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5 Tops blogs of J2store that stay timeless

What a great pleasure it's to see back how good the previous year had been! While I was brainstorming over what to write on next, it turned me curious to see how I started my preceding year and the very thought prompted me to take a look back at the list of blogs that interested more visitors.

Before listing the topics of the blogs, I would like to extend our sincere thanks for your valuable time spent on our website and blog page. We appreciate it very much.

Here are the Top 5 blogs that attracted a good deal of readers.

Watch Out for the 5 Emerging Ecommerce Trends of 2016

Trends keep changing. That is to say, we should write about emerging trends every year, and it's an unwritten norm, in my opinion. And our assumption didn't fail us because this blog conceded frequent visits by organic readers across the world. And, in fact, we discussed this topic to throw light on the new trends of the year in the e-commerce field. Click here to vist the blog. 

The six types of e-Shoppers an e-Commerce website meets everyday

E-shopping – It's redundant to say that e-commerce rules today's world. As the time grows, the need for it is widening, and as the scope of e-commerce expands, the businesses started seeing the compelling need for knowing their customers better. No wonder this particular blog about types of e-Shoppers is still a fresh topic to look into. Click here to give a read. 

Before choosing your Payment Gateway

Coupled with the widening nature of the e-commerce businesses, increasing needs for the shopping carts and payment gateways for online shops is a subject of discussion even today. Admittedly, the random visits from casual visitors around the world broaden our smile every time the numbers add to the total visits. Click here to read.

Email Marketing: Do you know that someone is killing your emails?

The email marketing trend is the latest topic I chose to discuss this month, but before getting into it, I was kind of curious to know how the response for the previous year's blog related to the same subject was. To my delight, it is one of the most visited blogs of the year from our page. Click here to visit the blog. 

Men Vs Women: Shopping Behaviour and Buying Habits

A topic to discuss upon at any time. Yes, this topic is as old as the universe itself. Adam said No, but Eve took a bite to invite mortality to humanity. So the shopping behavior of men and women are not the same since the beginning of the humanity. Significantly, the psychology behind gender-based shopping habits is, till date, a fresh idea to discuss. Click here to take a look. 

In light of the data from our backend, we understood that users, visitors, and clients are the real support that keeps us going forward. Thank you, once again, readers, for your valuable time. Watch out for the newer topics and blogs we are going to share with you this year. See you around. 

Curiosity is the mother of invention; necessity is not alone in this, though. However, the curiosity of the tech-heads prompt them to invent and others to develop strong desire to know about the new things on the way. I am falling into the second category, and I guess I am not alone in this anyways.

As the days roll on, December was about to end, I was curious to know how accurate were those predictions we kept forth 12 months ago. I looked back at the list of trends we were concentration on then. As a matter of fact, the guesses and predictions didn't fail at all. The world of information technology and computer science grow faster than ever, and inventions and trends are set every hour, every day.

At this time of the year, I would like to take my mind for a small ride for a short span of musing to think of the emerging trends that may lead us for a journey of inventions and new practices this year.

Every move and every change in e-commerce practices and trends focus on providing better customer experience. How better? This simple question opens the door for the newer ideas, thus, the future of e-commerce unfolds. We discussed how mobile commerce would hugely dominate the e-commerce world in 2015, and it was pretty evident that it did. Hence, it's apparent that this year, changes and advancements are going to be around mobile-commerce majorly. Let's delve into the critical areas where we may expect the newness as well as improvisation.

Mobile Wallet Is Gaining Popularity

Mobile wallet, though already exists, is gaining popularity as it makes shopping easy. It saves much time. However, sadly only a very few customers around the world understood the formula behind as it sounded complicated in the beginning. The increase in the use of smartphones and mobile apps increased the awareness of existence of such mobile apps . From shopping for consumables to booking a cab, the mobile wallet app helps the customer experience a hassle free payment process for shopping and other activities. Everything sounds simple and old, but what's needed at this time of the year is working on resolving the technical hurdles and issues in geographical reaches.

The users with progressive mindset find it easy, but to take this new trend to the users of all types, it is essential to push them forward to break their conventional practice of cash payment systems. Better infrastructure and seamless support service are all it takes to spread the trend to a wider set of users.
Let's wait and see how fast the reach of this new trend and how bigger it's gonna get in the coming days.

