pace of the industry.

Apps creating Virtual Reality

As it's a known secret, e-commerce trends are customer-driven as always. How to make the online shopping experience more comfortable and real is the true challenge in here. Apps are improvising their ability to create to comfort and luxury of feeling real online and some actually succeeded in achieving their need. The famous cosmetic brands and apparel brands came up with options to try the products on screen in real time having the customers' webcams accessed and current picture was taken or old one uploaded. Customers can try using the product and check how the product they see online will look in real. A close view they get out of it using such apps, before clicking the buy button.

From checking the accessories to match up with the clothes they like to buy, to visualizing how the products would look at them or at their home, these applications give the extreme sophistication to have a warm feel about the products. The apps to create observable reality is another trend to watch out this year, no doubt. It actually makes things lucid and distinct for the online buyers.

So, these are the five top trends, in my opinion, that may influence e-commerce industry this year. Let's tune us with our e-business plans to react to the emerging trends and needs in the industry. Three Cheers for everyone!




Thursday, 24 December 2015 12:17

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