Changes coming in for the J2Store PRO Subscription Plans

We are bringing in a number of changes to the J2Store PRO Subscription Plans on May 14th.

I would like to assure you that we have taken every measure to assist with the changes and accommodate any requests you have, related to the new changes.

The details of the change are explained below:

New Subscription System

It's time to say goodbye to our existing subscription system - Akeeba Subscriptions. It has served the purpose well.

J2Store now has its own robust Subscription and Recurring Billing app and we will be implementing it to handle the J2Store PRO plans starting May 14th.

This consolidates our entire billing / ordering process as it will now be handled through a single system.

Quick Summary

  • The system will be live from May 14th
  • Existing subscribers will be switched to new system at the time of their renewal.
  • Existing subscriptions, updates, access to ticket system will NOT be affected.

Automatic License Renewal

Automatic renewal of the PRO License is one of the popular requests from long-term J2Store users.

Handling the renewals manually turned out to be quite inconvenient, especially when the world has moved to a subscription economy. (Even physical products are sold in subscription model now!).

We are introducing automatic renewals for all J2Store PRO plans.  Of course, you have the option to cancel the automatic renewals from your My Downloads section :-)

Quick Summary:

  • Existing Subscribers - This change takes effect only at the time of your next renewal. That is when you manually renew your subscription next time. 
  • New Subscribers/customers - It will take effect immediately

Simplifying the Pricing Plans

We are making a slight change that can bring in a lot of clarity.

The Standard plan (with 3 months support & update period) will be removed with effect from May 14th.
Many users have felt that the plan does not offer a significant value and also there are very less takers to it.

After May 14th, there will be two plans:

Pro - $49 (with 6 months of support & updates)
Developer - $99 (with 1 year of support & updates)

Quick summary:

  • No changes in the prices or plan features as of now :-)
  • Existing members of the 3-month Standard plan can switch to either Pro (6 months) or Developer (1 Year) plans at the time of their renewal.
  • They can still get the 30% discount for renewal (If you do not have the renewal coupon code, just reach out to us)

Why are we making these changes?

J2Store has evolved over a period of time. And many of your needs are also growing. And you are already knew that J2Store's next major release is on the cards.
We are trying to ensure we deliver higher value and are also able to invest better to improve the service.

I look forward to hearing your direct feedback and our team is available to answer any questions. Use the form here to send your feedback

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