Tanya Austin

Tanya Austin

2017 has officially begun and you should have wrapped up your New Year Sale by now. But you have very little time to rest because you need to be ready for what 2017 brings for ecommerce. We've highlighted some trends that are going to take the ecommerce world by storm in 2017.

Here's what to watch out for.

1) A Switch to M-commerce. Shopping on the mobile

Online shopping will definitely be more mobile driven this year. So you will fall back if you don't consider setting aside a budget for a mobile app for your store. Of course, the success of mobile apps depend on the kind of goods you sell and your audience behaviour, and you will need to check if it is a good investment.

  • At some point, you will need to consider making your store not just mobile friendly, but building a special store for mobiles. 65% customer shop on their mobiles as of now and that percentage is definitely going to increase in 2017. A mobile app for your store is not something you can choose to ignore.
  • J2Store brings to you the mobile app builder that helps you create a mobile app for your ecommerce store in a few minutes. You can easily integrate payment services for secure payments, upload your products and create attractive mobile product pages.

Check out what J2Store's mobile app builder can do for you  / Check out a demo store with the mobile app.

2) More payment methods and through local payment services.

With the kind of cutting competition ecommerce store everywhere will face, you have to stay a neck above the rest. Customers have already begun looking for ecommerce stores that give them a tailored experience. For eg. If a customer from Sweden is at a Forever 21 online store, they will want to pay in Krona. So allowing them to view products with a price tag in their currency, is an example of being user-friendly.

  • J2Store gives you a neat feature that lets you sell in multiple currencies on your store. You can set the default currency of your ecommerce store as well. When a customer wants to view products with their prices in a particular currency, he can choose the currency options on your store easily. See how to do this.

You should also check out our payment plugin section to find the most popular payment plugin around the globe. You'll find loads of local payment plugins for different countries you can set up in your store.

3) Easier return policies. They WILL affect your sales.

WSJ predicts that product returns will increase by 33% this year. So it makes sense to see if your return policy is both beneficial to you and your customers. Amend your policy to make returns easier. This might seem counter-intuitive, but when your return policies are simpler, customers tend to become more loyal buyers.

You should check out this post on “How to frame an effective return policy for your ecommerce store.” Follow these simple guidelines to create a return policy that has clear-cut benefits.

4) Delivering a more personalised shopping experience

You'll need to dig into Analytics more to study customer behaviour on your store. Customers like an experience that specially caters to their needs. You need to resort cross-selling your products to improve your sales. Let's say a customer buys a dress, you should recommend complimentary shoes and jewellery to go with it. A lot of big brand websites have implemented this completely.

  • J2Store introduces the new Enhanced Google Analytics App so you can study user behaviour on your website better.You can cross-sell, down sell, upsell products easily on your Joomla ecommerce site. You can set up a section on your product page for recommended products based on what customer have viewed earlier.

Read: How To Create Stellar Product Pages For Your Ecommerce Website.

5) Social Media Focussed Selling

Another thing to get into is promoting your products on social media to better your sales. Now, this not exactly a 2017 trend as it has been trending for a really long time now. But you'll be surprised to see how many people don't really leverage all the benefits social networking platforms have to offer.

And promotions on social media don't have to be limited to Facebook or Twitter. You should try more new age platforms like Instagram and Pinterest to get your target audience interested in your products. (Read: How to Use Instagram In Marketing)

  • J2store gives you the Social Share app for free. This is a great way to get customers to do the social promotion for you. They can share products they love on different social platforms and become your brand ambassadors on social networks.

So are you ready to revamp your ecommerce store to stay in tune with the competition? Click the links we've given you and you can get started easily.

Reviews are a great way to get customers to speak up about your products. They won't always be positive about it which is why we are teaching you some tricks to transform complaints into a great experience. (Read some cool ways to creating a unique store experience for customers with J2Store).

Here's why bad reviews aren't a bad thing.

  • Letting other users view bad reviews for a particular product can actually get them to trust positive reviews more. They know you're being honest with them.
  • Bad reviews generate publicity. So while the publicity might be negative, your audience actually is getting to know about you and you are definitely not “hidden”.
  • Reviews whether bad or good are a sign of customer engagement. They let you interact with customers personally. And that is a huge plus point. Learn about other ways to engage customers on your site

Now, J2Store offers some cool review apps and extensions that are available in our app store.

