Thank you for a great 2018!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

A big thank you to all for the awesome support and engagement.

As 2018 draws to a close, we wanted to a take a moment and look at what 2019 holds for us.

We 've been working hard to with a number of new features & improvements to J2Store and also products that help increase conversions in your online store. Here is a sneak peak into what we 've been working!

J2Store 4

As many of you already aware, we are working on the next major release of J2Store 4. Apart from the tons of new features, J2Store 4 will be based on a modern code base and you can easily move from J2Store 3.

Here are the list of key features of J2Store 4

  • A friendly Product Management Interface. Creating and editing the products is possible under a single screen.
  • A conversion focussed, frictionless checkout experience
  • A fully modular, extendable taxonomy architecture. So product filters, specifications, categorisation and more can be structured and managed easily
  • Collections. As you aware, the categories in Joomla are quite restrictive. So we are introducing collections that help you organise your catalog more intuitively.
  • A brand new order management interface. Manage your orders, add notes, get the right information at the right place.
  • Tax management is made more intuitive. It just involves two steps to create and manage your taxes.
  • RESTful API. Now extend your store and connect with your favourite SaaS services, ERP and more easily. (NOTE: RESTful API will be published after the initial release of J2Store 4)
  • And tons of other improvements!

Look out for the BETA release announcement soon.

Campaignrabbit - Automate your Marketing efforts

More than 67% of the visitors abandon the cart and never return! Even a 10% reduction in cart abandonment means a significant revenue boost for your store.

How do we convert these visitors into paying customers and more importantly, how are we going to retain them?

Campaignrabbit is the answer to these questions. It automates your marketing campaigns - both email and calls to actions in your website (popups, slide-ins, action bars )

What can you do with Campaignrabbit?

  • Recover abandoned carts - You can create a campaign that "automatically " sends when there is a cart abandonment. Studies show that you can recover at least 35% of abandoned carts when you re-engage with your customers.
  • Dynamic product recommendations - Send personalised product recommendations to your customers that can drive repeat purchases. Example: Suggest a pair of socks when a customer purchases a shoe.
  • User behaviour targeting - Trigger a popup / slide-in message when the customer lingers in the cart page for a minute or two. The popup can contain a coupon code that motivates customers to purchase
  • Action bars - Create action bars and display them at the top or the bottom to run a flash sale with a coupon or showcase a new arrival at discounted rate. Again, No coding required. Use our drag and drop visual builder for creating the messages.
  • Welcome emails - Send a personalised welcome message when a customer makes a purchase in the store. It makes your brand more professional
  • Actionable Insights and Store Metrics - Keep tab of your store 's key metrics and performance indicators. Campaignrabbit provides a dashboard with actionable insights and metrics about your store.

It is natively integrated with J2Store. Just go to J2Store -> Apps -> Campaignrabbit to connect your store

Get started with Campaignrabbit for FREE! No credit card required. Just signup and connect your store.

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