Subscribe-&-Save and Predictable Sales

Amazon is the pioneer of such new ideas most of the time. When they brought in Dash Button, it sounded like a big joke, but it worked seriously high across the market. Customers found it handy and simple. It saved their time. The 'subscribe of save' option Amazon promoted is another mark in the industry they created. It's gonna trend as well, no doubt.

The popular brands found a new way to generate predictable sales offering subscriptions for their customers that promise monthly/weekly deliveries of their products for a decent percentage of discount every month. It's time to take a journey on this route to work on generating sales as well as retaining customers. It increases customers' lifetime value as well.

Mushrooming Lending Startups

EMI payment option is an already existing e-commerce practice across the world which had a slow progression in the adoption rate, but gaining momentum slowly and steadily lately. Moreover, now, Lending Startups are mushrooming around. It's a revolution in lending, in fact. One's smartphone decides their eligibility borrow money, and that makes things interesting.

The sole purpose is the encourage the younger generation to expand its shopping access to bring their dreams to reality. They are given an opportunity to take out a loan and pay off in the specified time frame. Therefore, lending platforms are another trend coming into e-commerce world to make a refashion the buying options.

Growing F-Commerce and Social-Commerce

Facebook and Twitter already set a Buy button trend a year ago. Now Facebook is working on reaching out to more customers through their Facebook messenger with more shopping opportunities. The Facebook Messenger for business was introduced to facilitate merchants to provide support to their clients bypassing the traditional e-mail supports in the real-time. Though this platform was introduced during the first quarter of the previous year, the time propelled the industry to use it to the fullest extent.

So social-commerce is another area that is emerging as an unbelievably advanced platform to reach out to customers' shopping needs. It's time to put some extra thoughts into this area to catch up with the pace of the industry.

Apps creating Virtual Reality

As it's a known secret, e-commerce trends are customer-driven as always. How to make the online shopping experience more comfortable and real is the true challenge in here. Apps are improvising their ability to create to comfort and luxury of feeling real online and some actually succeeded in achieving their need. The famous cosmetic brands and apparel brands came up with options to try the products on screen in real time having the customers' webcams accessed and current picture was taken or old one uploaded. Customers can try using the product and check how the product they see online will look in real. A close view they get out of it using such apps, before clicking the buy button.

From checking the accessories to match up with the clothes they like to buy, to visualizing how the products would look at them or at their home, these applications give the extreme sophistication to have a warm feel about the products. The apps to create observable reality is another trend to watch out this year, no doubt. It actually makes things lucid and distinct for the online buyers.

So, these are the five top trends, in my opinion, that may influence e-commerce industry this year. Let's tune us with our e-business plans to react to the emerging trends and needs in the industry. Three Cheers for everyone!




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Wish You Have a Holly Jolly Christmas

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Don't get your tinsels in a tangle. Wish you all very merry holly jolly Christmas 2015.



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Happy Thanksgiving Day 2015

Thanksgiving Day 2015 & J2store

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Happy Thanksgiving Day wishes, dear friends.

Howdy folks,

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Happy Diwali, dear J2store folks!

Lamps, lights, lanterns, sweets, lavish meals, and celebration make a perfect Diwali package! Let's light the lamps of happiness that sparkle the hopes of everyone to crack the secret of fire of desires that burns within everyone to reach heights and above. J2store feels immensely happy to wish every Joomler a jubilant Diwali.

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May this year bring everyone the sparkling bright, colourful days ahead. Happy Diwali!

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Day 1 of the Joomla World Conference 2015

The Joomla fever that infected the Joomlers during the pre-conference party infected even more Joomla lovers that attended the conference on the Day 1. The familiar faces were busy sharing smiles and hellos; the new faces were greeting each other with curiosity to get to know more about others. Joomlaness started spreading slowly and steadily after Yummmm breakfast session.

The day started with a welcome keynote to the conference and celebration of 10 incredible years of Joomla. Stepping into the eleventh year successfully, the Joomla community that has been volunteering to contribute to this open source content management system globally, got ready to celebrate the tremendous milestone we crossed this year.

Later, four different sessions were going on simultaneously for four different Joomlers with four different portfolios, at four different venues. Developers were given food for thought about Joomla 4 and WWW during the developers' session, presented by Mr. Marco Ding. All 5Ws and 1H of Joomla 4 were discussed.

