3 new features added to Subscriptions and Membership for Joomla

We have some exciting news this week. We are happy to introduce three new features for the J2Store's Subscriptions and Membership plugin for Joomla. Now you can sell subscriptions and memberships in Joomla website and manage your paid members effectively.

1. Support for Authorize.Net

Now accept recurring payments with Authorize.net, one of the leading payment gateway providers in the United States, Canada, UK and a number of European countries.

So you can now sell subscription-based products and services in your Joomla website and accept recurring payments with Authorize.net. The integration is based on the Authorize.net Customer Information Management API.

It offers a seamless integration between your Joomla website and Authorize.net

2. Edit / modify the expiry & renewal dates and billing cycles

You can now modify the expiry date of the existing subscriptions of the customers. You can also change the next renewal date and even change the billing cycle. For example, if you a customer subscribed to a monthly plan, you can change his billing cycle to quarterly or yearly or any type of billing cycle you support.

You will have a complete control over the billing cycles. You can even add a note to keep tracking of the change history. Give it a try in our demo of the subscriptions app

3. Create subscription from the backend manually

Use the create order wizard of the J2Store to create subscriptions from the backend. It is very useful when you want to manually create the subscription for your customers. Just follow the step-by-step order creation wizard, add your subscription product or service to the items and save.

You could even extend this feature by allowing the customers to pay for the manually created subscriptions using the Pay Later app. So the customer can just login and choose to pay for the subscription order you have created.


Selling subscription-based products / recurring products and services is one of the best ways to grow your online business. Apart from retaining your customers, you take away the pain of making payments every time.

Since the evolution of services based industry particularly the telecom companies, people got accustomed to automatic recurring payments. Another great advantage is that you will know how much money your online store is going to make every month.


Start selling subscriptions / memberships now



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