Paypal's New 'Checkout Page' Is Here


Paypal's new checkout page arrived this week. No it's not fully rolled out. The developers are still testing it out with a select few.And it looks like the ones who have access to the new checkout page are some real lucky users.

We thought we'd give you a heads up about what the latest Paypal checkout Page looks like.

Here's a recap on the old checkout page.

Paypal's semi-earlier checkout page is a neat combination of double panels. You have an order summary listing the merchandise, with the other panel displaying login details and an option for guest checkout. Now this is a relatively clean layout, no doubt.

paypal old checkout interface

But wait till you check out the latest checkout aisle.

paypal new checkout items

Paypal's new checkout interface sports a  single uncluttered panel, with just two options – a clear large attractive display box for your login credentials with an option for a guest checkout facility. The reason why we'd say the latest checkout is far more attractive is because login details are in focus. You can see it loud and clear unlike earlier when it was small and cramped.

And if you're wondering about order summary, don't worry. It's right there in the top right corner of the the panel. Paypal cleared up the clutter by confining your order summary to a drop down menu where you can view the order if you want to without it getting in the way. The new interface is also very responsive and looks really cool on any device.

So now that you have an idea of what the new checkout page is like, you won't wait to get your hands on it.

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