The Joomlers that attended Business keynote sessions were given some insights about the benefits of saying No to all the projects and vendors they come across. The meeting threw light almost on all the patches of Joomla business that need to be fixed. It must have dawned on all the participants of the meeting how to value one's own business. Thanks to Joe Sonne for the excellent presentation that struck a chord for many at different levels of their Joomla business.

Tony Perez delivered the other keynote speech about Navigating Online Threats: Joomla Security. The presentation took the participants for an exploration of last 24 months of constantly evolving technologies, emerging threats, and other challenges faced by the Joomlers. Moreover, the talk included the thoughts about the art of staying ahead of such negativity and identifying the risk in advance.

While others were busy exploring the world of Joomla experience they already had, the beginners were busy attending Amol Patil's student's session about What and How of Joomla. The beginners were given a pretty neat introduction, guidelines about how easy it is to use Joomla and ideas about what can be done with Joomla.

The quest for Joomla-knowledge was so apparent that every Joomler was very curious to know more and more about Joomla. There was a marathon of keynote sessions on different topics and interests were going on at various venues, and guess what, it is overwhelming for me to think about and some about the whole day Joomla activities we had at Sheraton, Bangalore, India. The booths, lucky draws, networking, connecting with old friends, making new friends, and being in India are some of the most awesome things that happened beyond keynote sessions.

With all the seats occupied, volunteers standing and listening, and few taking the floor to sit and listen, Chris Davenport's presentation on Architecture of Joomla 4 and beyond proved the point that Joomlers are ever curious to work towards the future of Joomla.

Brad Frost's presentation on Atomic Design was the most engaging session that threw lights on the practical methodology for crafting a design system. The session kept the Joomlers of all pace levels engaged giving insights about how to challenge our best practices in UX to better the web.

Joomlers keep our promises and maintain link integrity. Ruth Cheesley's talk insisted and gave suggestions about how to carry out professional link audit for websites with a range of tools. The integrators that attended the session, I am sure, might have come with a promise to follow a disciplined link culture in the future.

What a fun way to finish off the keynote sessions! Marko Rillo's Legos Serious Play, the community showed a strong 'We shall' messages. What a dangerous kind of fun it was!

With developers squashing bugs till midnight, the Day 1 of Joomla World Conference 2015 came to a successful end on the 6th of November 2015

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Are you going to India this weekend? JWC 2015

If you are going to Bangalore, India, this weekend, you are you going to meet some awesome people in there.

It's a Joomla Global Community's annual get-together and celebration of 10 years of Joomla. Joomlers from all around the world assemble at a place to share their Joomla experience. This global gathering brings to you three days of Keynotes, workshops and Joomla sessions from the 6th of November to the 8th of November 2015, in Bangalore, India.

Get ready for the three great days of Joomlaness. And you are going to meet these nice people out there from J2store. Yes, we are excited to tell you that J2store team is going to the Joomla World Conference 2015. *Smiles Smiles*

Attending JWC15 gonna work for us on different levels. It's going to be a learnig time, connecting time, involvement time, and meeting time. Let's get connected with other Joomlers from other corners of the world.

Let's enjoy 100% Joomlaness. We are fast spreading the Joomla fever everywhere. Watchout guys, we are on the way to Bangalore.

Holidays are around the corner. Gifting ideas are popping up on Pinterest and other websites. The Holiday excitement creeps higher, and it is getting crazier in the field of e-commerce. Whereas most of the e-commerce businesses are focussing on attracting new customers into their websites at this time of the year. From stocking up inventory to planning on discount sales, everything is on the line of preparation for almost all online stores. Extensive products range and discount sales are certainly key areas to focus on. At the same time, the shipping methods and delivery timings are other crucial areas to be looked at.

Besides, there comes another most important element of raising the standard high for a brand. The Unboxing Experience. How can a brand give their customers the best unboxing experience? I have been doing shopping online for more than eight years. The initial stage of my shopping experiences were entirely different. There was nothing called Cash on Delivery then in India. Only credit cards were accepted for making payments. Checkout process took my heartbeat for a race most of the times. Personals apart, receiving the shipment was the most exciting part of all. Who cared about how the package looked like. Receiving them at hands was the success of the online shopping I did. The packages came broken, torn, worn out, crushed, and in different unpleasing shapes. All I looked for was if the products I ordered were inside, and there they were. That made me immensely happy all the time. Good old days indeed.

