5 Amazing Things You Can Do With J2Store Bookings And Reservations App

Hassle free experience is what bookings and reservations are for. Dinner date? Book a nice table. Road trip? Rent a motorbike or car. This is how people tend to think. Nobody wants a last minute deal. Well, unless that’s what they are looking for. If you want to provide this seamless comfort to your customers, J2Store Bookings and Reservations App is just for you.

Read on to know the 5 amazing things you can do with this app!

Features of Bookings and Reservations

Before getting to the use cases, let us have a quick look at what the app has to offer.

  • Flexible booking slot - You can create fixed or customer defined booking slots. That is you can provide a block of dates or time slots on day/hour/minute basis or leave it to the customer when they want to book your offering. All of it can be customised.
  • Bookable types - You can create bookable products based on date, time, a combination of date and time, or by month, or configure it to be customer-defined. The bookable products can be anything from a flight ticket to a rental, bridal gown.
  • Multi-person - Your customers do not have to be all adults. Multi-person bookings can be made. For example, 2 Adults and 3 Children. The pricing could be defined accordingly. You could offer a per-head discount as well.
  • Custom start date - You can define the start date for the event in future.
  • Availability - You can define when a booking is available. For instance, you could mark a hall available only for 3 days.
  • Manage inventory - You can manage the bookable inventory in days or time slots. As soon as a bookable slot is full, it will not be available for the customers to book.
  • Booking Multiple Days - A product can also be set as bookable for multiple days. You can let the customer choose either separate dates or a start date, and the booking is made for a preset number of days from the date. The predefined number of days can be configured.
  • Custom-tailored booking costs - You can define the costs per booking, block, people and also for the duration of the booking made. The price adjusts accordingly.
  • Calendar Views - The dates can be visually chosen using the Calendar View.

5 Awesome Use Cases

  1. Hall Booking

    Events like conference, parties, weddings, etcetera need prior booking for obvious reasons. Let us say someone is arranging a new year party. The most likely action for them to take is to surf the internet regarding the availability of nice venues. Being a venue owner, the best way to rent your party hall during festive seasons is to show your venue online. You can let the customer choose on what basis they want to book the place (hour/day basis). Not just festive seasons, any day can be a party day. So have yourself noticed online and sell the booking slots always to keep your hall engaged.

  2. Holiday Packages

    How many times have you planned a tour that never happened? I’ve been there. College trips were always a pain because all ever happened was discussion and nothing real. Sigh. Regrets apart, if you sell awesome packages to holiday destinations like Europe, Dubai, Disney World, etc., you definitely need to open online booking. Travel enthusiasts look for cool and easy to avail deals. The Christmas and New Year season is approaching and last minute plans must be on fire for the long holiday. With Bookings & Reservations App, you can offer your customers the most happening tour package. Customizations like the following can be configured from the admin side:

    • Number of tickets available
    • Per head ticket cost
    • Per booking ticket cost
    • Maximum or minimum or fixed number of tickets per head
    • Discounts

    The app can also be used for several other ticket bookings such as:

    • Sports Events Tickets
    • Flight Tickets
  3. Rental Services

    There is no limit to what we can rent in today’s world. People don’t wait to save up huge money, buy their dream motorbike or car, and then go on a road trip. They just rent them out. Among all the things that could be hired for rent, such as vehicles, hotel rooms, farmhouses and the rest, one grabbed my attention. I observe that budget brides and grooms are ruling the current era. Rather than spending a bomb on a gown that they would wear just once in their life, they are up for renting a stunning gown out. If you own a wedding dress boutique, you could give your masterpieces for rent with Bookings and Reservations App. Your bookable products could be a bridal gown, groom’s tux, bridesmaid dresses, and so on. The time slot can be a day or few hours a day, basically anything you want. Just set up your online boutique this wedding season and climb your business ladder rapidly by offering rental services.

  4. Personal Doorstep Services

    Personal services like spa & salon services, plumbing, wellness and fitness services can be offered as reservations. Wellness service is one such nice reservation. One does not have to look for an expert on one’s own. Even worrying about going to gym every day is not needed. All they have to do is book a service for a particular time slot and be home at that time. So all the wellness instructors out there, put up your schedule online and get going. You can also collect a deposit for the reservation and let your customers pay the remaining amount in instalments with the Partial Payments app.

  5. Appointment Booking

    Who likes waiting? Who likes to keep their clients/customers waiting? The answer to both the questions is “Nobody”. So the point is, to value your customers’ time and your own time, make it simple. Let them book a session with you and visit at the time dedicated for them. Let us say, for example, you own a badminton court. You could let your clients choose when they want the court for them. If the court is unavailable between 4 and 5 PM, they can see that in advance and book another time slot. You can even enable or disable the payment option with Bookings and Reservations App depending on your needs.

The J2Store Bookings and Reservations App makes the above use cases a lot beneficial to the customers as well as the sellers. But the limit is none. You can use the app to suit any kind of reservation requirements. Incorporate it in your booking business today!

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