1) Be open and address the customer on social media and in your review section.

Let all your other customers see you taking charge of a complaint and trying to resolve it. Be polite and stick to facts. “We are sorry for your problem” is cliched and is now downright frustrating. Instead, say “Hey Customer1. Sorry that you're having an issue with a broken product”.

  • Address the problem particularly. “I know you must be disappointed, but my team and I are right on it and will get you a replacement in no time. We will also be contacting you personally to better understand your issue.”
  • It's time that phrases like “we are looking into it” “the inconvenience caused is regretted', are scrapped. They seem too template-like and will make your customer more angry and unreasonable to talk with.

2) Respond quickly and be prompt

Never let a bad review fester away on your site for long. The review won't go away but there's a good chance future customer might. The ideal solution would be to reply to the comment within a few hours. It's better that you shift the complaint addressing process to a personal form of communication via email or phone.

  • You can go like this “ Hey Joe! I just saw your comment. Sorry that your product wasn't delivered the way you expected it to. But I'm here to make sure you get what you ask for. I will personally call you and we can resolve this problem for you quickly. It'll be great if you can leave me with your email and phone number and a time when we can talk”.

You should check out this post on "How to cater great customer service to your customers."

3) Work for a second chance

Most customers leave and never return when they've had a bad experience. So you've got work to keep these customers. Customer retention is an important strategy that helps you find loyal followers and expands your fanbase. ( Learn some great customer retention strategies).

  • You should also keep customers who have had a genuinely bad experience happy with gift vouchers that encourage them to come back to your store and shop. J2Store's gift voucher app is great for this.

These 3 tricks will help you turn customer complaints into rave reviews. Great customer service is not about caving in and doing everything you customers asks. It is about creating a personalized solution for a user, facing genuine issues with your business.

We're excited and you will be too when you've heard this latest J2store scoop.

J2Store is partnering and we are creating the Squareup Payment Plugin!

Squareup is a popular payment service that a lot of customers around the globe use to make payments. Squareup helps customers make payments quickly and securely. This plugin will be a great addition to the payment options you are offering customers.

You can set this up quickly in your ecommerce site and receive payments in a few minutes. Squareup is also extremely secure with fraud monitoring data encryption and chargeback protection features.

This plugin will be releasing soon in our Payment Plugin store. And we'll let you know the moment it rolls out so you can get your hands on it first!

Keep checking our blog and newsletters for more juicy updates from J2Store. Meanwhile, you can take a look around our app store to see if you can find some exciting app that will really help you.

J2Store just released a new app that introduces a new way to collect payments.

The Pay Later app is a new way that helps you invoice your customers first and then collect payment later. This means you can send an invoice to your customer, complete any additional terms of service you and the customer have agreed upon and then receive the payments.

How Pay Later can help?

Creating an invoice first and accepting payments later

You can create an unpaid order on the backend of your site. This automatically creates a reorder button in the order history of the customer. After this you can send an invoice to your customers. When the customer is ready to pay he only needs to click the reorder button and automatically he can begin the payment process.

Customers often browse your shop, find what they're looking for and then add it to their cart. But after this they don't go through with the payment and abandon the shopping process suddenly.

In cases like this, you can create an unfinished order in the backend and this will reflect in the customer's order history. A reorder button also appears next to the unfinished order. When the customer finally decides to purchase the product he can just reorder it from his order history and make the payment.

Features you'll enjoy!

  • You can set an expiry for the reorder button. The reorder button will automatically be removed once the expiry is crossed.
  • Customers can change their mode of payment during the reorder process.
  • Payments can be made as usual via store's payment gateways.

Pay Later app simplifies the process of invoicing first and collecting payment later. This is an app your store definitely needs.

Get the Pay Later App!

The Holiday season has officially begun. This means you're gonna see a throng of customers constantly surfing your online store throughout the day.

No doubt, you already know J2Store helps you manage every single aspect of your store. From inventory management to providing discounts and running sales, J2Store has the right solutions to push you forward.

And this holiday season we're making it even better for you. We are offering you a 30% Discount on all J2Pro membership plans.

Just select your plan and apply this coupon Coupon code: HOLIDAY2016

This offer is valid from Nov 24th to Nov 28th. The offer ends on Nov 28th at Midnight.

So hurry and Sign Up right away. Make the most of this Holiday season.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Before we tell you the good news we are about to tell you.... let's tell you some facts.