Gone are the days.

Now there are thousands and thousands of online stores coming up every day. Each brand is competing to excel their competitors in all aspects of the business. The shipment reaching a customer in time is not the end of the online shopping process. It's important to know whether the unboxing experience of the client is satisfactory and will it affect the new conversions. My initial purchases were only books and music, so even if the package was so torn, or bad, the products looked unaffected. Later days, as online stores started mushrooming, product-categories were expanded from baby diapers to home furniture. Hence, packaging and shipping became the most important step of the online selling process.

Packaging Industry

Ecommerce industry cannot run successfully without packing supplies and solutions, I am sure. In my opinion, this packing supply industry is a separate industry that has been growing rapidly along with the e-commerce industry. Moreover, I found a piece of information somewhere that India is the 6th largest packaging market in the world.

Also, it is to be noted that an online store cannot sell a product for a retail price without adding the packaging charges. Packaging materials and sizes differ depending on the size and weight of the products. Oh wow. My head spins to think about the types of online stores, and the range of packaging supplies the businesses thrive on. Choosing packaging materials for the products is an art. Some companies mastered the art already. If a product is packed with care and aesthetics, it will be unpacked with the same artistic approach.

I encountered with a few different unpacking experience during this September. I ordered for some birthday party supplies, kids dresses, clutches, and shoes on It was quite an experience. Been doing online shopping for a long time on Amazon, and I should say that their service is totally amazing. Perfect packaging with care and perfect unpacking moments most of the sellers have given me. There are some exceptional as well, but I speak about the sellers that did a wonderful job with packing and shipping.

There is this one website called This particular website is one of the very few that I choose to buy gifts for women guests who visit us. They never failed to give me wowing unboxing experience. Perfectly sized boxes, carefully packed products that says to me withour saying that “we cared and respected this product so much, and you do the same even after owning it as well.” If a brand respects their products themselves, the customers respect them as well. It worked for me. I am sure it would work for the majority.

What's Expected

There is no time schedule for shopping online. I do it when I feel like doing it. I sometimes do sleep-shopping at midnight. There were nights that I clicked checkout buttons even without verifying the number of products in the shopping cart. I still wonder how my hands knew the Card credentials even and they actually do know pretty accurately. However, whether I shop consciously or sleep shop, my dream to see the product in real will be bigger  than how they displayed the product on the screen. If such is the dream, I need not explain, how my expectation about the packaging will be. It doesn't need any explanation in fact. The sellers should understand it. The convenience of doing online shopping is of different levels. It includes how much time I get to dream about the product I ordered as well. The unboxing moments may shatter the dream I built about the product so far. So, it's the seller's responsibility to fulfill my expectation. If he displays a product on his website in a brilliant manner, it is expected that the product reaches me in the same manner. As simple as that.

Give A Brand Experience

A Brand Experience – that sounds kind of cool to me. I would love that. That's how I associate myself with a brand of my choice. If the brand doesn't come forward to create a connection with me respecting my likings, I don't think I could create any bond with them. In my opinion, the unboxing experience a brand tries to give their customer is something that breaks the virtual impossibilities of creating happy vibes in customers' mind. A personal touch to product presentation creates an extraordinary connection with the customers. That's where the brandability is proved. I still cannot forget the way my little girl's birthday dress I received from It came with a personal note inside from Mr Rahul who owns the company, a gift ribbon with a cute bow and a decently designed simple wrap paper with their brand name (I wish I clicked a picture of it after unboxing. Maybe next time without fail). I ordered the product, and I knew that it was the one, but it was still a surprise; it gave me a thrilling chill.

Additional Excitement

A simple coloured tissue paper with a simple design, a bowed satin ribbon, shaped foam cuttings, corrugated rolls, vouchers, coupons, a tiny funky gifts(if it is a women's product especially. Winks) or some personal note. Add some of the stuff in random to create an extraordinary unboxing excitement in the customer's mind. That worked for me perfectly. Get ready for the Holiday sales with better packaging ideas that could promise better unboxing experience. And it's another broaded topic to discuss the types of packaging that go with the types of product categories. Also, there are more to this topic. Let's discuss the types of packing and related stuff sooner or later.See you later.

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Is Mobile Commerce App still a must-have?

