How To Sell A Gift Certificate / Voucher In Joomla?

When was the last time you forgot to buy a gift for your loved one’s birthday and frantically searched for a last minute gift? Real struggle, isn’t it? Your customers could also be in the same position and your store could be their saviour. You just have to start selling gift cards and vouchers on your Joomla site to become their favorite. We’ll show you how to sell a gift card on your Joomla site in this article.

A gift card / certificate is like a token that holds certain value. One can exchange the card for a product or service, sometimes enjoy a discount discount.

These vouchers are one of the best gift ideas we humans have ever come up with. I say this because people often want to give the receivers the freedom to choose what they want. And there’s this added relief of not having to think about what to give as a present. That’s why gift vouchers are generally a great gift choice - last minute or not.

So, you know that people love gift cards. Don’t you want to make use of this strategy in your eCommerce store? Before going to the technical part, let’s first have a look at how your online store can benefit from gift cards.

Different Ways To Use Gift Certificates / Vouchers For Your Store

We have listed three different ways you can use gift certificates in your online store. Read on to get an idea of how you can best use it to suit the style of your brand.

1. To bring new customers to your store

Well, that’s the whole point of selling gift certificates. Your customers can buy a voucher and gift it to their loved one(s). Now, the recipient would come to your store to use the gift. You’ve got a new customer, yay! Wait, is the recipient an existing customer? Then, you’ve made a new sale without much of marketing, yay!

There’s a catch, though. You have to make sure that your customers love the products / services at your store. Only then are they going to buy a gift card.

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Let’s quickly jump on to the other use cases.

2. As a redeemable voucher

Redeemable vouchers and credits is a great marketing strategy. A redeemable voucher is where the customer can use the gift card to avail an offer. The offer could be a discount, a free product, free shipping, or anything of that sort. In this case, the customer doesn’t buy the gift certificate, but you provide it to them to encourage more sales.

Most often, online stores give redeemable voucher when a customer makes a purchase or when the customer hasn’t visited the store for a long time.

For example, let’s say Alice is a new customer and she has made her first purchase at your store. If you want to motivate Alice to make her second purchase, you could do this:

Dear Alice,

Congratulations on your first purchase! We have credited a gift certificate worth $50 in your account. Just trying to make your next purchase memorable as well. :)


Team XYZ

You see what the email tries to say, right? Alice can use the gift voucher to purchase something for upto or more than $100. She would not want to waste the offer and would come back to your site for utilizing it.

You do not have to send an email to every other customer separately. You can always automate emails and run email campaigns.

3. As welcome gifts for customers

You read that right. You can also gift your customers. If you want to go slightly different from the traditional percentage and fixed price discounts, the gift cards are the best choice for welcoming a customer. Not only for the initial welcoming, you can also reward the customers with gift cards when they make a purchase, like the previous case.

For example,

Dear Joe,

We are happy to have you on board. Here is a gift voucher for you! Use the voucher code “XYZ” to redeem $100 on your first purchase. We want you to shop happily!

Warm regards,

Team XYZ store

Joe is definitely going to be happy with the gift. And so is every one of your new customers if you send a welcoming gift card. Looks cool, doesn’t it?

In a nutshell, here are the advantages of gift cards and certificates for your store:

  • Engage the customers more
  • Increase sales with redeemable credit
  • Make the customer feel special because… a gift is a gift!
  • Encourage new and existing customers to make more purchase
  • Bring inactive customers back to the store

How To Sell Gift Certificates / Vouchers

Selling gift certificates in Joomla is as easy as ABC. But, choosing the right Joomla extension to sell the gift card can be a tedious task because there are so many tools out there. We have made things easier for you by doing that job for you.

The J2Store Gift Card / Certificates app is by far the best Joomla extension to sell gift cards. The app lets you do all that is possible with a gift card. Here are some of its major features:

  • Sell redeemable, secure gift vouchers
  • Add free gift vouchers when customer purchases in your online store
  • Use donation as an option on a gift card product and allow users to specify the amount they wish to donate
  • Apply vouchers to Subscriptions and bookings
  • Gift cards/Vouchers can be sent as PDF with the Gift code
  • Purchase multiple vouchers for different receivers
  • Customize the voucher settings as you wish
  • Order status based voucher PDF attachments
  • Customize the email template
  • Manage vouchers seamlessly
  • Add a special message for the gift vouchers
  • Redemption at the checkout and save the balance for later
  • Support for most eminent Payment gateways

And the best part is, all the technical work is taken care of by the app. You do not have to do anything except think of a nice email body.

Awesome, isn’t it?

The installation is also a cake walk. To start using Gift card / certificate app right away, here is what you need to do:

  1. Install Joomla and J2Store
  2. Install Gift Card / Certificates app
  3. Create a gift certificate. Take a look at the video tutorial to see how easy it is.
  4. Sell it or gift it!

That’s it. You have now successfully started selling gift cards on your Joomla eCommerce site. Now that you know the different ways to use gift cards, try them out and watch your customers become active on your store.

So, your customers will not have to look for a last minute gift idea anymore. They have your store to the rescue. Be the superhero to your customers in need and at the same time, increase your sales with the gift cards!

If you loved the article, show your love with your likes and comments below! Happy selling!

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