65% of online shoppers shop on their mobiles. Let's face it no one wants to keep carting a laptop wherever they go and shop on your website. People carry their mobiles with them.  And they'd love to even shop on it as well.

And that's the good news! The J2Store Mobile App helps you create a mobile app for your ecommerce store. Now are you still gonna ask why you need this app?

You NEED it because your customers WANT it!! That's why. They want to shop on their mobiles so give it to them

Customers can view your products (even zoom in on them), add to cart, choose their payment modes and pay all in just a few clicks. The entire shopping experience is fast and seamless. No hassles at all.

Your customers don't have to open a browser and shop. They can just do it with the app.

Once you've created the app with us, it is totally yours. You can publish it under your brand on the Playstore.

Now first thing's first.

Go view what your store will look like to customers on the mobile app. Download the J2Store Demo App to view it

And go right ahead and Get invited to a private BETA! So hurry and Sign Up today!  Grab Your Mobile App NOW!

Good News! Our friends over at JSN just released the coolest thing ever!

A 9-in-1 special template JSN Shine designed to suit every kind of website there is and it comes with the J2Store integration.

Check out the nine cool templates inside

  • Education
  • Corporate
  • Portfolio
  • Sports news
  • General News
  • Ecommerce
  • NGO Charity

This template package based on the Sun Framework comes with all new UX improvements and some really cool features.

  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Drag and drop Layout builder
  • Powerful Megamenu Builder
  • Great Options to customize and style your website 
  • Instant preview feature and many other awesome features.

JSN Shine isn't just about being pretty. It also packs in some great functionality that can add an edge to your website. This template comes integrated with the best extensions so your site can function seamlessly.

Loving it yet? This 9-in-1 template package also comes integrated with the powerful J2Store shopping cart so you can manage your online store easily.

So why wait? Download this awesome template today!

Check out how the template looks below


Before we give you the 3 steps to sell your stuff internationally here's how your user shops on your eCommerce store.

“Hmm.... this store looks cool. Hey! It has what I need”.

“I'm gonna get this.” And probably that as well”.

“Okay then. I'll just buy these and I'll be done”.

“Uh..oh! Wait I've got to pay in Pounds? But I'd prefer Euros. I'm from France for God's sake! And I'm not even sure what these payment methods are.”

“Mon Dieu! I'll buy this elsewhere.”

And that's how you lost an international customer.

E-commerce opens up avenues for customers to explore merchandise around the globe. And as a store owner you have access to a large global market to sell your products. But selling to international customers is a little tricky because not many customers are willing to trust new eCommerce websites that don't operate from their geographical region.

So as a store owner, you need to create a certain special user experience that is localized to where your international customers come from. And we are going to teach you how to do that.

#1 Give your customer a chance to tailor his experience

So you just saw that your French customer definitely did not want to shop on your UK store. Why? Because the most sensitive step of the purchase process (payments) was alien to him. He did not want to pay in pounds. He wanted to pay in Euros.

So here's how you keep this particular French customer and not lose his sale.

  • Figure out where your international audience is coming from. Is the major percentage from France? Sweden? Then offer them options to pay in Euros or Krona. You may no be able to offer every currency in the world, but you can give a major portion of your audience a currency they're used to.
  • Allow your customers to choose the currency they'd like to pay in. You can also allow them to choose a language they're comfortable with while navigating through your shop. This is a great way to remove limitations and make the customer feel more at home.

#2 Provide a payment method your customer is comfortable with

Okay just as customers love paying simply in their own currency they also like paying you through local payment services they're familiar with. Your Swedish customer prefers Klarna and your customers from Finland prefers Checkout.fi to pay through.

  • Identify which payment methods are ideal for a large segment of your customer base. And go purchase those popular payment gateways. It goes without saying, Paypal is pretty standard for any website. But if you have a lot of Dutch customers then the Mollie iDeal payment plugin offered by your shopping cart solution is something you just have to invest in.

#3 Make your store adaptable to global changes

If you've got an international audience already following you, or if you're looking capture a global target market, your store needs to adapt to economic and geographical changes taking place frequently.

  • Let's say you were a French store that is visited by hundreds of British customers every day. Now the recent Brexit that took place alters the way your English customers shop. They'll want to pay in Pounds, not euros. So your store needs to adapt to accommodate these economic changes.