Mobile commerce is something that we discussed some time ago. The newer the mobile versions are, the more features there are. A single small palm-sized phone consumes more than half a day of a person's life every day. Everyone is glued to their mobile screens most of the time. One can't deny the fact that every beep, every sound they receive increases their curiosity to take a look at the screen to know who the message is from and what the message is. Interest builds up every minute until one opens the inbox. Such is the situation, and more additional features and applications are coming in ready to sit on the mobile screens of the users. All sizes of businesses are launching their mobile commerce apps nowadays.

How Long?

I am curious, how long? How long an application is going to stay on a screen. If every brand thinks of building a killer app to reserve a particular place on a mobile screen of their customers, I am surprised to know about the super-extensive memory capacity of a gadget the customers use.

It's so common.

Moreover, if a brand or website insisted on me downloading their app some time in the past, I was under an impression that they are some superior type online store who own an App and they must be so good in all terms of their business. Such Wowing-awing moments lasted for a very short time. Things are changing. Everything we saw as an exception is so common now. Everything we considered extraordinary is so ordinary now. A Mobile app is so common as well. Having an app is an added advantage if a customer wants to have it on their screen for easy access, but it is not the only benefit, in my opinion.

Insistence is annoying

I recently tried to access one of the famous fashion stores of India. I was shocked to see them being so rude to take me to a page where I was literally ordered to download their app. Download-our-app-or-get-lost type of treatment, WOW! And my reaction after that was as- if-visiting-their-Webstore-is-a-big-deal-to-me. If something gives me no choice but to download, I leave. Customers love to explore on their own. Shopping is intuitive for the majority. If their natural way of exploration is disturbed by such annoying insistence of a Webstore, they won't visit the store again. Period.

Unused Mobile apps

I discussed this topic with a few of my friends in a social group. I asked them about the list of mobile commerce apps they use. The most familiar names and a few new names popped up and it was not much of a surprise to me. I asked them to spend a few seconds to check how frequent they use those apps. As I expected, they haven't opened those most popular apps for several months. Of course, there were exceptions, but not with considerable frequency. A customer downloading a mobile commerce app to his gadget is not the end of the marketing success. It depends on how frequent the app is used. We buy a product in an online store, we are so impressed by their service, and we download their app just as a token of appreciation. It doesn't mean that we will be using it frequently. And that's how it works for me. I am a shopaholic, in fact.

A Responsive Website

In my experience, I felt better being on a mobile website than on a mobile app. A better mobile website gives the shopping experience an app could give me. Why should I reserve a special space for a mobile app when there is a perfectly working mobile website that doesn't consume my mobile space? The best responsive websites that could adapt to screens of any sizes and any gadgets is all businesses want. The technology that topped the must-have lists of the customers is not on the top anymore. Needs of the customers change. The craze for things slackens in the course of time. It's good to treat mobile commerce apps as an additional business tools. The shopping behaviour of  customers tends to change every now and then and it's highly impossible to predict them. Being a smart player in the industry gives an edge over others who are running on the same track.

How to make it Work?

The mobile commerce app is not dying. In fact, apps are built in large numbers than before. Hold your horses! It means mobile commerce apps are not only for big businesses but also for small businesses. Now everyone is into it. So it's high time to think about how to make your mobile commerce app work as it did some time ago.

  • Stop forcing the customers to download the app. Show them on your landing page that you do have a mobile app option that gives a better browsing experience and rewards. Advertise about the app option with a tone slightly below the normal. The louder and overwhelming advertisement about your mobile App may intimidate some customers. At the same time don't make the customers who come to download your app search for it at the end of some page with a smaller font. Put your mind into it and work out how to display it in a manner to convince the visitors of all types in the best way.
  • There is a tool to optimize your app to get discovered on App store searches. Get discovered in app stores to earn the trust of the visitors. Play an honest game about it. That works better always.
  • Don't forget to add a feedback form. Let the happy customers review the app registering their personal shopping experience and thoughts. The more the positive reviews are, the better the new customers they bring in.
  • Tweak them gently about the special features and offers available for app users. Simply explain to them about the benefits of having the app on their mobile phone.

We built an app assuming that customers would use them forever. The dreams and hopes are always better when they are inside our head. Once we put them out into action, reality has a different lesson to teach us. Starting a game is far easier, but as the game gains momentum, everyone has to play harder to reach success. Now the game is on. Play the tricks smartly to keep the scores high. Good Luck!

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