You can't afford to not give your customers the ultimate shopping experience in your store.

The one solution to help you with this ( Yeah no kidding... it HELPS in BIG way!)

Now if you're wondering “How in the world do I do all of this for my store”? Don't worry. With J2Store you're pretty much covered well to handle any customer from anywhere.

You have a whole array of popular global and local payment gateways you can get for your store. Yeah, we are serious! Check it out.

J2Store also has every currency under the sun listed on it. You can set these up easily.

So you can choose which currencies you want to accept in your store. You can also set a default country for your store, according to where the majority of your audience is coming from.

You can also display special EU Vat rules and set it up for your store if you have a lot of European customers. Check out how you can do this.

And if you want to restrict selling your products in certain countries.

See we told you. We've got you covered. If this is the first time you're trying out j2store you can download it right now.

Who doesn't love shortcuts? A simpler way to order something online, or a faster way to start selling online. This is what both your customers and you want when it comes to doing business online.

That's why here at j2store we focus on creating solutions, that make eCommerce websites function fast and smoothly. This week we thought we'd give you the scoop on some really handy apps that save time for you and your customers while shopping online.

Advanced CSV Import/Export

When you have a lot of similar product with variations on your store, it can be tedious to create the same information again and again for each product. Take for instance you have a French Connection top in black white and grey. They are all of the same cut and model. Each of these tops has two types of neckline available a V-neck and U-neck.

Now if you had to separately create product descriptions, information, and other product specifications for each product, it will be a long tedious process. Instead, with the Advanced CSV app you can create a product and import its information into other similar products. This cuts down on a lot of unnecessary work. With this app, you can import and export product,variants,prices,categories.


Now this particular app is very useful for your customers if they make frequent purchases of the same product. Let's say a customer frequently buys a particular shaving kit from your online store. Now instead of making him search your entire store each time he wants to buy it, you can simply allow him to reorder it.

The reorder feature is a button that is available in the order history of the customer. The customer can easily visit his order history and reorder the same product again.

Social Login

Every online shopper feels this way. They hate being hindered by the long drawn process of signing up or logging in just before ordering something. It also becomes a struggle to remember passwords and user Ids of all the different sites you've signed up with.

That's why Social Login was introduced. Social logins help users sign up in your store through their social login credentials. They can choose to login via their facebook accounts, Twitter or G+ accounts. This way they don't have to go through the cumbersome process of signing up or remembering a million passwords and IDs

CB Profile Sync

As we said earlier, once a customer has decided to buy something from your store, the last thing he wants to do is sign up or keep entering his personal info over and over again. What's more annoying is that he has to keep filling in the same billing details every time he makes a purchase. This destroys his interest to buy stuff from you. And this can affect your sales drastically.

So a way to get around this is to take information from your customer just once. When you have the CB profile Sync app you can get your customer to sign up the first time. After this, all his billing details are stored in the community builder. The next time the customer purchases something from your store, his billing details will automatically appear at checkout. Again this app is a real time saver and makes checkouts fast.

So give yourself and your customers a faster way of doing things in your store. You can download these apps from the links provided. And tell us if they made things easier for you and your customers.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016 17:35

Paypal's New 'Checkout Page' Is Here


Paypal's new checkout page arrived this week. No it's not fully rolled out. The developers are still testing it out with a select few.And it looks like the ones who have access to the new checkout page are some real lucky users.

We thought we'd give you a heads up about what the latest Paypal checkout Page looks like.

Here's a recap on the old checkout page.

Paypal's semi-earlier checkout page is a neat combination of double panels. You have an order summary listing the merchandise, with the other panel displaying login details and an option for guest checkout. Now this is a relatively clean layout, no doubt.

paypal old checkout interface

But wait till you check out the latest checkout aisle.

paypal new checkout items

Paypal's new checkout interface sports a  single uncluttered panel, with just two options – a clear large attractive display box for your login credentials with an option for a guest checkout facility. The reason why we'd say the latest checkout is far more attractive is because login details are in focus. You can see it loud and clear unlike earlier when it was small and cramped.

And if you're wondering about order summary, don't worry. It's right there in the top right corner of the the panel. Paypal cleared up the clutter by confining your order summary to a drop down menu where you can view the order if you want to without it getting in the way. The new interface is also very responsive and looks really cool on any device.

So now that you have an idea of what the new checkout page is like, you won't wait to get your hands on it.

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